Google releases Glass intro video to help us all get started

New Project Glass YouTube channel starts up with an intro video for us all to enjoy, and wonder at

Despite being a long time out from the general consumer release of Project Glass, it's hard to deny that it's the hot ticket right now. The first units are in the hands of the lucky 'Explorers,' while the rest of us mere mortal, non-Glass wearing folks can simply look on in awe. 

We can at least get a look at the first in what's likely a series of tutorial videos for Glass released by Google, though. The new Project Glass YouTube channel has uploaded its first video, a getting started guide to Glass. We see a very quick, basic run through of how you operate it, and a look at the Google Now style card UI. It's exciting stuff, for sure, so if you're into Glass, be sure to keep an eye on the Project Glass YouTube channel. 

Source: Project Glass (YouTube)

Richard Devine