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All the big announcements from Google's Pixel event

Google unveiled two brand new Pixel phones, its new differentiated Android interface, and Android 7.1 Nougat today in San Francisco — along with a bunch of other stuff. Read on to discover Google Assistant, the Pixel and Pixel XL, Daydream View, Google Wifi, Chromecast Ultra, Google Home and more!

Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Google CEO Sundar Pichai hailed the move from a mobile-first computing world to an AI-first computing world, envisioning the new Google Assistant as a seamless, conversational way for users to interact with Google wherever they are. Google's Knowledge Graph, and advances in AI, including image recognition, and machine translation, have helped make Google smarter than ever.

Google announced that it's opening up Assistant using "Actions on Google," which is how partners like Spotify and Opentable are able to interact with the service. It's an expansion of how partners have access to voice actions on Android right now. An example shown on stage showed how ordering an Uber could "bring" an Uber presence directly into the conversation, allowing the user to tell Uber what sort of vehicle to order, before receiving an ETA. Google will reveal more about Actions on Google in December.

Assistant has already debuted on Allo, and they'll be a big part of Google's new phones ...


Google Pixel and Pixel XL

Rick Osterloh, head of Google's new hardware division, unveiled the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones. "We're building hardware with the Google Assistant at its core," says Osterloh. "This is a natural step, and we're in it for the long run," he says, adding that we'll hear more from his team over the months and years ahead. "What brings Pixel to life his how the hardware and software comes together."

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The first phone with Google Assistant built in, with what Google says is the best smartphone camera ever.

Pixel is the first phone with the Google Assistant built in — Assistant now lives behind a long press of the home button. Its new storage capabilities, using the cloud, will ensure you "never run out of space" for photos and videos, according to Osterloh. Pixel's camera has a DxOMark rating of 89, the "highest ever," according to the group. HDR+ is enabled by default, "because there's zero shutter lag." And there's also gyroscope-based video stabilization for even smoother captures, polling the gyro 200 times a second.

Google says Pixel is designed to get through a full day on charge, with new battery optimizations. However the phone also ships comes with Quick Charging capabilities, with up to 7 hours of power from a 15-minute charge. Like Google's Nexus phones, Pixel will get new Android OS versions automatically when they're available, along with software updates. And Google's also built live 24/7 customer support into the phone, along with a screen share option to help support agents diagnose problems.

And yes, there are two versions — a 5.5-inch Pixel XL and 5-inch Pixel. Specs include a Snapdragon 821 processor, 4GB of RAM and 32 or 128GB of storage. In the U.S. Verizon is the exclusive carrier partner, and it'll also be available unlocked from the Google Store and on Project Fi. Pre-sales start today in the U.S., Germany, UK and Canada, and on October 13 in India. Prices start at $649 — add $120 if you want to bump up to the 5.5-inch XL, and add $100 to either choice to go up to 128GB of storage. Color-wise, you're looking at "Quite Black," "Very Silver," and "Really Blue."

More: Google Pixel and Pixel XL are official{.cta.large}

Daydream View

Daydream View

Google announced Daydream View, the first VR headset designed for Daydream-ready phones. Working with clothing designers, Google says it's created something "soft, cosy and comfortable to wear." The headset and any Daydream-compatible phone pair wirelessly, and there's an auto-alignment system to make sure everything fits just right. The Daydream controller is "so accurate you can write your name with it," and fits inside the headset for easy storage. Slate, Snow and Crimson are your color options.

Google's partnered with Warner Bros, the New York Times and others to tell VR stories inside Daydream. And of course Google Play Movies and YouTube are supported, too. Daydream View will be available for $79 in November, and early pre-orders of the Google Pixel and Pixel XL come with coupons for a free Daydream View headset.

More: Google announces $79 Daydream View headset{.large .cta}

Chromecast Ultra

Chromecast Ultra

Google's rumored 4K Chromecast is official. It grows from the circular design of the last generation, adding more speed, an integrated ethernet port and enhanced video capabilities. That means it can handle 4K video, HDR video and Dolby Vision. As part of the deal, Google Play Movies will start rolling out 4K content in November, and you can of course get that high-res content from the likes of YouTube and Netflix as well.

