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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 8: Big phones, big prices

Google's Pixel 2 XL is the new hotness, and with its fresh specs and features it's picked up a price bump that puts it on another level to compete with only the most expensive phones available today. Starting at $849 it's darn close to the price of the just-released Galaxy Note 8, but that's not where the similarities end. These are two big, high-performance smartphones, and they'll surely be going head-to-head in a few people's minds as they go to buy a new phone.

So we're here to talk about how the Pixel 2 XL stacks up against the Galaxy Note 8, and hopefully give you the information you need to know which one is right for you.

What's the same

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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8

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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8

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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is often referred to as being a really big phone — and that's because it is. The Pixel 2 XL isn't actually far from it, though. The Note 8 is 4.6 mm taller than the Pixel 2 XL, but roughly 2 mm narrower and about the same thickness. The difference in screen size is negligible, with the Note 8's 6.3-inch display mostly just adding a little bit of usable height with its 18.5:9 aspect ratio to the 6-inch 18:9 screen on the Pixel 2 XL. The 2 XL's screen looks really good, but it's too early to know how it stacks up to the industry-leading panel on the Note 8 — chances are it'll be close enough for most people, but come up short.

The Pixel 2 XL is closer in size to the Note 8 than most would think.

The only real difference in the feel of these phones is weight, where the Note 8 tacks on a hefty 20 g — and it's very noticeable. Weight aside, if you think you can manage it, you're getting a big 'ol phone with either of these. In order to get that extra screen to look at and interact with, you have to take the trade-off of not being able to easily reach the top of the screen with the phone in one hand.

The similarities continue internally, with both phones having the same Snapdragon 835 processor (though the Note 8 has a comparable Exynos in some regions), and while the Note 8 does have more RAM at 6GB it's hard to say how much that's actually noticeable in daily use to the Pixel 2 XL's 4GB. Perhaps 18 months down the road we'll have a better idea of that. Storage is also about a wash, with 64GB plus an SD card slot matching up fine for most people to a choice of 64 or 128GB of storage without the complication of an SD card slot. And in one area you can't see, thankfully Google has matched the water-resistance rating Samsung has been offering phones for years.

The Pixel 2 XL has a slightly larger 3520mAh battery, just 6.5% bigger than the Note 8's 3300mAh. But any difference in battery life will be coming from the software rather than the raw capacity of the cell — don't get hung up on 220mAh difference.

What's different

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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8

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Google Pixel 2 XL vs. Galaxy Note 8

The biggest differences to be found in this comparison come from looking at the software and seeing Samsung's consistent core features come through.

Samsung, as we know, loves to have a huge volume of software features and changes, punctuated by its insistence on having all of its own apps and services loaded on the phone. Those often conflict with Google's (required or otherwise) services, and it can be jarring to users who want a simpler layout. At the same time, if you're coming from a Samsung phone currently not only will you feel right at home but you'd also be a bit miffed to find there aren't direct replacements available from Google's phone. The S Pen and all of its great associated features is a perfect example of this. Does everyone — or even a majority of people — need a highly precise stylus? No. But those who do can only find it on the Note 8.

Samsung's software can be all things to more people, but the Pixel 2 XL is just so much cleaner.

Starting from scratch with no preexisting notion of what you want from your phone's software, it'd be tough not to pick Google's experience on the Pixel 2 XL. The level of polish, speed and integration with its core services is unrivaled in the Android space, and that's something you can appreciate no matter where you land between the "novice" and "expert" ends of the spectrum. There are just fewer variables and opportunities for frustrations on the Pixel 2 XL, and that's a big selling point even when you factor in the inherent limitations of having a more barebones set of features.

Samsung took a big leap in camera technology on the Note 8, moving to dual sensors both supported by OIS and some special software to put them to work. It's hard to argue with what the Note 8's cameras can do, even if the "Live Focus" portrait mode could use a little work. Google may have just leapfrogged it, though, even with just a single camera. First impressions are that its own Portrait Mode, handled with just one lens, can do much the same job as Samsung without the extra room required for a dual setup. And Google's image processing paired with a new brighter aperture and OIS should at least match but more than likely surpass what the Note 8 does.

The final two differentiators here come down to audio. The Pixel 2 XL clearly has the lead here with dual front-facing speakers to the Note 8's single down-firing driver. They're louder, have stereo separation and aren't easily covered up with your hand like on the Note 8. On the other hand ... there's no 3.5 mm headphone jack, even though it's a big phone. Samsung may not offer the best audio quality ever, but being able to plug into your standard headphones and speakers without an annoying dongle is a huge plus.

Bottom line

Much like when we compared the standard Pixel 2 to the Galaxy S8, there's a whole lot shared between these two phones. If you're in need of a big phone with lots of screen to work with and high-end specs to power it all, these phones are the right place to start.

Do you want limitless power, or powerful simplicity?

If you already have a Samsung phone, your default choice will be the Note 8 just from a familiarity standpoint. The same goes for anyone who is drawn in by the precise input and tools associated with the powerful S Pen. Aside from its sheer size and weight, there are very few trade-offs to be had here — and you get nice-to-have features like wireless charging and a headphone jack, plus just about any software feature you could imagine.

