Google Pixel 2 vs. Samsung Galaxy S8: Which should you buy?

When it comes to phone comparisons that people love to get passionate about, looking at the latest offerings from Google and Samsung is about as good as it gets. Google just announced the new Pixel 2, a proper flagship phone with a smaller-than-most display. The Galaxy S8 may have been announced earlier on in 2017, but it's a the go-to flagship phone, and with price drops over the course of the year it's become even more enticing.

Let's take a look at the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S8 to see where they're matched, where they differentiate and which one is best for you.

What's the same

There's more shared between these phones than you might think at first glance. Set them side-by-side and you'll notice they're actually roughly the same dimensions. The Pixel 2 is a tad shorter, wider and lighter — but when you hold these two together you won't notice a difference in those terms.

The rising tide of hardware has lifted both phones.

Going inside, these two tick many of the same basic boxes when it comes to the specs. You get a Snapdragon 835 and 4GB of RAM running the show, and for most people getting 64GB of storage with an SD card slot in the Galaxy S8 is about a wash with the 64 or 128GB available out of the box with the Pixel 2. They both have OLED displays, which is definitely a "thing" some people look for because they just don't like LCDs — and though their resolutions aren't the same (Pixel 2 at 1920x1080 vs. Galaxy S8 at 2960x1440), they both have plenty high pixel densities. The Pixel 2's 10% smaller 2700mAh battery is a concern, for sure, but with its lighter software and lower resolution it seems to closely match the Galaxy S8's longevity.

Both phones are water- and dust-resistant, which is something Google is just now getting to in this generation but any Samsung owner will tell you is a wonderful to have feature. You'll be able to use either one in the rain and not immediately panic if you drop it in the sink or splash it when you're at the beach.

With so much of the industry going toward dual cameras (including Samsung on the Note 8), these phones are notably the same when it comes to the overall approach to photography. You'll find a ~12MP sensor on both, with familiar "dual pixel" auto focus and a fast aperture — f/1.7 for the Galaxy S8, and f/1.8 for the Pixel 2. Google now has OIS as well, matching Samsung, and while the Galaxy's electronic stabilization in videos isn't as good as Google's it's there helping smooth things out. Google's image processing is once again top-notch, and there are many situations where it just can't be matched — even by the consistently great Galaxy S8.

What's different

Take a look at the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S8 from the front, and you get a real discussion starter. It's all about the screen bezels here, folks. As noted these phones are almost the same size overall, but the Galaxy S8's 18.5:9 5.8-inch display is much larger than the Pixel 2's 16:9 5-incher. Credit to Google keeping the side bezels small ... but the top and bottom bezels are quite massive. Functionally, it doesn't really create many problems on a phone that's still relatively compact — but people are all but screaming over the aesthetics of the whole thing.

Getting less screen for the same size phone rubs some people the wrong way.

Given there's no real functional detriment to having larger bezels on the top and bottom, it's mostly just the optics of the whole setup that rub people the wrong way. The Pixel 2, releasing at the end of 2017, has a "conventional smartphone" look — and aside from front-facing stereo speakers, there isn't a whole lot extra to show for it. The Galaxy S8 has all of the same hardware capabilities, plus a headphone jack, all while offering more screen real estate in the same basic overall size. Google showed it could even split the difference nicely with the Pixel 2 XL, which has the same sort of layout as the Galaxy S8 (well, the S8+ at least) but with stereo speakers.

But for many Google phone lovers, there's a reason to put up with the bezels and somewhat bland design: the software experience. Even with improvements in the past couple generations of the "Samsung Experience," it just doesn't match the Pixel 2 when it comes to smooth, consistent and clean daily use. Google's apps and services are on the whole better than Samsung's options, and they work even better on a Pixel when they aren't competing for space with duplicates and imitations. You also get three years of guaranteed updates, which is dramatically better than what you can expect from a Samsung phone — even a flagship such as this.

Bottom line

Landing at about the same price, and well underneath their top-end counterparts, both the Pixel 2 and Galaxy S8 will be on the radar for late-2017 phone buyers. And the great part about this decision is how much they share: the base specs, overall size and core features can be found in both. Which one is right for you comes down to just a few decisions on aesthetics, specific hardware features and feelings about software.

It comes down to screen size and software experience.

The Galaxy S8 is probably the default choice for so many people who are familiar with Samsung phones or are simply drawn in by its beautiful design. There are also legitimate spec and feature reasons to buy the GS8: a larger (and higher resolution) screen in a compact size, a larger battery, wireless charging and an increasingly rare headphone jack.