The price is $69, double that of the previous generation but still easily in the "impulse buy" sort of area. It'll be available starting in November.

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Google Home

Google Home

Google's smart home assistant, announced back at I/O is official. Inspired by items you commonly find in the home, Google home's design feature a capacitive touch surface on top, based around a large speaker. There are a number of styles available.

Assistant, Music, Google Cast and smart home control, all in one box.

Google Assistant is built in, allowing Home to answer questions in natural language using Google's Knowledge Graph — including translations, querying Wikipedia and summarizing information you'd get from a web search. All the same intelligence you'd get from Google Assistant in Allo or on Pixel phones is available through voice in Google Home.

Google Home can play music from YouTube Music and other top music services, including Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn and others, with voice controls, including volume controls — all without using your phone. You can also cast from Android and iOS devices through Google Cast. The device also works as a remote control for your TV via Chromecast, easily letting you view TV shows or cast your Google Photos, using your voice.

As the name suggests, Google Home also allows you to control smart devices inside your home, with support for Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Philips Hue and IFTTT.

Google Home will be available for $129, with a free 6-month YouTube Red included. Pre-orders start today in the U.S., with availability on November 4.

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Google Wifi

Google Wifi

Google's expanding — and kind of supplanting — its OnHub program with Google Wifi, a new router system designed to let you to cover all the various corners of your home with full Wi-Fi connectivity. The base stations are small, and can be simply networked together to expand your coverage to hard-to-reach or far-away places without additional configuration. "Simply add Wi-Fi points to expand coverage," and "without compromising aesthetics." There's also a companion app to allow you to control the Wi-Fi access of your kids.

A single Google Wifi is just $129, or you can get a 3-pack for $299. Pre-orders start in November, shipping in December.