Coming in with no predisposition to one platform or another, Google's software and services on the Pixel 2 XL are king. You a get simple, fast and clean experience wrapped up in an equally beautiful and sturdy body filled with great specs you expect for the price. But hey, you don't get a headphone jack or the mounds of features found on other phones that you could find useful. You do, however, get a fantastic daily experience of using what Google thinks is the best representation of an Android phone.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Google haters in 5, 4, 3......
  • It's not so much hate as it 'wtf' at times when you read lightly backed statements turned into pseudo truths, such as: 'And Google's image processing paired with a new brighter aperture and OIS should at least match but more than likely surpass what the Note 8 does.' Should, more than likely...I mean, fine if it eventually does, but it really lacks depth and balance.
  • Maybe a few years ago when none Nexus phones were low quality and extremely slow with small screens little expendability. The pixel would have been the first choice for me. Other than its lower IP rating and it's lack of wireless charging and lack of audio AUX port, it's not bad but seams lacking in value for its price. I may be in the minority but as an artist, the S-Pen is still unmatched by any company. If it were only a stylus it would be different but it's not. I speak for only myself but the pixel is still inadequate for me. Perhaps the Mate 10 pro would be a better match with a stylus like my old palm pilot wouldn't be bad but that's still a compromise.
    I never really understood comparing phones like a note 8 to other phones that do not match feature for feature because the DON'T match. For me the note 8 is in a category of its own when somebody releases a phone that matches everything not just the screen size then I will look at that device again.
  • It not Google hate do know there the same operating system. ..right. .tell me you know that cause you sound clueless to that fact . It's more like I like samsung version better . See how that works. An I like the note 8 much better for the same money . Last I checked the pixel was missing a S pen an samsung pay an wireless charging got them all over the house . He'll this isn't even a fair fight in my opinion
  • In other news, Andrew I think the article was spot-on.
  • Personally I'm struggling to decide between these two. Currently have an s7 edge and it has become laggy and battery life has degraded. Thought I'd move to pixel but all the note 8 reviews are really positive and it has a headphone jack and it has wireless charging... Some of the Google assistant features on the pixel look great but I expect they will become available to other decides in the future just like assistant did so maybe the pixel isn't quite so appealing
  • After having the GS3 and 6. And after what I've heard abou the s8. My conclusion is that no matter the specs, galaxy phones will suffer the same way with little time. I promised myself to never give in to a galaxy phone ever again. I'm probably gonna get the pixel xl 2.
  • I'm some what in the same boat I'm torn between getting it or sticking with my note 8 don't get me wrong I'm loving my note but having other samaun devices I know how they get down the line and idk should I just pull the trigger and get the pixel or get a v30 which I'm interested in to I also have a axon 7 so for me it's like is it really worth it
  • If you can get rid of your note with a good excuse (sell, present), then sure, go for it.
  • My S7E battery life held up but the lag is horrible. I have to factory reset every couple of months to keep it at all livable. I can tell my changing the screen orientation and it takes several seconds to happen and then factory reset and back to reasonable.
  • Honestly, I don't know what you guys talking about. Had my Note5 for over a year and had no problems whatsoever. Just disable everything you don't need/want, clear cache and unnecessary files once in a while and it'll run smooth all the time.
    Now I grant, the Pixel is probably zippier just for the fact it doesn't run so much software.
  • Lorbas, I've had plenty of Samsung phones up until the S7 with the note line being my favorite and I've done what you've decribed such as restarting my phone, clearing cache , checking for bad apps etc but I've never had to do that on my Pixel XL. I've never had to disable anything or play with settings, it just works well with everything running... No hiccups, stutters, random freezes, etc. I'm definitely not saying Samsung phones are trash because I believe they are the biggest innovator's currently which helps push new tech to consumers but they try to put so much in a phone instead of fully executing better. For a long time they focused on luring people based on specs but those specs didn't fully translate to a great user experience. There was a time I wouldn't get a phone without an SD card slot, or removable battery but it was because Samsung offered horrible battery lifespan cycles. There is a reason why people buy specific products and there is definitely a market for Google's simplicity. The pixels are in no way, shape or form perfect as none of these brands are, and there will always be trade off based on each person's needs. As much as I've never been a huge consumer fan of Apple I understand why they sell well and it's not all just the prestige concept.
  • Jacksmith. That's because you some rogue app causing that. The S7 edge is a phenomenal phone as are splitting Samsung.
  • Aido82you probably need to do a factory reset and then figure out what app is causing it to do that. TouchWiz is superb and runs just fine.
  • You kind of answered yourself there. You want to roll off your year old Samsung device because of what happens to almost all Samsung devices, fast degradation of fluidity and battery life and you're struggling between another Samsung device and one that's a successor to a phone that hasn't had any degradation in a year...
