Google Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) with 23W wireless charging is up for preorder

Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen Lifestyle
Google Pixel Stand 2nd Gen Lifestyle (Image credit: Google)

Update, Nov 18 (12 p.m. ET): You can now preorder the new Pixel Stand

What you need to know

  • Google announced its second-gen Pixel Stand with faster wireless charging.
  • The new Pixel Stand features 23W wireless charging capable of charging smartphones and Qi-enabled wearables.
  • An active fan will keep devices from heating up while charging.
  • The new Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) retails for $79, the same as the original stand.

Google is introducing a new wireless charger for its Pixel lineup, the Pixel Stand (2nd Gen). The new wireless charging stand is optimized for the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro and other Google hardware.

Compared to the first-gen Pixel Stand, the second-gen model ups the ante with 21W and 23W of wireless charging for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, respectively, more than double the 10W provided by the original. This is better than many of the best wireless charging pads, although it can't match the 30W+ wireless charging support found on phones like the OnePlus 9 Pro. Still, it should prove adequate, especially when even most of Samsung's flagship smartphones charge at 25W via USB-C.

The faster speeds will be found on the main charging coil, which will also charge any non-Pixel smartphones 15W. The stand will also charge wearables like the Pixel Buds (2020) with the bottom coil at just 3W.

The Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) features an active cooling fan that will keep the device cool while in use, so you won't have to worry about it heating up while watching videos. There are also different charging modes that can be automated or switched manually to adjust charging speed and fan noise, although Google claims the fan is "nearly silent."

Just like the first Pixel Stand, the new model supports the docked Pixel experience to turn the device into a smart display. That includes features like Google Assistant Visual Spotlight, Photo Frame, and easy-to-access home controls.

Pixel Stand (2nd Gen) retails for $79, which is much more than you'll find many other wireless chargers priced at, but if you're a Pixel owner, the additional features may be worth the splurge. The device isn't yet available for purchase, but Google says it's "coming soon" and will have more updates on the wireless charger at a later date.

Update, Nov 18 (12 p.m. ET) ― New Pixel Stand up for preorder, ships in December

For Pixel 6 owners looking to upgrade their wireless charging, Google is finally taking preorders for the new Pixel Stand (2nd Gen).

Preorders start amid drama around the Pixel 6 series' misleading wired charging speeds, which Google now clarifies tops out at 21W for the Pixel 6 and 23W for the Pixel 6 Pro. This would put the wired and wireless charging at roughly the same speeds.

Preorders for the new Pixel Stand are currently targeting mid-December shipping dates.

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