Alex Dobie
Alex Dobie

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Still "eh" on the design, personally. Maybe it'll look a lot better in black.
  • The design is fine, what I'm worried about is the price. $650 for the smaller phone sounds extreme to me. So much for having a cheap good Nexus. We may never see another one like the original Nexus 5. PS. I do understand this isn't a Nexus, but given that there is no more Nexus as far as we know ...
  • I was about to hit yes on my pre-order, but the 128gb XL was $850. Not worth it
  • Might as well get a Samsung or other phone for that price.
  • The days of Google's phone being cheap is over. We should think of Google's phone lineup as just another similarly priced flagship lineup that provides a responsive UI and the latest software from Google. You can't get that from Samsung.
  • But I'll still buy a Samsung over this any day. More features plus an SD card slot make Samsung phones the better buy.
  • Some folks may be willing to pay extra to NOT have bloatware. Damn Galaxy I just bought is crazy ridiculous!
  • Should have bought the unlocked version.
  • US unlocked version seems to be slow with patches, though. My GSM-unlocked Galaxy Note 7 has been on September for a while.
  • Yea, and might as well get a device that has broken camera glass after 3 months without ever dropping it, and only 32gb of internal storage, with an sd card that most things can't even be transferred to.
  • To start out with yea i'm upset about the price. However, I do understand what good is trying to do. They are trying to compete with the likes of Apple and Samsung. It seems like they are about to start dropping some money into advertising. They are focusing more a providing services. So from a business prospective I can see why they are hitting the higher price tag. I wish it was still cheaper I remember everyone lost there mind when the Nexus 6 came out and it was a $650 price tag but it was still cheaper than a Note (comparable size). I think it was a mistake going with Verizon exclusive, but at the same time I can understand since they have such a huge subscriber base and Verizon hasn't been the nicest for Nexus phones. (I'm currently on VZW with a 6P) So as much as I really hate it I do understand why things are like they are.
  • Jesus its not not a nexus phone. Its a flagship.
  • It's certainly not flagship spec.
  • 650 would be a bargain for UK buyers. The cheapest Pixel model here is preorder for stg 599 (usd 763) up to usd 1042 for the top XL model. You would have to have more money than sense to pay these figures for a non expandable single sim phone. Hope the use and stag are not confusing but this was marked as spam when symbols were used.
  • Agree on the price. I was expecting a $499 Pixel in the release but the strategy seems to be best of the best for this round.
  • Agreed- disappointed with the hardware design. Both the Iphone 7 and Galaxy S7 look much nicer.
  • Google is providing a truly stylistically uninspired, Nexus-like phone at nearly double the 2015 retail cost with a slightly modified launcher. These phones are DOA. Sales will be worse than the 6P/5X with the tech savvy, and non-existent with the masses. Google should stick with search and mobile OS and leave the manufacturing to the adults.
  • No reason to buy Samsung phones anymore running that bad software.
  • I don't think it's that bad now, though. Not perfect and still has some ways to go, but a far cry from the truly awful versions in the past IMO.
  • Eh, it was still not that good on the Note 7 I had (returned due to recall). The touchwiz design has never bothered me. It was always the way it performed. LAG. why did my $850 service lag that much?
  • It's horrible, it always has been, and until they make it an optional downloadable app that stands on it's own it will always suck. That stands for any user interface on top of the default android interface. I'm not saying some of these things manufacturers put in aren't worth it, just being forced to use them is the pain. Switching launchers isn't enough of a solution.
  • I don't really mind them these days. If anything, I actually enjoy using some of them as some of them do add to the Android experience without taking away the basics.
  • What a stupid comment. There have always been great alternatives to Samsung if they aren't your thing.
  • I'm waiting for the new updated TouchWiz ui interface along with the android n update for my s7
  • Keep waiting... March next year, the earliest
  • Alternatively, there's now no reason to buy a Google made device, since they cost basically the same.
  • Unless you want wireless charging, waterproofing, Samsung pay, an SD slot, and a much better looking phone. Sure, if TW is unbearable then get a Pixel. But seriously, what an ignorant comment.
  • Google Assistant was the only redeeming thing about Allo. Hope they release it as a stand alone for us non-Pixel users
  • Holy crap, could the bottom bezel get any bigger? We want smaller bezels, not bigger.
  • Google's obviously trying to compete with the iPhone's bezels.