  • The Pixel XL is a great device, period. As a productivity device for professionals, it is really not competing against Note 8. Different target market though both would like to eat into the others'. I love the convenience of wireless charging, love the expandability of the SD card to 256GB, love the 6GB RAM to prevent multi-app lag, love the ease of reconfiguration with Smart Switch, love the large/clear display for writing/editng work documents (emails, Powerpoints, Word docs, expense reports, Salesforce) and love the ubiquity of Samsung Pay. Oh, and the S-pen...
  • Agree, should be against S8+
  • That would only be true if consumers themselves felt that way
  • Agreed pixel and Note 8 are very very different to me. I would compare the pixel to Mate 10 or s8+ or LGV30
  • Why can't I blow up any of the pictures? or a Gallery? The images are too small and oddly cropped to get a good view
  • There are a ton of comparisons on YouTube. Pictures wouldn't do it justice anyway.
  • When does it hit stores? maybe hands on time will help out more
  • I have a note 5 with the Google launcher installed. Every single Samsung app disabled that I can. I lost the s-pen a year ago. The only time I listen to music or podcasts is in my car with Bluetooth, I don't own headphones, and the earbuds that came with it are still in the box. I actually love that the pixle dropped the 3.5mm. Preordered the pixle 2xl.
  • As someone who's owned a Galaxy S3, Note 3, Note 4, Nexus 6p and am now using a Pixel XL, I can tell you that the year and 9 months I used my Nexus 6p was the best experience I've ever had on an Android phone. My wife and I bought first generation pixels when they went on sale on Google's website and I will never switch back. I liked my Samsung phones and they had cool features but none of them ran well after about 9 months. Google's phones might not be as flashy but like a Honda Civic they just work all the time.
  • Exactly! This is the reason that a lot of people don't understand. If you want the best experience in a Android devices, the best choice is a Google Phone. Yes, maybe has some specs below Samsung's phone, but Pixel (and Nexus) still working great a several month later.
  • Christian Hagler, I'm just like you but many don't understand. Once I found the Pixe XL, I've been amazed at the lack of issues. Just a great user experience...... And now I have upgraded to the XL 2
  • Pixel 2 XL is fine. It's not bad if you do not need the Spen, bigger screen, expandable memory, 2x zoom camera, headphone jack, wireless charging, and smaller bezel. However the Pixel is not in the same league as the Note 8, and that's fine. Everyone doesn't need or want a Note 8. It is joke however, to try to insinuate that the Pixel is better than the Note 8.
  • The pixle will have a better android experience, and better updates. My note 5 has been lagging since the 6 month mark. I've never experienced that with a google phone. Which one is "better" is subjective. Depends what you're looking for.
  • The "experience" with my Note 8 is really good. Much cleaner and smoother than my Note 4. It is very responsive and fast. How will my "Android experience" be better with the Pixel?
  • You are only what, a month in with note8? Seems like many talk about how their Samsung's don't age well. I felt that to be true, plus I want the best stock android camera available and the Pixel 2 XL is it.
  • Tbh I've used s8 and s8 plus and they were laggy from day one. Note 8 is a different beast, smoothest phone I've used in 8 years. On par with iPhone 7 and one plus one
  • Is is not only goggle purest believe that trust me average Joe on the street doesn't know what a pixel is . Is that a bad thing nooooo but it is a fact . Add it all up pound for pound the note 8 just does more
  • I do not agree with this comment anymore. Google has been advertising the Pixel during the NFL and the MLB playoffs the past week big time. Verizon has the most subscribers of all the carriers. The word is out. Now if anyone pays attention, well that is a different story.
  • Google spent a lot of money last year remember. An that was right after the note 7 Fiasco. Didn't move the needle then don't see it happening now . The s8 will be so much cheaper by the time the pixel hits the shelf , so most, if they don't want a iPhone will chose it . It's all about timing a name recognition
  • Your comment was average Joe doesn't know what a Pixel is. He does now , but it doesn't mean it will translate into sales.
  • Consistent performance and all around excellent experience are things going for the Pixel that Samsung is missing. All those extra apps Samsung installs on there along with the unoptimized performance will make that 6Gb of Ram behave like 3 if it's like any other Samsung device from the past.
  • Installing an app doesn't take up RAM unless it is running. You can uninstall or disable any app you do not want to use. What unoptimized performance are you referring to? The Note 8 is a screamer with zero lag. The 6 GB RAM really keeps things moving.
  • I don't think you understand how Linux works but anyhow, only one of these two phones will still be a "screamer" in a year.
  • I do understand it, installing an app does not use RAM, period. Yes frequently used apps may be kept in the background if RAM is available. But if you have an unused app you can choose to not run it, disable or uninstall it. It's not using RAM just because it's installed. 6 GB of RAM is BIG.
  • It's got stock android and updates going for it.
  • I use wireless charging, headphone jack and Samsung pay every day on my Note 8. I could never switch to a phone that didn't have the those features unless I was forced to. Oh yeah, I'm trying this with the unreplaceable S-pen right now. I'll pass on the Pixel.
  • I guess typing with the S-Pen isn't that precise then. I only use my S-Pen to draw on the screen, underline documents and take hand written notes.
  • Nailed it
