Google prepping Google Videos for Phones?

Way back at GoogleIO, Google showed off their upcoming movie rental service, releasing the service to the Motorola Xoom, promising that other devices would be added in "a few weeks."  It's taken awhile, but it seems like Google is finally preparing to push the app out to a wider audience.

Several members tipped us about seeing the application in the market briefly yesterday evening, and while the app itself doesn't work on phone's yet, I was able to download it before it disappeared again.  No word on when the application will be officially available, but hopefully this is a sign that it's almost ready.  Anyone with a non-rooted device looking forward to having this on their phone?

After the break is a brief video shot by one of our readers (loukkra) showing off the app running on his Nexus S.

Thanks Small_law and loukkra! 

Youtube Link for Mobile Viewing

  • Awww damn.... I forgot about the rooted stuff lmao... I'm cruising along on Fresh 4.1 ..... I hope xda finds a work around.
  • I would use it, if it was available for rooted devices, on my PC as well and in Europe. But since this isn't the case, I will just have to stick with other options. ... Damn shame too, I actually WOULD like to support the movies and shows I watch, but not if I can't use my purchase as I want.
  • I think Google should pass on this and just sign up Hulu or Netflix as a partner (yes, I know they're in talks to buy Hulu but that's very early). I can't see them winning the content battle here. Even Amazon is struggling in the streaming movies business.
  • Its a rental services more like iTunes... Not really comparable to nexflix or hulu which is still on the way. This was s HUGE missing part of Android that I've been looking forward to
  • If they will let us uninstall Blockbuster I am all for it!!! Please let me take that useless piece of bloatware off my Evo!!!
  • I hope they have 3d movies now that I bought my e3d for speed but have fallen in love with 3d! Problem is, other than youtube I can't find movies! And I agree, blockbuster is crap!
  • Look at the prices of the movies!
  • hmmmmm...can we get a closer look at that icon? from what I can see it looks more like the icons Google is using on it's website refresh. Could that hint at the next version of Android's UI? Look at the app too, Very Google+ like...