  • Didn't you know, Apple has already "explained" that the huge bezel on a phone is a "New Awesome Feature", Google is just riding that bandwagon... /sarcasm
  • Funny how the phone comes with Duo pre installed, but not Allo... Not sure why this is though, hoping its because they realized Allo's feature should just be rolled into Hangouts.
  • I thought they said that both were pre-installed
  • Seriously. I was expecting some reason as to why they have that ridiculous chin but I guess not. Epic fail by Google imo.
  • The bezel isn't even that big..
  • If they did wouldnt need to buy a pixel lol
  • Good guy Osterloh.
  • Was the event intended to be this empty? I wasn't expecting an Apple like event but there appears to be more people at our local fuel station than here? You could taste the awkwardness when that dude quipped "and there's no camera bump". Oh man......
  • laughing OUT loud !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Although the phone does look decent fair play. Could this finally be the phone which replaces my GS4? (don't laugh lol, if it ain't broke don't fix it and all that :-))
  • "Assistant now lives behind a long press of the home button" ... Wow, Now on Tap didn't get to keep that position very long.
  • Google is constantly scrapping interface things that don't work. How long did lockscreen widgets last? Long press of the home button is a premium spot to place something. I can totally understand if they want to try to find a better solution.
  • On tap has basically been added to the assistant. If you long press and swipe up, on tap is there. If you watch the event, they demo this in a text message. So yes long press isn't direct to on tap, but basically.
  • So no "new" announcements yet, this was all leaked for awhile...yawn...
  • You can order the Pixel now, apparently. Yeah, about the unicorn that's the V20....
  • Not sure what to make of this announcement yet. Kind of dull actually. Daydream looks more exciting than the phone
  • LG will ship in Poland to be first.
  • Lol, unicorn, that it most certainly is.
  • I'm not saying I called this weeks ago. But I totally called this weeks ago.
  • Looks like they improved the camera speed ! That is my one bugbear on my nexus 6p
  • Am I really the first to touch on how incredible that camera is?
  • Camera does look great
  • No OIS though... seems like that should be a standard on top of the line phones by now. The camera is cool but only real life testing will prove if its as good as they say it is.
  • Yeah instead the best video stabilization I've ever seen on a mobile device. That said I've had the S7 with OIS, and the 6P/OP3 without it. Considering that the only times it really comes in handy is in extreme low light, which they showcased it being really good at, I'm not worried about OIS. I've never missed it regardless, but I guess maybe I have abnormally steady hands?
  • Don't drop the vr remote.... It may break
  • No OIS :(
    DXOMarks puts their cameras on tripods to test, doesn't deliver accurate picture of picture quality in real life usage.
  • Pretty sure some of the shots they displayed weren't on tripods.
  • I don't care about their camera samples, in life life people's hands shake. especially mine.
    Big letdown for me, OIS has been proven to improve camera quality in real life.
  • OH...ok.
  • Omg. Seriously? Next.
  • They didn't leave a camera hole in the daydream cover, so no augmented reality possibilities! Seems like a big oversight.
  • It pairs wirelessly with the phone.
  • He is talking about camera pass through and augmented reality...
  • So no sprint? As a option.
  • What's with the glass portion on the back?
  • Dunno, they seem to like it and see it as bold, I see it as going against the industrial design they were striving for. I suppose it IS the one single aesthetic thing that keeps it from being a completely iPhone clone though...
  • .....Perhaps....NFC...wireless radios etc........duh
  • So are the Pixel phones actually compatible with Daydream?
  • Yes.. they stated they'd be the first ones to achieve that actually..,.
  • What do the Pixels have that Nexus 6p doesn't have so the 6p isn't Daydream Ready?
  • So the 6p and earlier are left behind with some of the new Pixel features.They really want us to move on. Okay, cool. I want the Pixel because it's the new hotness but I'm thrown by the memory options and the lack of front-facing stereo speakers.
  • Maybe it's because the 6P was so good but the Pixel(XL) isn't coming home this year. Maybe if the 6P is destroyed but not worth dropping my 6P. it's a good iterative upgrade don't get me wrong and if I was 2 rev's back it would be in my cart. The big changes for me seem to be on the launcher and I'm sure some APK's for the assistant. I'm also a little miffed that my OnHub seems to be abandoned for WiFi; WiFi looks cool but..... can i use them with my OnHub????
    Looks like I'll order Home but that's about it.
  • Big mistake going with just Verizon in the US. The Pixel should be directly available from all 4 major US carriers. Selling it unlocked through the Google Store isn't enough. Most people buy their Android phones directly from carriers.