  • Now this one is much easier the note 8 has no equal . It's the beast mode phone of 2017 . It checks all the boxes for most . In a world of getting less for more $$ ( iPhone X pixel 2 ) the note is king
  • I'd have to agree with this but only for now, because the truth is that all Samsung phones begin to lag a few months into the ownership cycle. Of course there will always be the die-hard defenders that will claim that they never see a slow down in their devices but for those of us who are realists, we've seen it even in the most recent devices, even the S8+ that I traded in to get my Note 8. In the past I would install custom ROMs or did hard resets to start from scratch every few months to keep the speed but now I just let it go and trade in my device for the next new one since I have JoD from T-Mobile.
  • Never seen that myself but granted I change phones at least every 12 months.
  • In the past is the Operative word. This is post s3,s4,s5 days my s8 plus is still good . An my note 8 with all this ram management I can't see it slowing down any time in the near future . Fyi all phones will lag even iPhone over time my nexus 6p is buggy as hell after I put 8.0 on it an the battery sucks
  • I recall using the note 7 and about two weeks in suddenly Snapchat would bog up and I'd have to restart the phone twice a day. Then I got a pick after I turned my grenade in and astonishingly, almost a year later, Snapchat still runs smoothly. That was just one example. After about eighteen hours the whole phone would jitter about until Snapchat bothered me enough to reboot. Some things just don't ever seem to change with Samsung man.
  • Been out of Android arena for a while (wp/wm) and just came back a few months ago to the S8+. It is working great for me honestly with Samsung hardware and my investment in wireless charging I won't leave for a device without. I know that sounds petty but only time I plug my device in is in my car. My only gripe is the passive listening being blocked on Samsung devices for anything other than Bixby.
  • You might want to actually give bixby a try it's getting better the more I use it . Plus google now still works as planned you'll have to set it up for your voice
  • What do you mean by passive listening being blocked for Bixby? I can trigger Google or Bixby by voice. No issues at all.
  • Ok Google works just fine.
    Turn Bixby off and turn on Ok Google.
  • Bixby an Google now can Co exist Quite fine i use both all the time
  • I'd have loved the Pixel 2 but, simply put, lack of wireless charging is inexcusable! So no Pixel for me until we get this. What do I actually get for $900? A big, smooth running, pure Android phone with no "extras". Nothing a $300 Nexus had given us already years ago! And having a Note8 now for a few days, I say, those two phones shouldn't even be allowed to be compared!
  • Thank God you don't rule the world
  • Glad that no one rules the world. I like choice
  • Good thing Google doesn't rule the world are else we'd all be waring the same clothes. Living in the same house driving the same cars .....boring lol !!
  • 😆😁😁 ...not only are they compared but many as myself will choose the XL 2. If there were no pixel XL's I would have a Note 8 .....or just maybe a one plus 5
  • Google just upped their own bar. The reason that you would and maybe should look at paying the premium for the Pixel phone is the ecosystem that Google has started building. Like Apple, you're paying for a premium software experience and the ecosystem of its other related products. Buying a Pixel phone now is about so much more than just the sum of its hardware parts.
  • Yep, I agree. But only if you engage in that "Googleverse"! I don't. Maybe that's why I'm not ready to cough up so much money for a Pixel.
  • H uh they use the same OS what are you talking about there's no way Google HAS any advantage worth the extra cost over any other android phone other then it gets the latest os first. That's it the whole bases for android Existence from the beginning was for customization where have been the last 10 years. How do you think samsung got so far a head in the first place they offered features that the iPhone lacked . Google wants to be Apple so bad that there Losing focus. An that's a sure turn off for most like myself to never want a Google phone. If I wanted a iPhone I'd get the real thing not a Google iPhone want to be . Don't like samsung fine get the LG v30 it's the same damn phone only with more for less ^^^
  • The Note 8 is a really nice phone with all of the amenities. The Pixel 2 XL doesn't have all of the Note 8s amenities - but has the assurance of timely security and OS updates - something that Samsung struggles with - a lot (and the bloatware - sigh). Plus the Pixel 2 XL should be tightly integrated into Googles AI, Google services and Google resources - with a great camera. That's where I'm putting my money - the new Pixel 2 XL. Will I miss the wireless charging? Yes. Dearly. Headphone jack? No.
  • You can add wireless charging easy enough. I did for my Pixel XL. Picked up a wireless charging pad that goes on the back of the phone and plugs into the type c port. Pad is thin enough that my case still fits on the phone. Boom wireless charging. I believe the pad was less than 15 dollars at amazon.
  • Did g, for me it's Samsung who has lost focus when they started to focus solely on paper specs to compete as they didn't value user experience enough. I'll admit I love that Samsung innovates however they will rather throw more features in a phone to have people brag that they have the feature than actually making the "whole" user experience that much better. Water resistance is great feature but not worth it for horrible sound quality; or weird shaped & placed fingerprint scanner, edge display that has usability issues, nice designs at expense of bad signal quality, larger battery mAh to compensate for horrible lifespan cycle batteries, extra ram to compensate for bad TouchWiz optimizations. These are not all current issues of the latest Note 8 but have been problems of Samsung. For what it's worth I like that Samsung S8's and that the Note 8 are taking strides in the right direction to some degree (because I was a long time user) but they are the reason why the Pixel market exist. Google isn't the savior and yes they have their issues, their phones could look better design wise, be offered at a better price point, etc but for me the current choice is definitely XL 2. They could both learn from each other but that's why we as consumers have options.