Anyone drawn to a Pixel 2 from the start probably has a relationship with Google's software experience and services — and these people won't be disappointed. There are fewer hardware and spec compromises in this phone than its predecessor, and Google has stepped up its game with things like water resistance, an even better camera, a better display and more base storage at the same starting price. The choice to go with a Pixel 2 starts and ends with how much you value the clean, simple and hassle-free experience of a phone with one brand on the box: Google.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Have the S8+, glad I didn't wait for the Pixels!
  • Congrats on paying more for a worse phone.
  • The S8 may not better in all aspects, but it's still a very nice phone. In some ways better than the pixel 2. And some of us did paid almost half of what the XL costs.
  • Aero... Many S8/s8+ owners got very good deals with trade in program and carriers deals. I only paid $435 for a new in box S8, so aside from your incorrect assessment of the galaxy phones being "worse", many people paid less than the Pixel. To each his own.
  • If you’re going to talk about trade in programs, you should probably mention that Google has an awesome one as well. They will give you over $400 off a Pixel 2 if you trade in a Pixel XL for example.
  • What does Google do with the phone you trade in?
  • Refurbished and sell at a discount.
  • Has anyone ever done an in-depth look at the 'refurbishment industry'? Do they wipe 'em off with a microfiber cloth and just chant "Refurbished" over it a few times?
  • I got the s8+ for 540.00 dollars. Could not pass on this deal!
  • I paid 540.00 for my s8+. A deal I couldn't refuse. Upgraded my s7edge and unlimited package with Verizon. The best phone I've ever used!
  • Paying more? Doubt that......
    Bring back nexus line imo......
    Also, the tech industry is turning into a fashion industry. So concerned about looks now lol. Little bezel is fine. My biggest gripe atm is materials used, no glass!
    Lastly, RIP to removable batteries. I'll take no headphone jack if we brought them back. And I love the 3.5mm jack
  • I agree that people are concerned more about form over function. Google seems to be leading the way to the function over form argument here. For good reason, they excel in function more than any other players, period. This is why I buy/bought a Pixel, and customer service.
  • I don't think you are going to see the Nexus line again any time soon. When Google restructured from Google proper into several smaller subsidiaries under the Alphabet parent company, there was also a shift in focus for for all of the arms under alphabet. Alphabet now requires all of it's subsidiaries to be profitable (which is a good goal for any company). This is the reason Google is selling Boston dynamics and that the deployment of Google fiber has come to a screeching halt. Getting back to talking Nexus, the low prices of Nexus hardware meant that the Nexus phones and tablets were sold at cost or at a small loss to Google (this is also not factoring in the money that Google spent on R&D for the Nexus line and the money it spent marketing the Nexus). Selling Nexus phones was about creating a reference device to demonstrate the hardware elements Google wished to push OEMs to include on their Android devices, and to get relatively cheap phones into the hands of developers. The reason there has been such a price jump is because Google is now making a profit off of its hardware, whereas it wasn't before. Android One is the new program for cheaper, more widely accessible phones.
  • Aero, said no one ever. Dumbest comment of the day goes to you. Congratulations
  • Someone's jealous I see. S8 is an awesome phone to say the least. By the way only a Samsung has Samsung Pay which works with 99% of terminals. Any phone not a Samsung works with less than 10% of wireless terminals. That feature alone is worth the premium a Samsung costs over any other phone.
  • The world is bigger than America. Outside of which your comment has no relevance.
  • Yes, because your comment is very relevant.
  • How nice. Not!
  • Congrats on saying your opinion like it's fact
  • Is this even an argument? Samsung CLEARLY makes better hardware than anyone else. Even Apple buys most of their part from Samsung now. The debate on hardware is over Samsung won. Software is a harder contest and largely subjective. Some say Stock Android is the best, some like the LG variant, some like the features TW brings, and some even like IOS, but the hardware debate is long over.
  • Nah, no one likes LG software.
  • Said no one ever
  • +1
    There's a prejudice that everyone wants Googles stock android which wants you to use every Google service out there.
    But that's not the case. I personally prefer Samsungs or Oneplus take on android much better(even though they both are quite different)
  • Hardware is subjective as well. Some might be turned off by the discoloration you experience on the curved portion of the screens on the S8s, and what good is a SD 835 if it just boggs down after 6 mos? I think more often than not, people put up with these trade-offs. Largely due to press and advertising, which at times feel like one in the same.
  • That's a joke. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is better than the new Pixel's in every way shape and form.
  • Except with the fingerprint sensor and updates.
  • Lol
  • Except software, camera, battery, charging, security, support, updates, flat screen, build materials, fingerprint scanner, assistant, storage, wait... What's left? Samsung wins on display and wireless charging. Everything else is either a tie or a nod to the Pixels.
  • How does the Pixel win in storage when the S8 has microSD? How does it win in assistant when I'm using the same Google Assistant on my Note8?
  • Lens and quick activated via squeeze.
  • 128 is more than 64, S8 has a Bixby button and Bixby
  • Capped at 128, though. I got a free 256gb microSD card with the S8+. Also, I disabled the Bixby Button and use Google Assistant. You could not disable it and still use the same Google Assistant that the Pixel has. So you could use Bixby for the things that it does that GA doesn't do yet.
  • Lol support from Google. What support? Their CS is just as bad as Samsung's. As far as camera we don't know that the pixel's is better than the s8. Just a dumb dxo mark score.
  • Very awesome chat support on all of the Pixel devices.
  • Aquila, you have clearly had too much tequila. You are simply spouting things at random, how on earth is a flat display a con? And how do the pixels have better build materials?
  • Flat display isn't a con, it's a plus. Metal is a better build material than glass.
  • Both aluminum and glass are asinine materials to use on the back of a mobile device, but it does make them pretty which is the most important thing. Lol
  • That was intelligent....
  • Beta software. This legendary Google support is non existent. You run beta software. If you have a problem with it you run to online forums for a fix.
  • My Pixel XL had and still has Chat support on the phone. Only used it once but response was instant.
  • "Except software, camera, battery, charging, security, support, updates, flat screen, build materials, fingerprint scanner, assistant, storage" Software: Subjective and an opinion
    Camera: Likely better in good lighting but i bet the S* is better in low light
    Battery, Nod to the Pixel
    Security: You forgot about the retina scan and face recognition With the Galaxy?
    Support: Um how and why?
    Updates: Obvious in OS
    Flat Screen: Subjective and an opinion:
    Build Materials: Subjective and an opinion
    Storage: Um... 64gb plus SD expansion.... No
    Assistant: Ok well Samsung has both GA and Bixby
    Finger Print Sensor: Both have one... Now if you said position, I'd have gave you a nod... but you didnt You forget cost, you forget retina scan, face recognition, Also lets not forget the freebies you got when buying an S8. How about Samsung Pay? Thats a major one and the best pay system around. How about IP68? How about the headphone jack? How about the near bezeless design. Dont get me wrong, im a Pixel man and my Note is going for the Pixel XL 2 but... i'm not blind as to what is what.
  • Thing about Samsung they are trying to be a software company, via all the stuff they load into their phones. But they have proven that they are not good at it. Name a service that Samsung has added to their experience, that replaced or is better than stock Android or Google?
  • Software, O > N
    Camera, Pixel wins hands down
    Battery, Pixel
    Security, it's not about scanners, it's about software and policies. Takes a lot to explain it, but Pixel wins by a lot. Also, security updates.
    Updates, obvious, agreed
    Flat screen, flat is better than curved for durability and so far no usability advantage to edge
    Build materials, no - metal is stronger than glass for the ways we need durability. Not a whole lot of cracked metal bodies out there from a 2 ft drop onto carpet.
    Storage, 128 is more than 64
    Assistant, Bixby and Bixby button are both cons
    FPS position and speed both matter
  • Frame rate drops and lag are not "subjective" Lmao.
  • Really ; Software ; Can u get me a better Corporate email client than Samsung's app ? A better Notes app ? A better health App ? A better Browser that supports reading mode ? A Better assistant that can do anything on the phone e.x get screenshot ?
    You are total ingorant of Samsung software capabilities. Other than that ... Battery ? Really , is Nexus 2 better than S8 or charges faster ? Build materials ... What , you don't like gorilla 5 ? Security ...???