  • Most people buy their phones through carrier simply for financing. Google offering financing direct through them makes this not really a big deal.
  • Not the same. The carriers offer it at 0%.
  • And a host of other strings attached. I mean if you want to get granular about it there's a bunch of other solutions credit wise that offer 0% granted your credit doesn't suck. To each their own.
  • The reason they have to have a Verizon exclusive is to make sure Verizon can lock the boot loader and prevent root. I am a bit worried this phone is going to be the death of the Open source part of Android.
  • Unlocked orders up now!
  • Mmmeeeeeeeehhhh.... Nothing announced today interests me at all. On the plus side, I get to keep all money money.
  • I'm gonna be lazy and order take out since I have some $ to spare LOL
  • So how will Google Assistant be deployed on the billions of existing devices? Isn't Google Now pretty much what assistant is?
  • Google Assistant is Replacing Google Now. The app name on some devices change over the weekend already with a play store update.
  • So, only a 32GB and 128GB on XL w/ NO SD slut? No OIS? And $800 for 128? Frak that.
  • I know SD cards slide in and out a lot but there's no need for that kind of language...
  • Nice catch! Posted via the Android Central App
  • Lmaoooooo
  • agreed this is not a great product run from Google, I'm disappointed to say the least. They totally pulled an Apple here and have run out of good ideas.
  • I see you. #Salute
  • Why only for Verizon...? That was a terrible move. I really can barely understand why this would be a one carrier exclusive in the USA, unless Verizon paid them a ton of money to do that. Also this most likely means locked down boot loaders and no root.
  • You can buy it unlocked at the Google store
  • Why would Verizon compete with the Droid Z ? That is an awesome phone no one bought. I love mine
  • I am glad I did not wait for the Pixel and got my Droid Z Play. I love this phone. I use the speaker mod daily. Insane battery life on this phone.
  • The only product I was interested in was Google Home, so I preordered it. Looking forward to comparing to the new echo dot I preordered recently as well.
  • I was hoping that when the Pixels went up for sale, the Nexus 6p would get a price cut, but both the 5X and 6P are gone from the web store.
  • I guess they want to only have hardware that they created on their site now.
  • So the assistant is basically what we already have with "Ok Google"?
  • Yeah..that's what I don't get. Aside from a decent camera and a hardware update...this is all about a cloud based AI that pretty much they could roll out as an app.
  • LMAO!!!!! From $899 Canadian for the base 5" version. Wow. Get bent Google.
  • Agreed - pretty pricey! 128GB XL is same price as Note 7. I'm now debating between the two. I love the timely Google updates, but the Note 7 is a great device. Might have to wait for reviews.
  • $1179 for Pixel XL 128GB, to the penny, plus taxes. Same exact price as an iPhone 7 Plus 128GB. Bonus for Google is that they have a headphone jack which I think is awesome. I will say though, this ain't your mom's low cost Android. It costs more than a Note 7 (albeit you get extra built-in storage plus unlimited Google Photos, but no SD card a bunch of other features). Overall, I am really disappointed in the top flagships this year. For top flagships (mainstream brands) the Note 7 in my opinion is the best device currently on the market, save its battery problems.
  • Agreed. Sticking with my note 5 for a while. I promised myself to smarten up and not get suckered into overpriced phones going forward. Too many good sets for 4-5 hundred to justify spending more than double for something that in reality won't make any difference.
  • who you telling ! I got rid of my Nexus 6P and got a 64gb Note 5 and I am love it. Marshmallow gave me permissions which is all I needed. It is so much easier and less stressful on my hand swiping with the S-Pen, great camera, NATIVE CALL BLOCKING voice recorder lol I mean bland android is just if the Nexus had a Spen built in then I might be convinced but for my personal device the Note 5 is in my opinion the better buy over the over priced note 7 with battery qualms......for my professional device...My Passport SE is AWESOME so I am covered. Like you why am I giving them all this $ just because I have it - F that....ever year "best" camera "faster" etc..blah blah NEXT
  • Glad you're enjoying it.
  • Nexus 6P > Pixel
  • Nexus 4>Nexus5>Nexus6>Nexus6p>Nexus5x>Pixel
    Doesn't take a genius to see a trend developing here
  • Haha
  • The Google Wifi looks interesting. I've yet to find a router able to cover my 5600 sq ft home...
  • If you can afford a 5600 sq. ft. home, then surely you could have afforded a router and access point(s) to fix your coverage problem.
  • I've tried range extenders outlet access points. Nothing works well. Still get weak signals. But this Google Wifi wth the 3 routers looks promising.
  • Nice phones, but too expensive.
  • Google is turning into Apple.