  • Google is an American search giant, it has a massive advantage over Samsung. Google is in every American home, used for education, shopping, searching, watching videos, and looking at images. Google also makes billions in ad revenue to spend on... You guessed it, ads for the Pixel 2. The only reason the first Pixel phone didn't do well is because Google had no inventory. I went to the Google store for 5 months trying to get a Pixel XL, but it was out of stock. The company's not stupid enough to care about phone sales, it's all about flashing around Google premium hardware with their OS on it. The Nexus program was supposed to do that but no one cared about Google on third party hardware. Besides, manufacturers always seemed to hold back on making nexus devices truly premium.
  • If it had wireless charging them we would have another phone with a all glass back. I understand it's a must have for some, but I like the aluminum.
  • And a headphone jack, expanding memory slot ,ip68 water resistant,samsumg pay ,the best an brigthest screen . Oh an the little thing that pulls out from the bottom. S pen other then that ,there the same
  • That was almost unreadable. Spaces go after commas and periods, not before or not at all.
  • Yes I know the things the note 8 can do that the pixel can't are dizzying for sure try to keep up. Let me help you Ip68....... wireless charging.....better an brighter screen technology.....Samsung pay .......faster charger that comes in the box free......oh an a S PEN there you go
  • If Google made a phone with a digitiser and 4095 pressure levels and an Spen (Gpen)I would buy it but it doesn't so it is not equal to my Note 8 and definitely not worth the price. I'm curious to know what the mate 10 Pro will cost.
    I am very curious to understand what Google is charging for is it the software? The IP rating and lack of inductive charging and lack of other hardware such as auxiliary port make me wonder. I would imagine that it is the little speakers that lessen the possibility of waterproofing giving it the lower ingress rating.
  • Will be picking up lgv30+. Just my personal preference, but I'm sure both of these devices would be fun to own as well.
  • I happen to have enjoyed my time with the S7EDGE and S8. No reason really to complain. But I am looking forward to getting back to Android as it is intended and regular updates with my Pixel XL 2 in a couple weeks. To each his own.
  • I have a Nexus 6P, but let's be honest here. Aesthetically, the Note 8 is more pleasing to the eye than the Pixel 2/2 XL. The latter looks like a toy next to the Note 8. I don't know what makes Google think they can make a phone that looks the way these phones look and charge $850+ for it, not including tax. Add to that $129+ tax for their protection plan, and any accessories you may need and their tax charges, and it's just absurd. Yes, Apple does it, but they have a loyal following who will buy into whatever bs Tim Cook tries to sell them, all in the name of status. Google doesn't have that rep, and honestly, I don't think they ever will. Not with Samsung around, throwing everything but the kitchen sink in their phones. A phone with features galore that you may or may not use is still a comfort to have for some. That being said, I personally prefer the V30, after just now playing with both it and the Note 8 in store. Odds are that I'll still be getting the Pixel 2XL in the future, but only when the prices are way down.
  • I think that's a good observation. Being honest - spec wise - you pay a lot for a phone that Google has to offer - it's like you are buying into the eco system too - and Google seems to be the only one charging for it. But still - it's the eco system that works better for me and what I want to do.
  • And that's fair. Everyone's use case is different. I do prefer the simplicity of stock Android, and I'm certainly not asking for everything but the kitchen sink as far as software goes; I only ask for Google to take better advantage of their big screen devices, and make them more useful to the consumer. They introduced a stylus for the Pixelbook, but why not for the 2 XL? A lot more people will be buying the phone over it, especially when Apple devotees have Mac Books and Windows has their Surface line. There's nothing that says Google can't implement with the Pixel series of phones at least some of the same things the Note series does, without compromising the speed and fluidity of stock Android; like scroll capture, or the ability to hover over a word and give a translation or even a definition. Google can also implement the ability to write on the screen while off to jot down a quick note or phone number. Or even like Moto, that allows you to set your own wake up phrase, etc. It's simple things like that which I'm talking about, not about the "fluff" that Samsung puts in; including their own versions of perfectly fine Google apps, which only serves to bog down performance. If Google made these simple changes, maybe then the prices of these phones would be justified. As it stands, though, I'll have to wait a while to upgrade to the 2 XL.
  • Ecosystem it's Android ??? Some how some way you guys think that the pixel phone runs a different operating system.... they don't just a more less featured version of the same thing it's not apple, blackberry 10 are windows . It's Android same an Samsung , lg ,htc and a host of Chinese OEM's still Android
  • Yeah it's still Android but with a bunch of crap written on top!! All the OEMs put their apps in and then the providers put their crap on!! By the time they do it's no longer really Android. (And then you can't delete them, just disabled them)
