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Google Assistant may be coming to iOS quite soon

Google is still working to get its AI Assistant on every Android device you own, but if rumors are true, it will soon be launching a standalone app for iOS.

As reported by Android Police, Google may announce a new Google Assistant app for iOS in the next few days. While this is but a rumor at this point, the timing is pretty perfect what with Google I/O kicking off later this week and the early release of the Google Assistant SDK they unveiled in late April.

Technically, Google Assistant is already available for iOS, albeit as the very limited chat-based version baked into Google Allo. You're able to use Google Assistant within the app to find restaurants and quickly look up answers to questions while you're chatting with your friends, but let's be real here — it's a far cry from the full Google Assistant experience found on Android and stashed in an app that most iOS users don't use. Then there's Siri, of course, which is built into iOS the same way Google is including its own Assistant in Android Marshmallow and Nougat.

We'll have to wait and see if this rumor has legs, but we likely won't have to wait very long with Google I/O kicking off Wednesday.

Marc Lagace was an Apps and Games Editor at Android Central between 2016 and 2020. You can reach out to him on Twitter [@spacelagace.

  • But... my LG V10 still doesn't have it? Thanks LG :/
  • Just install allo, then you'll have it.
  • Nor I, on my 3T, two Note 5's, S6 or S5. Google is awesome lol.
  • Make sure your device's language is set to English(US)
  • Don't those iOS guys have it bad enough already?
  • like there to use it. The Apple fan base will never use it. That's a good joke. It's better than Siri but the Apple fan base are blind.
  • Yeah, man. It would be super weird for iOS users to use Google products. I've never seen anyone use the iOS apps for Gmail. Or Hangouts. Or Google Maps. Or Calendar. Or Chrome. Or... you know what, forget it. You're dumb, let's leave it at that.
  • I must be in the minority. I use Gmail, Hangouts and Google Maps on my iPhone 7
  • Chrome is my go to browser on my iPad and iPhone. I always refer to Google Maps, or the Apple Maps. I do have the Gmail mail app too! Ha Ha!!!
  • Just to be clear i'm reporting eahinrichsen. Wow dude when i said it i only mean Google Assistant. I never mention anything else. If they want to use Google stuff on the Iphones hey more power to them. I'm going to report your comment for being so close minded. It's a though no need to call people names for no reason when you can't even read right. You must your own friends and parents that all the time. Grow up and be treated the way you want to be treated. Know your place. thinks he all tough and no brains.
  • Yeah but that's probably because they think Apple invented Google!
  • Shamatua, they know the correct use of there, their, they're and they are.
  • I am using an iPhone 5s right now and absolutely miss my android phones, simply because of the reliability of Google Now and the freedoms of using the android ecosystem. That being said, the iPhone works well. My next phone will most likely be another android.
  • By the way, I hate, absolutely HATE Siri. Each time I ask her something, I do not get what I want to find, so I default over to Google Now...perfect every time!
  • Why on earth would they do this? Give away one of the defining features of Android. How about this... Do it when they open up imessage and let Android users have it... It would be great to communicate with my unenlightened friends, and family, that use the iPhone
  • They are doing this because Google makes just as much money when iOS users feed them data by using their services as they do when Android users do the same.
  • While I can't honestly see this rumor ever coming to fruition, your thought is definitely in the right vein. Google cares about how many screens they can get in front of to use their services. That's what's central for them for sure! Total number of users regardless of platform.
  • This is the same thing that happened when Microsoft made Cortana available to Android and iOS. Ultimately their AI, albeit baked in like Google Assistant & Siri are on their respective platforms, was still offered elsewhere. Google and Microsoft want business. Period. Apple wants to play ball all by themselves. Thus, I'll never own an Apple product EVER because of their closed in, narrow-minded ecosystem and business model.
  • Apple's business model is closed-in, but it's not narrow-minded. They keep their ecosystem closed for a very good reason, which is that they're a hardware company first and a software/services company a distant second. If they allowed their popular services like iMessage and FaceTime to be installed on Android, then they'd lose a lot of device sales to companies that sell much less expensive Android phones.
  • reported your profile. If you can talk to everyone this way there is no reason to do the same way to me. You have no respect towards other people at all.
  • Okay.
  • You may want to say goodbye to your loved ones. Looks like they might just be sending someone to take you out. Nice knowing you.
  • I anticipate a John Wick style scenario.
  • I bet it will have more functionality than the Android version. Google always adds more features to the iOS version of their own apps for some reason
  • "'s a far cry from the full Google Assistant experience found on Android and stashed in an app that most iOS users don't use." It think that is what will keep it rather muted on iOS.
  • thats referring to the google assistant currently found in allo
  • /
  • let me get this straight google cant even get it on the marshmallow and nougat devices like they boldly claimed they would but all of a sudden they gonna give it to apple? how about you get it to android devices first , fix your home before taking your show on the road
    I dont even have it and I own a Nexus 6P
  • Very good point