  • I waited on buying the Note 7 to see if anything bad would shake out in the first month. Then the battery fiasco appeared. I will be doing the same for the Pixel phones. I'll let all you "early adopters" BETA test the phones. I think going with Verizon exclusively is a bad idea. Verizon is the most expensive carrier in the U.S. I guess if you can afford Verizon you can afford the Pixel phones. These phones are getting crazy expensive for what they are. I don't see anything very nice to look at with these phones. The bezels are way too big.
  • A Verizon exclusive? (Groans). At least they could have done it in red! :( Well, I guess I won't be using my JOD to try it out.
  • And no unlocked bootloader :/ With google's financing I don't see a point in going through Verizon
  • M'eh. Overpriced run of the mill phone put out by Google again. Whoopty-doo. rip-off
  • I love how so many of you are worried about the look of the phone. Most phones more or less look the same anyway. This is clearly about integrated AI across all hardware in the single ecosystem. This is where Google has a one up on other companies - it is a one stop shop for information on the fly, in your car, at your house, with a phone or without, access to not just emails and messages but lists, appointments, etc. And for those complaining about the cost, there's a reason it's not a Nexus.
  • On the bright side the bezels could double as a coffee table.
  • uh... case... solved :)
  • So what specifically was announced today that everyone will be talking about in 8 years?
  • That google thought they could enter the phone market at Apple prices with absolutely no brand recognition in mobile phones.
  • No brand recognition? i think the nexus phones and android in general would disagree with you.
  • You mean the Nexus phones nobody bought, and Android which most people barely know exists?
  • Nexus brand is a blip on the radar, and I don't think typical consumers go to the store to buy an "Android Phone." They go to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S7, LG G5, iPhone, etc.
  • I am not happy. Pixel are too expensive for me and all those stuff do not work with my language. I'm out.
  • Love how some call it overpriced, yet it has the same hardware as all the other flagship phones. Seems only Samsung and Apple can demand a high price? Posted via Android Central App
  • There are phones with same hardware now for $400.
  • Apple only can cause of the apple emblem. Samsung at least packs all the latest hardware and features currently out.
  • Yes, they are the only ones who can command those prices with there brand recognition!
  • Don't know what google is trying to do. Overpriced phone when other flagship phones are selling for less than $500, not to mention that they still don't have the microsd card slot.
  • +1
  • I love the design of the Pixel phones. I wanted to buy one to replace my One Plus One, but that price killed it for me. Now it's between the One Plus 3 and a nexus 6P or I'll just wait till next year to upgrade.
  • I've had the OP3 , 6P and S7. I consider the OP3 to be an upgrade from both the others, but especially of the 6P. Such a better stutter free experience and hand fit. Great battery life as well.
  • No microSD. What a bummer.
  • That's the biggest drawback for me. Not sure if saving everything to Drive is what I want.
  • I doubt it'd happen but it'd be nice to get google assistant on all 6 and 7.0 android phones
  • What I want to know is if Google Assistant will be available to all (Nexus) phones that get 7.1, or is it a Pixel only feature?
  • If this clean software and high end spec wins single and multi core test, then it is a win for Google.
  • Already a loss based on the design
  • The Pixel is the ******* child of the iPhone 7 an LG G5.
  • Overpriced, less featured S7 made to look like an iphone. Theres your review.
  • still sticking to my samsung. The price is OTT for what u get.
  • What's funnier is the price will be high to cover the Cloud Storage/Google Assistant support, something that will data mine everything that goes through it so you're every thought can be sold on to others.
  • Bah humbug, it wont let me correct the spelling mistake above.
  • That's a pretty fair assessment. This is Google monetizing your life, and making you pay a premium price for the privilege. I'm staying out of the AI loop, thanks all the same, Google.
  • Where's Andromeda? I was most excited to hear about that.. Dang rumors...
  • Yeah nothing about that, chromebooks, a new tablet / MS Surface Pro competitor, watches....
    Just an Echo knockoff, wifi router knockoffs, 4K Chromecast and expensive phone - rather mundane compared to the "biggest event since the first Nexus phone...."
  • Yeah, seriously. That tweet was not even remotely accurate.
  • Being a flagship its far behind the standards set by Xiaomi in case of battery capacity
  • Wow. Another Good flop! First Allo, now whatever this stuff is they trotted out on stage? So sad.
  • All cellphones are overpriced by 2. Why does a phone cost less than 200 to make cost 700-900 dollars? I will continue to buy 1 year old reman unlocked phones. Because they can all producers of smart phones continue to over charge for both phone and services.
