Google Photos Chromebook AndroidSource: Jeramy Johnson / Android Central

What you need to know

  • Google Photos expands its Memories feature to more users on the web.
  • The expansion was first announced back in October.
  • Any changes you set for Memories on the web will carry over to the mobile version and vice versa.

Google Photos has long been taking mobile users on a trip down memory lane with a quick tap on the app, which immediately surfaces photos taken from a few years ago front and center on their screen. Now, the service is treating more web users to the same experience.

As spotted by German blog site SmartDroid, Google Photos' Memories carousel is now showing up more widely on many of the best laptops (via Android Police). Like its mobile counterpart, Memories on the web sits right at the top of your Google Photos library.

The carousel displays a mix of your timed and themed photos, and you can scroll through them to view each collection. When you click on an image or video in the carousel, an expanded view of that image or video appears in an Instagram Stories-like format.

When the interface is in full-screen mode, it displays a few options for sharing or starring a photo. You can also launch a grid view of all the photos in a specific collection by pressing the down key or clicking the down arrow at the bottom of the screen.

As with mobile, you can change the settings to choose which types of photos appear in your Memories on the web or completely disable the feature. To do so, click the settings button near your profile photo and then toggle the options you want to change.

Keep in mind, though, that any changes you make will be reflected on mobile. Similarly, the changes you make on the mobile app will carry over to the web version.

Google first announced Memories on the web in October, but the update was not immediately available to users. The addition should be a welcome change for users who enjoy revisiting photos from a few years ago.

More recently, Google also revealed that Memories was coming to its Nest Hub devices, and it would show up in the "Your day" tab.