  • An why the hell would I want to disable my note 8 an crippled it . Then it would be a ipixel ...most don't want that .
  • You buy the phone that works for you. Google puts out Android and all of the security and OS updates. Google takes it and modifies the code for their Google phones - so they are optimized for Google products. Samsung takes that same code and modifies it for Samsung's apps and their products. They both offer different user experiences - which is fine tuned to their specific 'eco system'. Each OEM runs Android - but in a different way - kind of 'same but different'. Which makes Android unique in its own way. Find the 'eco system' that works for you - and enjoy.
  • The price of any Google phone being way down are slim to none, those days are over.
  • Totally unfair comparison. You should be comparing g it to the s8 plus and note the s8 note. And the s8+ beets the pixel 2 xl in many of the above categories.
  • This article is what I've been waiting for. How ever it seems that is for stupid reasons I'll be sticking with the S8+ or Note when I upgrade.i like the SD card slot. Wireless charging for when I'm at work and the headphone Shame because I liked the look of the pixel and have been kind of excited for it .with all I hear
  • My biggest problem with the Pixel is that it relies on Google Core Apps - which suck. Gmail and the stock email client can't compare to Samsung's email client. The Camera on the Pixel is great - but the software is bound to be lacking (like every other piece of Google software). Simplicity only matters when functionality is brought to the forefront - Google is a lot like Nintendo in this way - so much potential, but you alienate the power user when you treat ever game as an opportunity to start fresh for first timers... The pixel is "fine" - it's not great, it's not wonderful or magical - the fact that it weighs "20 whole grams" less just makes it feel hollow (in the same respect as the nexus 5 felt empty - but was a great device" Like the majority of consumers - I'll pass...the Pixel will be lucky to sell 2m units...again
  • Good call, with the Nintendo comparison. At least Nintendo has Mario and Zelda to lean on.
  • I'm curious why I see so many 'Samsung Pay' and 'software addon' comments being touted as Samsung benefits beyond Pixel/Google phones... I use 'Android Pay', which works flawlessly and you can match any software addon through a variety of app download options... I think Samsung's only clear benefits are there s-pen and wireless charging. And those two benefits can be huge dependent on preference. I'd like to have both options, but I'd rather have a clean stock Android experience with lasting speed and immediate software updates (that's my preference). Every time I pick up a Samsung, I'm immediately impressed with outside aesthetics, but that impression quickly disappears after interfacing with the software. I can't stand the GUI experience with Samsung, and most I've messed with have so much more lag than a Nexus 6p/Pixel. With the crisp integration of the Google Assistant and Google home, I think it's fairly obvious that the Pixel XL 2 is the safest future proofed phone for the following two/three years...
  • It's because Android Pay is just a shadow compared to Samsung Pay. I can literally pay everywhere with Samsung Pay but can only use Android Pay on NFC enabled terminals. If you ever tried SP you'll never use something else. Until they come up with a unified system, that is.
  • The Pixel took one step forward, and 3 steps back with this generation. 1. No headphone jack is absolutely asinine on an Android phone. Leave that foolishness to Apple, because at least over there, you don't have 20 OEMs with their own version of "headphones" that only work on their singular product, just a lightning jack that is the same on every Apple product that uses it. 2. The price. If you are going to charge iPhone money, you better offer iPhone features. The Pixel maxes out at 128GB, but charges the same as an iPhone 8/8 Plus that offers 2x that much storage on the higher tiers. You also get a pair of headphones in the box, whilst Google only gets you the dongle. 3. Still only Verizon carrier availability. Now I buy my phones unlocked, but most people don't. If their goal is to get into the mainstream and fight the iPhone (which I believe they do, since they basically made an iPhone only with everything Google in it again), then at least offer it at ATT and T-Mobile.
    If you want the "Kinda Blue" Pixel, you'll have to get it through Verizon and again, only for the smallest storage option. Now Google isn't the only one bad about this (Samsung did this with their Galaxy phones this year, but no carrier exclusives, just region exclusives, LG made 4 colors for the V30, we're only seeing 2 at most), but cmon. Ultimately, is having a "lag-free", pure Android experience worth the price? I'm not sure it is, when you compare it to the S8, LG G6/V30, and Note8, all of which offer more for the price. If you're on a GSM carrier, the OnePlus 5, HTC U11 (which also has no headphone jack but offers more features for LESS money), and Huawei Honor/Mate phones are better options.
  • The Note 8 in my opinion is the most complete best phone of the year, if the best phone is based on it's features. I mean really it had everything and then some. Water proof, stylus, dual cameras, etc....., but I am a purist and fat updates are a must and I am a Google Fanboy. So I am buying the Pixel 2 XL.
  • .Hated the Pixel XL. Not interested in bare bones however fast. Nothing replaces the Spen.
  • I hear you on that front I'm good with tried an true 7.1.1 it smooth and fast and it works an that's the opinion of the general public. Reason Samsung sells a lot of phones. 8.0 is in Bata right now I can wait