  • I try to never buy a newly released phone. At 6 to 12 monthslater, they are heavily discounted and still great. Bought the Moto X Pure right before the Z came out, for about half price - getting a flagship phone for $275.
  • Comes with an OTG cable, a USB C to type A cable (unlike the nexus 5x) and a free VR daydream thingy. I'd prefer them to be $100 or more cheaper and include a bunch of other features like wireless charging but at least they come with something.
  • Only appears to come with daydream thingy in the usa.
  • Just saw the C to A cable on clearance here in Canada at The Source for under $15CAD down from $40CAD so it's hardly a selling point. Wonder what they sell for from the Google US store?
  • Apple and Samsung have long standing followers/sales to back up $800+ devices. I'm sorry but Google will have a hard time competing with those two at these prices. It appears they are banking on people unfamiliar with a "Google Phone" will associate premium price with top of the line.
  • not to just move on right away...AC team, any hints of a tablet coming?
  • I'll wait for the review before I decide what should be my next phone.
  • Once again I can't help but wonder "What are they smokin' out there at Mountain View?"
  • The design is nothing special. The price? well I rather the Iphone7 or the S7.
  • Only $129 for Google Home. Nicely played. Oh and Google, for the love of all that is holy, give "Google Assistant" a f****** name already.
  • The big feature I was looking forward to didn't get a mention... Play Store on more Chromebooks, although it was enabled on some models (on my Hisense Chromebook) in the Canary channel. To get it, first put yourself in Dev Channel then you need to get into Dev Mode. To get to Dev Channel go to Settings > About Chrome OS > switch channel to Dev THIS WILL POWER WASH YOUR CHROMEBOOK Once back up, you'll have to remove OS verification, Esc+Refresh+Power, Then Ctrl+D, follow prompts and warnings... blah blah blah... Now you're in Dev Channel/Dev Mode, now you need to get into the Canary Channel, once back into Chrome OS, pull up a browser window, then enter the following: 1. ctrl + alt + t
    2. shell
    3. sudo su -
    4. echo "--enable-arc" > /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf;
    5. mount -o bind /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf
    6. ctrl + shift + q
    7. ctrl + shift + q Once you log back in Google Play store should pop up. Note: you may need to go into settings to enable google play store. Sources here:
    • Enabling Canary Build -
    • Story here -
    • Commands to Enable Canary/Play Store:
  • This is a huge disappointment, boy did Google screw up on this one.
  • So, a slightly hardware upgraded Nexus with cloud everything and Google AI, for Apple prices? I don't get it. I won't get it.
  • phone looks promising
  • what say everyone ?
  • It's likely that the Verizon exclusive will only be 6 months or so, then it'll pop on other carriers. Still a pretty big achievement on Google's part to get this on Verizon and have control of the software updates. That's Verizons penance for the Galaxy Nexus debacle.
    I get where Google is trying to go with this and I believe this is a pretty good first effort into the premium market. Sales will depend on how well Google advertises and the level of push they get from Verizon, and I suspect they'll be better than all the pessimists are predicting.
    And thank you for keeping the headphone jack! Even the most loyal iSheep I know are still grumbling about that dumbass decision.
  • I am honestly floored with the price tag and this doesn't even offer the same water proofing feature like Samsung and now Apple. That feature alone would of made s huge difference to the price
  • So, no replacement or announcements of replacements for my Google Nexus Tablet nor my Google Nexus Player(the Xiaomi box is a poor alternative)? Bye bye then...
  • I see what they are doing. Taking a demographic that Apple has dominated and offer high priced phone with unlimited cloud storage (we'll see how long that lasts) and keep them in there for eternity with no escape.
    Granted...some people think high price = high end and therefore must be a status symbol.
    Google has never been a status symbol. Google stood for common sense and out of the box thinking. Now it's trying to keep up with the Kardashians.
    I'll pass on this phone.
  • thats great
  • For me Google are making great strides but they still do odd things that confuse us about their strategy. For example, why tell the world that the LG V20 is the first Nougat mobile phone when we still don't have confirmed release dates for most of the world? Surely Google should have held Nougat back so that the Pixel phones had a short period of exclusivity? That had to be a great selling point. And why let LG have Nougat first without getting them to commit to a release schedule?
  • The Google WiFi and the Google Home devices should have been combined into 1 unit. This would have made a lot more sense. Wireless where you need it and an assitant as well to respond to your requests.