• Google Search now shows 3D and AR models for some search results.
  • If you're shopping, you can view a 360-degree 3D model of what you're looking at (for example, shoes).
  • There are also AR models for some things, like sharks, that you can view in the real world.
  • It's rolling out this month.

At Google I/O 2019, one of the first announcements from the opening keynote was a big one for Google Search.

In addition to the usual heap of results you get when looking up something on Google, Google's also adding 3D and AR models for some things. For example, you can look at a 360-degree render of a shoe you want to buy or add an AR shark model to the real world through your phone's camera viewfinder to learn more about Great Whites.

Google says these 3D and AR upgrades are coming to Google Search "later this month."