  • Samsung also wins ip68 vs ip67 Samsung Pay vs Android Pay, Samsung will have way more accessories
  • Google must be paying well these days. The bias was clear long before this article.
  • Same here. The Samsung Experience is fantastic and the S8+ is a much better looking phone. I'll pass on the U11 squeeze gimmick built into the Pixel XL. Google still hasn't quite figured out what they want in a smart phone but I'm sure they'll get there soon.
  • You're right that Google hasn't decided to make phones that look similar to Samsung phones. You're completely wrong that Google hasn't "figured out" what they want in a phone. Google has made a statement about what their phone will be and, personally, I like their statement a lot better than Samsung's. It's fine for you to prefer Samsung's version, but there's no need to try to insinuate that Google product might be inferior. It simply isn't.
  • The S8 is by far the best high end phone I have ever owned. I love this phone more every day. Always hated Samsung phones but this one is a gem.
  • Love my S8+. I was anti-samsung up until I purchased it. Before that I was strictly Nexus. The S8 won me over with the toned down software (from previous models), and the ability to move the back button to the left (where it should be). I see myself sticking with Samsung for the foreseeable future.
  • I prefer the back button on the right. I almost always hold my phone with my left hand (one handed), and I find it safer to hit the back button on the right rather than curl my thumb to hit it on the left. When I curl my thumb, it provides less support to hold the phone. Also, I use the back button about 5 to 10 times more than the app switcher. So for me, having it on the right is much better. When anyone says a left-back button is "where it should be", all they actually mean is "I got used to it being on the left so, I want it to stay there regardless of whether that's the best place for it". However, since more consumers have likely had Samsung's than any other brand of Android, most people actually prefer it on the left (since that's where they got used to it being).
  • For easy one handed use I'd definitely pick the Pixel.
  • Not seeing how the Pixel is easier for one handed use? The narrow aspect ratio of the S8 and in my case S8+ have made one handed use nicer than it was on my Nexus 6p.
  • It might be different with the s8+ and the 6p, but the Pixel 2 is like 1.5mm wider than the s8, which is mostly negligible. On the other hand, elements at the top of the screen are far lower on the chassis. I think that's the important factor if you want to do more than just type with one hand.
  • I mean, I guess more screen is a good thing as long as you're not registering touches trying to hold the thing or crowding out other hardware, but I wouldn't lose any sleep personally over having a 16:9 display in the same chassis as someone else has a 18:9 display. On the other hand, given that many people have smaller pockets than I do, there's certainly something to be said for shortening the phone if you're not going to use the space on the chassis. Given that most phones already don't have the battery life that I wish they did though; I hesitate to advocate making the space available for said battery any smaller. They could make it thicker to compensate of course, but people seem to think thinner is better so that's probably a non-starter from a marketing perspective.
  • Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL
  • 2 for size
    XL for screen Unless I missed something?
  • Na, u hit it on the head
  • You're a mess Chuck.. Lol
  • The Galaxy S8 wins this one for me, I hardly use the phone’s speakers so the stereo setup doesn’t mean as much to me as the screen which I use all the time. Of course that’s my use case other people have different uses for their smartphone. That’s the same case in terms of software too, to some the Samsung overlay is a problem, to me it’s not, and the Google simplified software package is fine too. I know how to setup my phone the way I want. Of course the biggest issue for most of us globally is that Nexus/Pixels are a non-starter as they don’t even exist.
  • I have no problems with larger bezels. Its all just a matter of taste, so arguing about it is pointless IMO
  • Then you missed the title of the article.
  • The argument below about hardware is correct. Not only does Samsung offer top notch hardware, but now they are one of the increasingly rarer manufacturers that offer the full uncompromised hardware experience. Wireless charging, micro-sd storage, and now the 3.5 jack are becoming jewels of an increasingly wonderful lustre in Samsung's crown. Samsung wins in terms of pure hardware specs, hands down. You get the kitchen, the sink, and the water lines as well. Software is a weaker point for Samsung and where the Pixel makes the magic happen. Nothing compares to the downright spectacular marriage of optimized software to hardware that occurs in the Pixel line, except for perhaps the iPhone, but it is an entire different device. With that being said. A big part of Google's experience on their Pixel hardware was an almost utilitarian sense of ease and effortlessness that came along with the experience. You didn't need dongles, accessories, customization, or anything else except for maybe a typical case and screen protector. This is changing with the newfound monetizing of the Google experience, though, by breaking PIXEL into marketable components each at increasing prices for basic functionalities prior promised.
  • I think Samsung wins on the software when it comes to having DeX though.
  • Who the hell cares about hardware if the software it buggy, laggy or drops frames?? That's like a girl that's miserable but wears her shiny new studded heels anyway.. Lol
  • Generally I prefer the cleaner experience of a Pixel, Nexus, Motorola, etc. type phone vs. Samsung's bloat situation. But right now I've got a Galaxy S7 Edge and while there are certainly some annoyances, Samsung *does* manage to include some useful stuff. I like the S7E's integration of Hiya caller ID, always-on display, UI theming, audio tweaks, and little touches like when you try to sideload an app, it asks you if you want to allow unknown sources just this once, instead of leaving the setting on. Hell, I've even grown to like the swapped back and recent apps buttons because I use the back button a lot more and I'm right-handed. Oh, and why did it take Google until Oreo to FINALLY add a restart option to the power-off menu? None of this is life-changing stuff, and I do still like a nice clean smooth Android experience with prompt updates long into the future. That's certainly worth something. But I'm sorry, ditching the headphone jack pisses me off. Sure there are USB-C to 3.5mm dongles, and if you want to get fancy you can jury-rig one of those fancy USB-A DACs with a USB-C to USB-A dongle. But dammit, it's just frustrating. Headphone jacks are not complicated or expensive to include in phones, and somehow Samsung and LG manage to include them in slick new bezel-less and water-resistant phones. Just give us the headphone jack!
  • I want to like the Pixel, but just can't. Yes front dual facing speakers are nice to have. Android probably will be running buttery smooth. But why not include a headphone jack? Why? Didn't Google mock Apple for not having one? No wireless charging? Even Apple is adopting that feature (and we all know what happens next, when Apple decides to go all in on a feature like that) a bunch of companies are jumping on it already, furniture, cars, cafés etc. Google could of benefit from this. But I think it's biggest challenge in competing with Samsung will still be the same : poor advertising, being exclusive to only one carrier and of course that unappealing design that looks like it was inspired by the IPhone 4 from 2010.
  • Meh. I think Samsung does a great job integrating their hardware with their software. Bixby being a perfect example. People hate Bixby but the way it integrate and does task in the phone where Google Now doesn't is really great (wait for the childish Bixby is crap comments). People IMO get pissed at Samsung because they love the Pixel and "stock" experience but want the look of Samsung then complains because Google doesn't play as well in the Galaxy as it does in Pixel And that's why you have choice people. Don't like the Samsung experience get the Pixel. Don't like the Pixel stock launcher (IMO) get anything else outside Pixel.
  • Honestly, it's only the 1% of enthusiasts that get on forums like this and complain about Samsung. Obviously Samsung is not having any issues with the general public.
  • Not when you can sell over 50 million s7 an a boat load of s8 already on the streets. The general public is who really pays the bills in the phone world
  • Exactly!
  • It's the enthusiast that know better. Samsung has yet to make a phone that has a seamless fluid experience. They all lag, stutter and drop frames way too often. Just because the public is generally tech ignorant and told that this is THE phone to have for all the bloated features by salesman as an alternative to Apple, doesn't mean Samsungs known issues magically go away
