Google Pixel 6 Pro stock is running low following its release

Google Pixel 6 Pro Lockscreen Material You Music
Google Pixel 6 Pro Lockscreen Material You Music (Image credit: Alex Dobie / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has set up a waitlist page on its online store for those who want to purchase the Pixel 6 Pro.
  • The handset is currently facing delays or running out of stock as demand continues to soar.
  • Fortunately, the base model is not affected by the stock shortage.

Google's answer to the best Android phones is facing some shipment delays and an inventory shortage. On the first day of the Pixel 6 series' release, Google warned customers that the phone was experiencing delivery delays or running low on stock.

The product's page on the Google Store is showing customers a notice that says some Pixel 6 Pro models may be out of stock or may ship longer than expected due to "high demand." It's understandable given the phone's powerful flagship specs at an affordable price compared to the competition.

Android Central didn't immediately get a response from Google when asked for a statement. But a company representative confirmed to The Verge that "some models of the Pro are out of stock." The scarcity does not bode well for what appears to be Google's most important Pixel phone in years.

If you head over to the Google Store right now to place an order, you'll be asked to join a waitlist in order to get notifications when the phone is restocked. Those who have already ordered the phone are also in for a huge disappointment: their estimated delivery dates have now been pushed back.

Google also suggests looking for availability at other authorized retailers. However, the situation is not much better elsewhere. Customers, for example, are seeing the same low stock warning when attempting to order a Pixel 6 Pro from Amazon or Best Buy. The phone is listed as "coming soon" on B&H Photo (opens in new tab).

Customers of the major wireless carriers are also in the same situation. Some Verizon and AT&T deliveries appear to have been pushed back to early November, while T-Mobile has also delayed shipments to late November or early December (via 9to5Google).

Fortunately, if you opt for the base Pixel 6, you can easily find stocks anywhere, if you don't mind missing out on some premium features found on the Pro model such as a telephoto camera and stunning display.

Google Pixel 6 Pro Cloudy White Render

Google Pixel 6 Pro

The new Pixel 6 Pro is Google's best smartphone to date, thanks to its smooth 120Hz display, powerful Tensor chip, and impressive triple camera setup that allows you to get up close and personal with the action without sacrificing quality.

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  • A friend of mine opted for the regular Pixel 6 because the Pro model wouldn't ship until January.
  • Might be good, gives it some more time out there in the real world for future real world reviews by actual owners. Also, gives a person a chance to see what Samsung will offer with the S22 series.
  • No matter what anyone is doing it's all the same just more powerful hardware , the pixel it's in it's own league , going after ambient computing , how fast the voice to text works is amazing mind arrives tomorrow by 7pm I'm so excited my panda is coming home , my friend had a pixel 6 n i can tell u typing is a second option now because the voice detection is so damn good makes I sense to text when u can just speak it , it's much faster then anyone can type anyways. There's a lot of cool features plus many more Google will be adding every month or 2 exclusive pixel features. Next security patch will not let u use eraser on any device Google is done playing n tensor 2 is already a thing for next year with AMD GPU n pixel 6 is going to break pixel records for for sure expect pixel 7 n 8 n 9. The Android competition just got real and while everyone is just putting in best hardware on Benchmarks good is doing what no one else is doing with ambient computing creating a. Ecosystem around Google assistant , it wants it to be everywhere that's where Google is going to dominate in AI and machine learning n etc. U need to understand Google's idea of creating a JARVIS
  • No Thanks, I'll stick to my Note
  • I've got mine. Even got it a day early. It's a great and powerful phone that I expect to provide me much enjoyment for the next couple years
  • I tried to order a Pixel 6 Pro from Best Buy on launch day. Before I had a chance to enter my credit card info the phone disappeared from my cart and it said Coming Soon on BB's web site. Next day I was able to preorder a Pixel 6 Pro from BB for in store pickup but it won't be ready until Black Friday on Nov 26.
  • My package data has shown that it was processed on the 26th but has not been updated for 3 days. Yet it is supposed to arrive today or tomorrow, so I'm guessing it will be late.
  • No kidding. The unlocked 256GB model was listed as out of stock on the Google store the first time I looked, which might have been a day after the day it was available for order. Who would have guessed that a phone with a big screen and lots of memory for (barely) under $1000 would have been popular?
  • Looks like it is a good phone but my god is it hideous! That camera setup in the back is horrible looking. Seems like I very excellent performer though.
  • My experience, your mileage may vary, but FYI: I ordered a 6 Pro from the Google Store on launch day, and in the next week the shipping estimated date varied from Nov. 3 to Nov. 25. They tried to ship a couple of nights ago, but when they tried, my credit card declined the charge, not because of a lack of funds, but because of the amount of the charge. Sent me a text to see if it was really me and if I really intended that charge, but by then, my order was placed on "hold" by Google and no one at Google could tell me when the system would come back, see that the transaction was approved, and send my phone. Couldn't tell me either if I was just essentially skipped in line and was now at the end of it rather than the beginning. Frustrated, I just canceled the order altogether and tried to see if I could buy one on the street on Thursday. Went into Best Buy. They had no Pros on hand, so I just decided to order one there in the store. Was told to expect delivery of an unlocked 256GB on Nov. 16. Then I got an e-mail this morning saying my phone was being shipped. It's at UPS now and will be here in a couple of days, well ahead of Nov. 16. So maybe the wait isn't as long at Best Buy as they want you to believe. Might want to try ordering from there if you still don't have one.
  • What a twist! I was certain this would end in you going with an iPhone or something.
  • I got on the 256GB wait list the day after launch. The next day (so 2 days after lunch) I got an shark to order it, I did and it said it would ship the middle of Dec. I looked today because my charger and earbuds shipped, and now it is showing the phone will ship the beginning of Nov. Don't know why they would show it sooner then expected unless I just got lucky.