  • Both great phones! Both with amazing strengths and weaknesses! Interestingly, in some cases, it is the very thing that is a huge strength of the one phone or another in one context that is also a huge weakness for that same phone in another. It’s a fascinating contest. But ultimately, I think everyone who walks away with either one of these phones is a winner here. But what about me, and where I put my money, and entrust my next two years to? I absolutely prefer, favor, and desire the Pixel. No contest! The Pixel wins in my book hands down and by no small margin! So that means I’ll be buying the Pixel, right? Maybe. It’s between four phones, actually, and only two of them are Androids - interestingly, these two. If I decide that I have the wherewithal and self-control to wait a few more months, I can have one of the two phones I would -REALLY- want (Pixel 2 XL vs iPhone X - favoring Pixel at the moment). However, iOS 11 on a nearly dead circa 2015 vintage 2014 iPhone 6 Plus is a simply MISERABLE experience, and if either the urge for instant gratification overcomes me, and/or if the experience I endure today becomes simply unlivable (#firstworldproblems), then I will have to pass on the aforementioned two phones I -REALLY- want, and settle for one of two rival phones that I’d want quite a bit less, but feel like I could at least live with - namely, iPhone 8 plus vs Note 8. And where in the Pixel vs X contest, I’m leaning Android, in the 8 plus vs Note 8 contest, I’m leaning Apple. So, that means Pixel’s the most likely of the four for me, and Note’s the least likely of the four. But technically, they’re BOTH still in the running, as well as bypassing both completely, and going with one of not one, but two Apple phones instead. It’s going to be a very difficult, painful decision no matter what, I’m sure.......but at the moment, I’m hoping I end up with the Pixel. Now, if only they offered the XL in “kinda blue”. :-) Cheers!
  • The Pixel's IP67 does not match the Note 8's IP68 (to point out a slight inaccuracy in the article), but it is the next best thing, for now.
  • I'd say Samsung's software is 100% cleaner and more optimized than it used to be. Remember the S3 and S4 good Lord...
  • 200% hehe better
  • Good Lord, the S3 and S4’s build were so awful....
  • The S4 was, IMO, the worst in the whole S line.
  • I'm a die hard Nexus user and I am pretty impressed with the Galaxy S8+, which I think lines up better against the Pixel 2 XL which is off considering the S8+ has been out since May. The Note 8 has an IP68 rating by the way, better than the Pixel 2. Sure the front speaking are great and harken back to my Nexus 6p but those bezels are so 2015. No headphone jack and no reason give for omitting it. On my S8+ I have Nova Launcher running and it's smooth and very stock-like. Plus I use Gboard as my keyboard and I have been very happy. I don't think the Pixel will be a top contender until Google's investment in screen technology with LG pays off and the Pixel team they bought from HTC comes together fully.
  • Pixel xl2 is great device but don't compare it to note 8. Just get whatever float your boat. Everybody wants to say they have "the best device" but the best device is only what works to your liking.
  • I think both of these phones are completely awesome but in two different ways.
    Updates and generic vs slooooooow updates and lots of software tweaks + S Pen.
    Unlike many on these forums, I wouldn't discount Either because of Headphone jacks, wireless charging etc.
    Neither are a bad choice. Some hate 'raw' android, some hate Samsung Experience software.
    I am also having to choose between these two, but the deciding factor for me is the fact that if I went Pixel 2XL, I would want the unlocked version for AT&T and that means I have to plunk down $849+tax and $129 all at once vs getting the Note 8 on Next plan and just paying $300-ish down.
    I know google does financing, but I can't do a loan right now because I am buying a house soon and want credit clean as possible.
    I would absolutely Love EITHER one of them.
  • I would like the Pixel 2 XL just for the camera & video recording but I don't believe it supports WiFi calling, HD Voice, and VoLTE on AT&T.
  • I'm about to find out in a couple of weeks. I went into a local carrier and they said they do support it - but not all carrier reps are - knowledgeable on all aspects of their services... Just saying...
  • I have the first generation Pixel and I have all those features. So I would assume the 2 XL have them also.
  • Definitely to each his own when it comes to these 2 phones.... I agree with many here, the pixel 2 xl should've been compared to s8+. Well Im jumping ship from the note 8 for the 2 xl, Im a sucker for front facing speakers, also wouldn't mind the bigger battery, stock android and timely updates. I dont use or need wireless charging, s-pen or the headphone jack..... so ill be enjoying this note 8 for a few more weeks, maybe ill end up returning the pixel. who knows. Oct 24th cant come any sooner!
  • Hum and yet you bought the note 8 interesting ...ok ? Hope you find that perfect phone one day. Are your gonna go broke trying lol
  • As Andrew said once before, "The people have spoken." Samsung sells tens of millions of their devices each year. It will take Google ten years to match the sales of just one year of one Galaxy S model. The Pixel is a very competent device, but will never compete with the Galaxy S series or the IPhone. Google can't even figure out how to develop a viable supply chain to get their phones into the hands of the people who want to buy it. Samsung gives people the features they want and the Galaxy Note is without equal, in regard to this. Galaxy phones will never be as smooth as phones running slim and nimble Android builds. That is not what Samsung phones are designed to focus on. They are made to be feature-rich devices that run a heavier Android build. Period. Every other manufacturer relying on Android would kill to have Samsung's sales numbers. Numbers don't lie. I would much rather have a phone packed with goodies which may have an occasional hiccup (which all phones do, whether people are willing to admit it or not) than a stripped down device that has no imagination or creativity behind it.