  • Seriously u think bixby does more then Google Assistant I'm not sure which Google Assistant u are using but Google had the best assistant and Google lens will be better at detecting pictures then bixby , Google already understands u more and better even with accents , did u also know that Google Assistant is the number one assistant ever..., Please same might have nice displays , but just like apple after a year they start to have constant problems , my pixel XL still works like I took it out the box yesterday , and I love my s8 plus my pixel XL 2 will be my favorite especially with the whole Google eco system , the broadcast is great now my Google home will have alot more use , I had 2 7 edges and right around a year they where slowing down big time I'm a heavy user and this is where software matters , my pixel XL does not even flinch , under heavy use of a year now , yes my s8 plus battery is longer and my s8plus camera is better but s8 is this year's phone my pixel XL is last year's phone and still hold its own with the camera very well and very fast autofocus
  • Bixby and Google assistant so different things. If I could do exactly the same things with assistant as I can with Bixby I would turn it off. It perhaps im not seeing the place to turn on strings of I internal system level commands in assistant? I use them both together to get an amazing experience in my Note 8. I welcome evolution in tech no matter where it comes from. I like assistant but it is limited and shallow compared to Bixby for now. I hope they both grow.
  • People don't read.
  • You clearly have not use Bixby and what it's capable of doing in Samsung native apps. And where did I ever say that it was better? That's your choice of words not mines. I said and I quote "but the way it integrate and does task in the phone where Google Now doesn't is really great" But thanks for the long rant. I stopped reading after the first two sentence cause clearly you did not comprehend my comment.
  • When it comes to the Galaxy s8 as a Blind Android user, Bixby Voice is one of the major reasons why I am picking up that phone. Especially since I can turn on/off Samsung's screen reader called "Voice Assistant" and answer/reject calls using my voice if I want.
    Speaking of Voice Assistant, remember this AC article?
    NB. It was called "Galaxy Talkback" back in the day, first added to the "Galaxy A8/S6/Note 5" line of Samsung phones. By the way, I will be using "3" voice assistants to maximize my usage with them: 1. Bixby Voice
    2. Google Assistant
    3. Ultimate Alexa
    (The "only" Alexa app which lets you set timers/alarms "system wide," and lets you see what Alexa spoke on the screen. Awesome developer he is with fixing bugs and making the app accessible for all blind users. Oh and lastly, if a person has physical issues with their hands or who has none, Bixby is a great way to move around the phone with your voice hands-free. Have a great day yall, sorry for this being a "long" post.
  • Until I know the Pixel 2 won't have the same bluetooth issues as the original Pixel, it's Samsung all the way. Even after multiple software updates and a replacement, my Pixel couldn't pair properly or go more than a day without freezing up my car's bluetooth system (causing missed and dropped calls). And it's not like I have a weird car - it's a '12 Toyota Camry. At least with Samsung, I know they've ironed out those types of unacceptable kinks. Edit: And personally I couldn't care less about bezels. Aesthetically, I like the design of the S8, but I'd prefer it was more like the S7. Never been a huge fan of the curved edges.
  • Don't really care about bezels being as thin as possible. Thin bezels sexy - yes \ functionality - questionable \ I get a lot of miss touches with a 7 Edge. The curse of having semi fat fingers.
  • Let's see s8 plus can be had for $200 less ,looks way better I'm sorry but the back of the pixel is butt ugly just my opinion of course. Spec are close until you go swimming with your phone (hint hint ) which I did a lot over the summer with my family. Love wireless charging oh I'm sorry pixel doesn't have that option . More ways to secure your phone I've come to love the iris scanner is Hella fast wet hands no problem phone opened . Camera there both good . Need more storage SD card an Samsung cloud if you like that kind of stuff . Love the option of using my level one wired over the ear headphones which by the way sound better then my Bluetooth sony headphones. An the screen well you know all about the samsung screen tech ....short answer it's to die for when watching 2k content . An the #1 reason .....Samsung pay is the cherry on top
  • Still getting the Pixel 2 XL 😁 Mostly because of Google services and the frequent updates. Packaged deal.
  • “I’m sorry but the back of the Pixel is butt ugly” Really? I think the front of the Pixel 2 doesn’t look as good as the S8, back the back is sexy. Every time I look at the back of an S8 I just see the worst fingerprint sensor since the Motorola Atrix and it disgusts me.
  • Had the was nice for swimming for sure. Never used wireless charging(waste of money), never used SD card because I use Google Photos to back up pictures and video, iris scanner is a pain to use(face unlock was more convenient). Still getting the Pixel 2 XL. I had the original Pixel and it was great.
  • Hmmm...64GB Note 8 + microSD support up to 256GB vs only 128GB onboard storage for the same price. This decision is a no-brainer.
  • Ikr was thinking the same thing
    Don't forget to add that most carriers have a nice trade in program that's at least $300 for most 2 year old phones check mate
  • Choices - choices. There 'might' be a deal here locally - last time I got the BOGO option. But - I also want to explore the 'Fi' option too. So I need a phone that is compatible. Micro SD cards are a nice option - but I had mine go corrupt inside of my 7 Edge without ever taking it out. ??? So not a fail safe option. What busted my chops - was waiting 170+ days for Nougat on my 7 Edge. Samsung has gotten better with security updates - they still lag a month or better. Personally I like the integrity of being prompt and consistent with security and OS updates. Google has that in spades. That's my recommendation to my family and friends.
  • I used to always want the micro SD card too. Now that the internal storage is more I don't want or need it. Have a 128GB iPhone 7+ and Pixel XL and have 95GB left on my iPhone and 105 GB left on my Pixel XL. Damn, maybe I should get the 64GB versions...
  • Apparently more complicated than you think, because having to settle for a microSD slot instead of sufficient storage isn't a 1:1 choice.
  • S8 just really looks AMAZING.. S8 design + stock android is my dream phone.. ugh
  • Way I see it only Samsung's software was holding it back in the past from being the best android phone. Now that that's sorted out with both s8 an note 8 "the beast mode phone". I'm more then content...Well until next march an next Sept
  • Loving my Galaxy S8, but going to Huawei Mate 10 Pro if even half of the rumors are true.
  • Mate 10 looks great
  • Most people who will buy the Samsung Galaxy 8 are people who are not technologically knowledgeable. They buy it just like they buy a loaf of bread off the shelf. It's bread, they want it, they buy it. But the technologically sophisticated people know what they want. They want a smooth running Android phone without all that Samsung and carrier bloatware!! They want timely updates whether it's security or Android. They want the latest hardware. And great battery life!! That's the difference. Andrew can I get a amen??
  • Really now Haha an those as you say you know the smart people that buy the pixel ...must not be a lot of smart tech folks out there . Seen many pixel in the wild ......crickets
  • There aren't. 95%+ of the population is tech illiterate
  • Keep telling yourself that. I've been using smartphones since the Nokia 6260 came out in 2004. I use my phone to the fullest, no social media whoring for me and i would/have chosen Samsung. 1. Samsung is a Global brand NOT US/first world only. 2. Samsung's phones retain their value better than almost other brands (except Apple where i live). 3. Samsung actually has display areas in even the smallest shops over here were you can actually see the phone you're interested in and try them out. 4. You can actually BUY their phones. 5. Samsung caters to every price segment unlike Google, Apple and the other OEMS who only think about the high end market segment.
  • So says the guy with the Jitterbug.
  • Lol
  • I really can't stand people who presume to know why other people buy things... concentrate on yourself, you don't know s*#t And did you really ask Andrew for an amen? Lol what a tool...
  • Well said. Most Samsung buyers are just sheep who know no better. BUT as they sell so many phones they also have a big following of tech nerds.
  • Disagree.. Super tech person would probably have more than one phone and they would be the same phone. Tinkering is more interesting on a so called closed device. And you make a bold assumption. Are you a super tech person? What is your definition/profile of this type? I have seen exactly 1 pixel in the hands of consumer outside of a carrier store here in the UK. Are there no tech people here?
  • I said that same thing myself pixel folks think there the holy Grail of tech Knowledge cause they own a Google phone haha . Don't they realize there all android phones. If you ask the average person on the street what's a android phone they'll say...oh that's a samsung ...right ?
  • You just described the exact thing he's talking about. Equating all of android to garbage samsung devices.
  • Google's apps and services are NOT better than Samsung's, stop saying that. What apps and services are better is SUBJECTIVE just like design or aesthetics.
  • Where to start... Bixby vs Google Assistant? Yeah, totally subjective lolz
  • Ok...tell Google assistant to install any app from the Play Store.
  • Yep better yet tell assistant from the home screen to find download and install an app then turn on the flashlight and switch on Wi-Fi then close all unused apps as you walk towards your door (in a one word command)
  • Uh, it can do all of those now on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and the feature is rolling out soon on other devices, so there's that.
  • Show me.
  • Have bixby do whole home audio. And give you actual relevant answers. Then control your home automation.. Oh wait it can't. Because bixby is more like old school google voice actions from gingerbread than it is an actual assistant.
  • One of these phones looks significantly better than the other. SIGNIFICANTLY
  • Hurry - open the other eye... Couldn't resist...
  • I'm curious who's the manufacturer of the smaller Pixel 2's display. I know LG is the likely manufacturer for the 2 XL's display since they also make the phone.
  • Htc makes the smaller phone so I'm sure it's there display
  • HTC doesn't make displays as far as I know. That's why their displays never seem to be the latest and greatest because they are buying from another vendor.
  • Both screens are LG POLED.
  • Only the XL has P-OLED.
  • Correct.
  • samsung makes the regular screen.
  • I'd like to play with single camera portrait mode. It looks ok, and if it gets better with updates it could be fantastic.
  • The writer forgets another two big differentiators - one is Samsung Pay, which uses a different technology than Android Pay and can be used on almost any credit card strip, not just that that are smartphone enabled. I use it regularly. The other is Iris scanning, which works beautifully and better than fingerprint or face recognition.
    But the lack of wireless charging alone on the Pixels is a deal breaker for me.
  • Traded in my refurb 32GB Pixel XL ($400 vs Paid $450) for the 64GB Pixel 2 XL via Project Fi. Might be a mistake but should be fun.
  • Seeing a lot of Pixel commercials during MLB playoffs.
  • Well, nobody will see those commercials.
  • Regarding bezel... I've never had a better fit than my Note 8 in a Defender Otter Box. The Otter Box is/are my bezels. I could not believe how much better 18:9 was until I replaced the Note 5 I loved with The Note 8. I take no issue with the tech and spec inferior Pixel 2XL... The Pixel might interest me in a few years. But I guarantee people who, after two weeks of moving to an 18:9 phone, won't believe how happy they will be. Anything but Apple. United by Google
  • This ^^
  • I had the s8+. Loved the phone! Everything I could think of, it could do. After many months I realized I no longer used Samsung pay on the phone. Instead I used it on my watch. I also stopped using secure folder, and Iris scanning. The fingerprint scanner placement I was over in two weeks time easily. With all of that being said, I was tired of sitting on 7.0 Nougat with July security patch. Last month I traded it in for a Pixel XL. The battery life beats out the s8+ unless I had it on power saving mode with no always on display and running FHD video settings... The lag started to gradually increase to the point that it would take me numerous seconds to use the edge panel to start a text to my wife. So far my experience with the Pixel XL has been perfect. Battery goes all day. Every app loads just as fast as an iPhone. I honestly can't see myself ever going back to Samsung now because of the"User Experience" that I have with a phone Made By Google.
  • ∆ This... I gave Samsung a shot again when my 6P got the battery drain issue and the wife broke her G4 screen. T-Mobile had BOGO deals on Samsung's S7's. Got her the S7 and me the S7 Edge, all the extra stuff is cool.... at 1st, then after 2-3 months I used it all less and less. The Edge feature became just a 2nd app drawer, I disabled most of the "features" because they weren't useful for me. Besides secure folder and Samsung Pay, the looks, camera and waterproofing is what kept me using it. Then the Edge display sides became annoying and I bought a case to help stop the side touches. I like skins and thin cases if I use one but it is a must with the curved infinity displays. She didn't have that issue with the S7. 6-8 months later the phones have to be reset every few days to stay decently fast, and constantly have the cache deleted every . I started to notice that all the places I used Samsung Pay worked just fine with Android Pay. So the camera and waterproofing became the only things we liked about them. Sent my 6P in about a month ago under warranty and got a 128gb XL back.... After 2 days of use I haven't even bothered using the S7 Edge again because the software experience and battery life is that much better imo. Yeah It has bezels that could be a lot smaller, no waterproofing and the single speaker is just as crappy possibly worse than the S7's. But it's smooth as butter ALL the time, has a great camera, and we've never used wireless charging the entire time we had em so no love lost there. I'll probably be beta testing Android P a few months after Samsung even gets 8.0 which I've been on for almost 6 months. The XL 2 fixed every single problem I have with the XL, but added one with the headphone port being removed. But it has a dongle and get this... I read about these crazy things called wireless headphones! I'll be trading my XL in towards a XL 2 after 2 months to make sure there are no early hardware issues. But I'm getting rid of this S7 Edge for a V30 to see how it stacks up and keep as a backup once I get my XL 2. If it performs well enough I might try to get the wife to go to one but she prefers smaller devices. I just wrote a chapter of a book apparently, but yeah bezels don't matter much, just the current fad... The XL 2 has FFS and still maintained small bezels, the small one not so much but ppl loved the M7 and 6P and some will love it as well. But great software is more important than looks and is King, and Google has it in spades over Samsung any day of the week. P.S. if you think I sound like I don't like my S7 Edge much anymore, man you're lucky you don't have to hear my wife lol. That phone pisses her off on the daily and it's my fault because she swore off Samsung after her multiple replacements and issues with the S3. She'd rather I get the screen and digitizer in her Z3 fixed over using this S7 still lol.
  • No, 18:9 is hot garbage and it will remain hot garbage. Why? The content. Oh yeah... Google is doing this, to defeat Samsung. They want their operating system back, and they will win. So... It's not about Apple.. It's about Google... Or everyone else and guess what? You better enjoy oems while you still can.
  • Is this guy ok ...^^^ Google is gonna Defeat Samsung? Really well they better start selling a whole lot more phones last year samsung sold 320 million, Google sold less then 10
  • I went to an 18:9 phone. And then replaced it a month later. It was completely useless. And small.
  • I have been looking at them both and would go with the s8 because of the removable memory card
  • The stupid placement of the fingerprint sensor and the lag I saw on Erica Griffins video ruled out Samsung for me. Plus every time upgrades come around the non google phones are screaming at their OEMs. Sorry but it is the Pixel 2 XL for me.
  • Yeah, Samsung’s hardware is great, but when the software is so terrible that the S8 can’t even run smoothly in 1080p mode, what’s the point. I knew as soon as I learned that Samsung set the default resolution of the S8 to 1080p that the software performance must be terrible.
  • I think the bezels on the top and bottom give the Pixel 2 some personality...but I wish they were more like the ones on the Pixel 2 XL.
  • Phone prices have been shooting up like crazy offlate.. starting to wonder if it's really worth it.
  • Google hasn't made a phone worth buying since the Nexus 5. I had the Galaxy Nexus > Nexus 4 > Nexus 5 > Moto X > Nexus 6P > Galaxy S7 > Galaxy S8. I "waited" for the Pixel and was disappointed with the bezels, especially the empty bottom bezel. I actually pre-ordered the original Pixel, but changed my mind and went to Best Buy and bought a S7. I did the exact same thing with the Pixel 2. The S7 was the perfect phone. Perfect size and a front mounted fingerprint reader. I like the S8, but I wish the fingerprint reader was on the front. It makes it so much easier to get into your phone while it's laying on a table, which is basically all day for me at work. Anyway, maybe third time is the charm. I would love to get back on a pure android experience, but google just can't seem to get the hardware right. The bezels on the regular Pixel 2 should have been half the size, and even with the XL, the side bezels are huge. I don't see how compared to the original Pixel, the Pixel 2 has a smaller battery and no headphone jack, but it's actually larger, and they still felt the need to make those bezels so huge. They literally might be the largest bezels I've seen on a phone since 2014. What a shame.
  • Agreed 100%. Why didn't you just keep using the S7? I am doing that, and sure I would like to upgrade, but I do worry about being annoying long term with the taller and edged screen, and the back-placed FP reader.