  • The sales argument is completely flawed. For one thing, up until the Pixel there was zero advertising for Google phones. For another, they were never flagships until the Pixel. For yet another, Samsung has had 8 years to bring the S line to where it is today. And yet another, the average consumer does not care about all the features Samsung packs into its phones, and probably is completely unaware of them. If numbers don't lie, then you are saying the iPhone is better than any individual Android phone that has ever been produced.
  • That is not what I am saying at all. I'm saying that the argument of Google phones being better because they run "pure Android" is a crock. The experience between pure Android and Samsung's experience UI is not big enough to make up for all of the advantages that Samsung phones have over Google phones. The Pixel also has a better camera than the Note 8, but the it's by a miniscule margin. Not enough to say that the Pixel is a better phone overall. The iPhone argument is different. They make great phones, but their sales numbers are more so due to the culture they have created through marketing. Apple's genius lies in the fact that they make millions of people think that they are the ones who innovated all of the technology that is seen in their products. It's a totally different scenario.
  • Yes, the iPhone X is.
  • Apple and Samsung phone sales have nothing to do with the devices.
  • Why do people care how many phones have been sold when choosing a phone? I owned a Galaxy tab s3 and it drove me crazy in comparison to my pixel C. The way that Samsung hijacked the device from pure Android made me never want to use another Samsung product. Not to mention the lag and slow down that was introduced by their bloat. Now Samsung's products may be great for you or another human, but not for me. I certainly don't care how the **** many they have sold, or if 10 million other people mad the same choice. I'd rather make the same choice as 10 people if it was the right one for me then to follow 10 million other just because it was popular. Just saying...
  • Quite honestly, Note8. I might be biased here, actually because I own one, but I do enjoy its plethora of features. That said, dem stereo speakers
  • "You do, however, get a fantastic daily experience of using what Google thinks is the best representation of an Android phone." Let me list all of the reasons why i care what Google things is the best representation of an Android phone, and I'd argue that - given the microscopic market share - most people agree with my reasons:
  • There are so many other factors in why Google phones have such a small market share, it renders your point moot. The vast majority of people I have seen using a Samsung phone use none of the useful features, but still use the terrible ones, like the stock messaging and keyboard apps. Samsung's dominance is the result of marketing, and being the first Android OEM to make a flagship that could compete with the iPhone (still largely the effect of marketing, admittedly). The Pixel sold far better than any Google phone before it, and I'd wager the Pixel 2 will sell even better. Rome wasn't built in a day, and Samsung has had YEARS of development of the S line (somewhere around 8, I think), to get to where it is today. How many S2's did Samsung sell?
  • Samsung sold enough S2's to get a patent lawsuit filed by Apple. They sold enough S4's to OUTSELL the iPhone in the US AND get a separate pure Android version sold and supported by Google. Google doesn't even put up Motorola, Sony or HTC numbers in the sales department.
  • Samsung sold 40 million Galaxy S2 phones. Google has sold around 2 million Pixels.
  • They are both great phones with each having their strengths and weaknesses and it's hard to say which is better though I imagine that depends upon your usage style and preferences. One small correction. The article states that Google has matched the water resistance rating on the Note when in fact they haven't. The Pixels have an IP67 rating while the Note has an iP68 rating.
  • I had the nexus 6p. Lagged quite a bit after 1 year. The worst was the battery life. Would not last me half a day and would shut down at 30+% battery. Enjoying the note8 now.
  • "the complication of an SD card slot." Did I read that accurately? Seriously???
  • There's just no comparison. The Pixel is Android's version of the iPhone, great software, lacks a ton of hardware features. The hardware differences between the Pixel 2 XL and Note 8 are huge. The Note 8 has 6GB of RAM, wireless charging, microSD card slot, IP68 rating, dual cameras, IR/face scanner, S Pen, headphone jack, and MST technology. Not one of those features can be added to the Pixel. Sure, the Pixels have the software, but if I'm going to spend $930 on a device, it better have a ton of hardware features as well.
  • I have been a Samsung user for a while myself. I now use a refurbished Note 4 and love it.
    When I look at a phone I look at the features I will use:
    Has to have a decent camera.
    Nice size screen.
    A headphone jack.
    Removable battery. Most of the time you can buy an extended life battery.
    Some ram.
    A nice CPU. As for the OS of any Android phone about the only thing I expect to see different may be a proprietary OS option much like the one Samsung offers. I do not even use the Samsung OS Touchwiz if I recall. When seeing a comparison between a Swiss Army Knife to a standard pocket knife... I tend to ignore much of the review comparing the nonsense parts. What Google would be smart in doing is bring the price of its Pixel 2 and Pixel XL phones in order to gain more users. Or, Google can continue to spend countless millions on its TV commercials, internet ad placements, and more... And, not gain as many as bringing those prices down. If I am going to spend that kind of money on a phone, it will most likely be on a Samsung, Why, because if you compare the HARDWARE to HARDWARE Samsung is in the lead here. That is minus the S Pen also. Witch I hardly use.