  • The face unlock is pretty fast, I've added my bluetooth headphones as a trusted device so the phone won't lock when my headphones are linked, and lastly I'm taking a bit of a risk by making my home and work GPS locations trusted so that my phone won't lock when at home or work. If I lose it I can always wipe it remotely. I like small bezels, but I'd sacrifice larger bezels for a front mounted finger print reader. The small top/bottom bezels on the Pixel XL are on OK compromise to get front facing speakers, with a properly mounted rear finger print reader. In the past, there were phones from sony I believe with side mounted fingerprint readers. A side mounted fingerprint reader with small bezels and front facing stereo speakers would be ideal. If engineers figure out an under screen fingerprint reader that'd be awesome too obviously. I was already fiscally prepared to spend $650 on a phone when I decided to skip the Pixel 2, so I guess I got the S8 "just because". Overall, it's a worthwhile upgrade for me. The S8 is bigger than the S7, but feels the same size in the pocket compared to the S7 due to the form factor. It feels a little closer to the S7 edge in-hand due to the reach to the notification bar, even though the full form factor of the S8 is 3mm shorter than the S7 edge. I actually owned the S7 edge for 3 months before "down grading" to the S7 due to the in-pocket size of the S7 edge, and the screen sensitivity issues on the curved edges of the S7 edge. The S8 isn't curved as aggressively so the grip issue has not been a problem whatsoever, although I will say that the whole reach thing is getting a bit absurd. I'm 5' 11" with a 6'5" reach so my hands are fairly large, and while I can manage, one-handed use isn't the best on the S8, especially with the weird finger print reader location, which I use often with my password manager app and fingerprint login to my banking and credit card apps. If next year's S9 vertical reach is any longer, it will be an upgrade deal-breaker for me. The S8 is really the successor to the S7 edge, and the S8+ is a full blown phablet. I still don't understand why people buy or use phablets. I just can't imagine committing to full-time two-handed use of my phones, and having to use the silly one-handed mode that only utilizes half the screen.
  • MOAR bezels please
  • 2 words. SAMSUNG PAY
  • So this is tearing me a bit. I want a new phone around December. The pixel 2xl.and s8+/Note are my front runners. One one hand I just got on Android a year n change ago and went with a safer bet of big company getting my s7 when it.came outm So I'm.torn between sticking with a phone brand I'm comfortable with and after toying around in store enjoy holding my hand. Or going new. In all honesty it's the freaking SD card slot that's killing me!!!! I get that I get free google photo storage. But it's still a loss to me . And the headphone. I plug my phone in and use the headphone jack at the same time so having 2 poets is still a plus to me. Guess I'll have to play around. In store
  • You can't go wrong with the Note 8. Unless of course you're really eager to use Stock vanilla Android.
  • No wireless charging is a deal breaker for me. Seriously, even Apple is on board with that now.
  • Wireless charging...So I still have to plug the wireless charger in and the only place where I will be able we to use it will be one room in my house unless I buy a few wireless chargers.
  • Wireless charging is handy at my job, where I have to be at a desk all day. But for home, it is easier to plug in and top off in 30 minutes. The ability to have the option of both is why it is a win.
  • Google and htc have deemed it not reliable enough for their user experience.
  • I cannot get on board with the pixel line. Nexus yes. Google is trying to be Apple with the pricing, taking features away. Stop the madness google.
    Make a v30 Google play edition
  • Fantastic GS8 hardware with Samsung software. Yes, I could just about go there.
    Pixel 2 hardware with fantastic Google software. Yes, I could just about do that. GS8 hardware with Google software. Take my money.
    Pixel 2 hardware with Samsung software. Well, if that were a thing Samsung would be out of business. I think that is why many were initially excited by the essential phone, beautiful with clean software. But it seems that building phones is hard.
  • 👍 I totally agree - couldn't have said it better. Each choice is a sacrifice in some way. The Essential phone - ironically may be the one to get it right by using the best from the other two sides have to offer. Wouldn't that be something. Prompt security and OS updates speak integrity. Wireless charging, retinal scanning, phone jacks etc. are amenities that are not easily given up. ??? I've already gone the Samsung route - this time I'm going to take the Google route.
  • S8+ all the way, way better value than those awful overpriced pixels.
  • Oh wait samsung owners can user bixby and google assistant, pixel owners can't. Obiously samsung ofers more things than pixel, the only i care about it is the camera
  • And the note 8 fails miserably to the pixel 2.
  • Pixel a bit disappointing. Less value for it's price. Mate 10 pro would be my choice if I did not have access to my S pen and Note 8.
  • The worst part is that on the Google store pixel 2 page the first few images of the front of the phone are of the pixel 2 xl not the pixel 2. Can't believe Google is that ashamed of the bezels. If you scroll down really far they finally show you the real phone.
  • Yes they are. Watching many YouTube videos on the new Pixels, they show you the back of both phones but only ever show you the front of the XL.
  • Both are too expensive for me. I'm out.
  • I don't agree with the point in the article where the software experience on Pixels with stock Android is excellent and bad with Samsung. Maybe it was like that years ago, but now, really? All those journalists and commenters, did they even ever take a look at Samsungs' apps? Take the Agenda, the standard mail app, the text app, the way the notifications are handled, it's all really nice and discrete. Sometimes I wonder if this hang for 'pure Android' is more than plain flat out snobbery.
    By the way, quite some features that were introduced by Samsung have found their way to plain Android. Just sayin'.
    Other than that, the Pixels look like they come from a Scandinavian furniture store: nice, but boring; and given the state of the hardware (huge bezels, faux-edge screen, toy-like coloured buttons) they are overpriced.
  • Exactly the way I see it I see no Compelling reason to buy the pixel over any of the latest flagship even if you don't like samsung. You can get close to stock Android with the moto phones plus features that the pixel lacks an cheaper . The Google claim to fame is 8.0 that's it ?? I have that on my beta test phone 6p an it's no big deal over 7.1 trust me it's really not . Frankly I don't understand why Google is even in the hardware business in the first place. This phone is butt ugly over priced it's a mix between an v30 an a u11 . The pixel has a market share less then HTC an blackberry. They sold less then 5 million phones and I'm being generous Haha they only got noticed last year cause of the note 7 mix up this year the s8 an note 8 are in full Force Along with a host of other very good phones ,you'll have to be a die hard in the wood Google fan to buy this over any other phone let alone the s8 are note 8. If I'm spending this kind of $$ it better damn sure look the part
  • The compelling reason is...after a year my pixel XL still runs as well as it ever has and has the latest OS on it. The only reason I ordered an XL 2 is because I'm getting a $410 trade-in value on my first gen.
  • Without question - Samsung has the hardware edge by a good distance. I mean all of the amenities like wireless charging etc. Google releases security updates and OS updates frequently. To me that tells me they care about the - USERS - security. I had to wait 170+ days to get Nougat on my 7 Edge. Security updates are getting somewhat better - but they are no where close to what Google is doing. Is the phone experience all about the amenities - security - or both?
  • All above but OS updates aren't that important in the grand scheme of things it's security updates thst att an Samsung had sent out monthly are more important to me . Listen my note 8 is just as fast are faster then the pixel an the battery is crazy good camera are a tie samsung kills it with features screen an looks not even close
  • I'm not in agreement with you on timely OS updates not being a concern. As an old hobbyist programmer, patches usually fix issues fairly quickly whether it is a work around or not. Major version updates usually fix those issues in a more fundamental way - so possible similar issues will be handled hopefully before they crop up. Plus the next version usually offers further refinement, optimization and hopefully fix further security issues. I would like to think Google uses a similar method - probably a lot more refined that what I have said - so each increment has advantages - and shouldn't be totally disregarded. That's just my 2c. Admittedly - not all updates go good. Google and Samsung should have tests set up to verify the new code will work with all of their models of phones etc. ????
  • There are many compelling reasons to get a pixel device over a Samsung device number one reason being the software experience which is better on pixel than S series.
  • TouchWiz is garbage. Always has been still is. Samsung users forgive how bad it is because they've other never known anything better... Or they love their fashion accessory so much they don't care how poorly it runs. I had an S7 edge. Never again.
  • My note 8 runs fine. Not sure how bad your device was that you need insult the choices of others but if you could find me an alternative that has the same screen size and an S pen equivalent I wouldn't mind checking it out. I like the mate 9 Mate 10 looks good. Pixel is lacking (the units I tried are very basic in value). I would still not put you down if the pixel was adequate for your purposes. The applications I run have not slowed down, battery life has been adequate at 1.5 days per charge under my use. The pressure sensitive levels are fantastic in Autodesk SketchBook Pro that I use. Netflix Instagram, Need for Speed and Asphalt 8 and office apps work flawlessly. I don't care so much about launchers because I spend more time within applications rather than staring at my open home screen. Plus I actually like using Bixby to perform strings of system commands alongside basic commands with Google assistant.
  • Well, have you ever used a Pixel? I had the original pixel and the S8 and it's night a day difference as far as experience goes. Touchwiz is crap. Example, in your recent calls, you tap the person who recently called you to call them back, it prompts you to choose between texting or calling. Really? I'm in the recent calls and I want to call someone back. I don't need the extra options. And yes, you can swipe to the right to make a call in your recent call log, but who wants to swipe to call? Samsung has there crap backwards. The better UI design would be to swipe for the options of texting, video call, etc. Another thing is the fingerprint sensor. Horrible placement. But what shines on the s8 is it's camera, face unlock, and IP68. Face unlock comes in handy when you have a ****** fingerprint scanner placement.
  • I would take bezel over TouchWiz any day! If you don't like the bezel get the XL. How is that so hard?
  • If you don't like big phones I would imagine.
  • Don't forget. Watching videos on the two phones leave you with the same screen size.
  • Really? That would pilot be the case if aspect and scale is the same.(not similar) look at the iPhone x with its extra cropping of bezel that creeps into screen real estate.
  • Hum sorry that's not compelling enough for all but hard core Google fans, But i like your enthusiasm, Richard !!. Missed opportunity for Google they had a whole year to do something really big ...An you got this ugly duckling
  • Pixel 2 XL is the better phone if you want edge to edge display(almost edge to edge lol). He's right though...or close. I had the s8 and videos played at full screen cropped too much off. If you watch them at normal aspect then you get digtal screen bezels. That extra screen space only benefits the UI and not video playback.
  • I'd love to hear the reason why manufacturers can't shrink the bezels on a phone and keep the screen the same size. Give me a 5.1" screen and tiny bezels like the S8 or Pixel XL2 and it'd be an ideal phone. Had Samsung just shrunk the bezels and kept the same S7 phone size, I'd be an S8 owner for life.
  • Battery and component size. An S7 minus bezels would be about the same size as an iPhone SE, shoving a battery that would last all day would take up most of the space.
  • « S8: a larger (and higher resolution) screen in a compact size,«  It doesn’t have the same aspect ratio as the pixel so the larger screen is relative. It is more cramped on the size, so it’s better for things like mail and reading (just a bit as it’s not that different) but not for videos
  • This article is really misleading. That picture of the "pixel 2" you showed with the huge bezels is definitely not the actual pixel 2. You seemed to of tricked a lot of people though. Good job
  • Look again. And don't confuse the Pixel 2 XL with the Pixel 2. The smaller one has iPhone sized bezels.
  • Bezels are probably the least of my concerns with the Pixel 2, although giving up all the screen real estate is a drag. Lack of SD card support, headphone jack, and wireless charging are much bigger issues for me.
  • LOL. The Google fanboys are out in force in this thread.
  • What makes a google fanboy? And have you ever used a Pixel or an S8? I had both phones and I can see why Google fanboys prefer the pixel over the s8. There are a lot of things I like about the S8, but all of the samsung crap apps ruined it for me. Even Samsungs crappy ui.
  • Salvador Cervantes lights a candle in memory of his father Ignacio Cervantes, who was murdered during a 2012 robbery in Stockton. The bankrupt city has seen murders and assaults rise as it has been forced to cut back on police services. Violent crime rate: 1,548 per 100,000 residents.
  • md2572, this is nothing more than your opinion. To not look ignorant you should probably state that it is only your opinion. Now for the facts. There is no research, that I know of, that shows that Samsung phones, especially the Galaxy S8, are what technology inferior people buy. I guarantee you that I know a lot more about technology and IT than a fair amount of people in here, especially after reading as many comments as I have. I choose the Galaxy S8 as Samsung has never let me down. I have a friend who doesn't know a lot about technology and he has a Pixel. IOS and I phones are for the technologically inferior. This is my first Android phone, I've had over 18 of them, that I haven't been able to root. At the same time, I haven't felt the need to root it. I don't care too much about the vanilla experience. I prefer the features and a phone that is less likely to break. All that being said, I will more than likely be going with Huawei's Mate 10 Pro.
  • I stand by what I said. First of all Samsung admitted it add TouchWiz interface to its phones for people who are technologically challenged just because some users don't understand the complexities sometimes that stock Android has. 80% of Android users don't understand 75% of what their phone can actually do and without TouchWiz it would make it more difficult. You should only speak for yourself because you're not including the vast majority of Android users. I'm sure you know a fair share of people who don't even know how to adjust the camera settings!! Some people even have difficulties sending a simple text. If you are one of the ones who are not technologically challenged then you're lucky.
  • There is only one answer to "technologically challenged" people, and that is called iPhone.
  • Link to this statement. Touchwiz is noticably more complicated than stock Android, and has more hidden features. Have you ever even used touchwiz?
  • You criticise someone for saying that Samsung users have less technical knowledge than Android users then go on to be repeat the same thing about iOS users. I am the guy in the office who people come to with Android problems and yet my main phone is an iPhone.
  • It's true of both samsung and ios users. There is a difference though. Out of 1500 devices, the 100 samsungs have more issues than the 1000 iphones.
  • Well, Samsung has let me down. Their UI sucks. Too much tapping to make a simple phone call in my recent call logs. Aside from the crappy ui, my old S8 had a nice camera and took awesome photos underwater. But like many, I like anything free, and Google Photos has unlimited photo back ups. While Samsung has the Gallery and charges for storage backups. There's just so much more I could say. All of samsungs apps vs google apps. All duplicated applications in one phone. It's no wonder people prefer Apple. It's just less of a hastle to use and figure out.
  • Tapping on the name and then pressing call is too many steps? Ok.
  • Or pulling up the contact then putting the phone to you ear...if you have turned that option on.
  • No reason for pixel in a world when S8 Mate 9 V30 exist, all of them offers better features for the money minus the updates, at least for me. The only phone I would buy in 2017, is the Mate 10
  • Hmm. If features and customization are all you're after then yes, those phones are the way to go. I think the pixel is trying to mesh hardware with software for a seamless intuitive experience. That's what I'm after and I would counter to say why would I need those brands when we have the pixel 😛
  • It's good we all have a choice, personally the Mate 9 made me stop chasing after phones, it is the perfect phone for me, now let's see what 10.brings
  • because you are not interested a phone does not mean there is no need for a device. based on ui alone I would take the pixel ui over all the others
  • The hardware is better, but some of us can't stand the un-installable bloatware. I cannot stand Samsung's (or any manufacturer's skin.) It is definitely not as smooth and seamless compared to Stock Android. And it gets worse a few months in.
  • I don't like Samsungs design. Curved screen sucks. Imo
  • That's your Opinion . But the masses Speak with there money ....enough said
  • Yes but the masses are silly.
  • So what. Masses are generally tech stupid... Enough said
  • People research cars before they buy one, why not their phone?
  • Lot of butt hurting going on i see hehe. There just no Reason to buy this over any other flagship this year. An the fact that it's butt ugly an looks like a Lego all for a grand hell nah
  • I believe I'm one of them masses. I find the S8 is beautiful & futuristic. I barely use all its features, but when now I compare with other phones, its like wanting to switch from 2017 car to a 1998 car. Both work but you want the better looking. I do trust my fellow reviewers of the phone to test essentials for me, as long as its reliable and works. But honestly, the media alone sold me on the s8
  • the media alone? You mean the crap audio quality? or the no content for the screen. Unless you have black bars on the sides, or you crop it. How do you even get to that point, when there's quarter inch glares on both sides of the curved screen.
  • What is wrong with the audio? I've never had issues with my S7. I can't imagine a phone speaker ever sounding as good as plugging in headphones, so why even do that?
  • I think he may have meant the media as in the press, not the audio/visual aspects of the phone. I think it's that he read reviews and watched videos to conclude if it was the right phone.
  • They meant the media as in the commercials, websites, reviews, people sharing their thoughts. Not I had no idea wtf you were talking about at first.
  • Yes indeed it is their opinion, hence the "imo" at the end of their comment
  • And the rounded corners. Gotta hate the rounded corners.
  • And the lag.. I do hate the lag
    And the stutters.. I do hate the stutters
    And the dropped Fram rate.. Oh I do hate that dropped frame rate. It's so perty... doh
  • Hah you know the s8 is the better Phone when all you can come up with is the rounded coners haha . The pixel is a phone that's lost it's way an not a factor in 2017 sorry
  • True...there really is no point in having the curved screen. Doesn't really benefit anyone. It just makes it harder to put a screen protector on. Sold my S8 and getting a Pixel 2 XL. The pure android experience is so much better. A lot of people that complain about the pixel never experienced the first one. I did and it's just better.
  • For the most part I love the external of the s8. you get a large screen in a relatively small form factor. it is easy to use 98% of the time with one hand. On the other hand have a lot of little issues with the software and I tend to enjoy stock android a lot more. Is the loss of the headphone jack and prettier hardware worth the cleaner software, stereo speakers and ontime os updates? I dunno
  • Think about a year or a year-and-a-half into the future you'll have a beautiful phone that sucks.
  • Funny you should say that my s7 is still speedy ... s8 is just the batter phone an most certainly the better deal
  • My S7 is still very speedy as well. I am not sure what people do to their phones to make them run like they are in the mud, but mine runs smooth. However, I have used a pixel for a good amount of time, and it definitely is a smoother experience. This really is a tough call, as I want to upgrade but not into large phones. S8 and Pixel 2 are probably my only two options right now.
  • I will definitely take a look at the Pixel 2. I love my Samsung but I'm open to anything. My big reservation is the lack of headphone jack. I use that every day.
  • It also comes down to preference of which the author failed to recognize. I like Porsche he likes Evo both are fast, but in the end it boils down to preference. I like the Note 8 size and screen resolution. I like all of the S Pen features, and overall brightness in sunlight. I am thrilled that Samsung pay can be used wherever a card swype can be used. Fwiw the N5/6/6p are all Google phones that I own currently. I am Luke warm on pixel screens, and I love the new warranty of three years software and hardware........ Finally Google got that right for the price that they are asking. Now they just need better support of products after the sale. All of the Nexus that I have had issues that they failed to address with swift replacement. To be like Apple they must also address hardware failures better in my opinion. This all stem from my personal issues with all three devices.
  • Any fanboys in the room
  • The phone you should be comparing and talking about is the LG V30!
  • Samsung's hardware and physical design is the BEST in the world. I just can't stand Samsung''s un-installable bloatware. Samsung phone's still lag after a few months. It NOTICEABLY is not as smooth as stock android.
  • I will say I like Samsung's designs but watching my gf have two phones just bogged down after a year was something to behold. she went with a iPhone 7 last year. She had a S5 then a note 6 and they both went bad after a year.. I am still going strong with a Nexus 5 for the past 3 years but finally ready for my P2 to arrive. Google makes great software and newstand never disapoints.
  • Note 6.. wow. One of a kind.
  • Note 6 was the worst phone ever !!!
  • I just sold my Samsung Galaxy S8 having ordered a Pixel 2. I am using my backup phone, a Nexus 5 running Lineage Nougat. My goodness, I'd forgotten how delightful a Google phone is! No unnecessary duplicate apps, no Bixby - I could go on. I love that things just work - I have smart lock on for when I'm at home and I'm bowled over every time my phone logs in without a PIN. I could never get that working properly on the Samsung. I was plagued with the S8 turning on in my pocket and calling a random contact or the emergency services, or texting gibberish to a contact - despite me having all the log-in security in place. There is a thread on the Samsung support forum - it's driving people nuts. The current joke is that if a thief steals your S8 all he/she will need to do is carry it around in their pocket. I have had to create a MacroDroid macro to switch off the phone when it is on lock screen and the proximity sensor is triggered. The trouble with the macro is that if it runs (always in my pocket) the next login has to with the PIN rather than biometrics due to Android security. Then there's the display. The S8 is just a screen. I grew tired of carrying a screen around and accidently touching it causing this to happen. I agree the Pixel 2 bezels could have been smaller, like on the Nexus 5, but I'm OK with that. All is not perfect in Samsung land!
  • There is a setting that allows you to maintain phone locked while in the pocket and not turn on.
  • The 8 page thread is here: People have tried everything, including that setting you refer to. I contributed the macro which works but has the disadvantage of disallowing biometric logon once triggered. It is a real issue that Samsung is aware of.
  • I have never once had that problem. The S8 is the best phone I have ever owned and I have owned many high end phone. The screen is awesome, huge and fits in one hand.
  • Have the same issue with my s8 plus randomly calling people while it is on my phone holster. It is very annoying!
  • So......... I ordered an S8+, it was too big for me to truly be comfortable with. I returned it and started using my Pixel 2016 again. I preordered a panda XL2. I went in to VZW to play with it when they got the demos in. It too was too big and surprisingly (coming from a Pixel 1 lover) I just didn't like it. So I played with the regular S8 and like Goldilocks it just fit. I'm hoping the Pixel 3 is much better.
  • Currently an S8 owner, but love Google as well. What holds me back about the P2 is the price point. Reminds me of my Moto X days. It should be priced similarly to what Moto did, not what Samsung is doing. If it was a couple hundred bucks cheaper than my S8, I would prob try it out. It just doesn't seem as "premier" as the S8 does to me. Basically, not worth the price tag. If it looked like the P2 XL and was priced around 500 or 600, then we're talking.
  • Depends on what you want.
    Hardware = Samsung
    Software = What you think is best
    Updates/Longevity = Pixel 2
  • Is this a seriou question. I dislike the S8 (Fingerprint Sensor) but it is no contest over the Pixel 2...pure android is not that good.
  • I got Pixel 2 for my wife, but it was free :) I'll keep using my Pixel XL that I paid $150 for
  • Because you have experience in both, would you say getting the pixel 1 is better? I would do the same, but it not having water resistance is the only thing stopping me...
  • For the money used Pixel 1 or Pixel 1 XL is a much better deal and you keep 3.5mm jack. Pixel 2 probably has better battery and dual speakers which are nice. Camera is about the same on both. As far as water resistance.....not sure how useful that is. I use my Pixel 1 in shower constantly and its fine, gets water and steam on it several times a week, I just dont drop it in water or point jets directly at it.
  • Serious fight? The S8 wins, hands down. It has way more hardware features for less money. Why is this even a question?
  • And yet it doesn't receive updates as quickly or seamlessly integrate it's software and hardware as a naked google phone. And after several months, the gulf widens in the latter department. The second year of ownership for a Samsung owner is not as smooth historically as it is for a Nexus/Pixel owner. Or Dev Edition android phone owner. I have been on both sides more than once. The hardware is always better on the Samsung. The Nexus/Pixel owners phones always work better longer. So why wouldn't it be a question? Are you unfamiliar with the non samsung phones or just somehow not seeing what others do?
  • I don't know about the second year, but the first year Pixel owners are still waiting for Google to fix all the problems.
  • Neither.
  • Between the two I'd say S8. It's better in almost every way that significantly matters. The one thing the Pixel MAY be better at is photography but you'd probably have to be a professional to notice any difference in day to day photos you take.
  • Uh, the only thing the Samsung is better at is having a headphone jack and a better screen, and arguments could be had about the screen. Anyways, to each their own. I'll never buy another Samsung until they produce another Nexus/Pixel device. Ironically both my gnex-es still work and one is in use. Samsung makes good hardware, software blows though.
  • Got the s8 and installed a google edition rom, now i got the benefits of both world. A pixel like clean experience and awesome hardware for a good price :). Just search for xda s8 google edition rom
  • A Galaxy S8+ (or even a Note8) vs. Pixel 2 XL comparison would be hilarious. I'd love to see how you wave away all of the ridiculous problems with the Pixel 2 XL, many of which can't be fixed, and some of those that can still aren't fixed.
  • I disagree and sales show it. S8 has less issues right out of the gate. Bias article.
  • Wait for S9, DA PIXEL KILLA !
  • Stock Android runs better but looks boring. Why can't Google add a theme engine or a dark mode and so..... It's One Plus all the way! Though I do like Samsung hardware.
  • I chose lgv30+. So far very pleased with my decision.
  • Samsung has been making phones a lot longer than Google has. Oh wait, Google really does not make phones now do they?
    I'll stick with my S8