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What you need to know

  • Google has announced that its new photo and video editor is rolling out on iOS devices.
  • The new Google Photos features were previously available on Android devices.
  • Some photo editing features may require a Google One subscription.

New photo and video editing features are arriving on the Google Photos iOS app. The update was announced on Monday in Google support page.

The update brings advanced photo and video editing functions that were previously only made available on the best Android phones. This includes new machine learning tools that will suggest edits to be made to an image like Enhance and Color Pop. Google says that more edit suggestions will come to the iOS app in the future for additional types of images.

The new video editor is also reaching the iOS app. This will bring a host of new editing features such as trimming, stabilizing, cropping, and adjusting various attributes like contrast, highlights, and more.

Google Photos Video EditorSource: Google

These new features reach Google Photos on iPhones just as Apple announces new capabilities for Apple Photos in iOS 15 during the WWDC keynote on Monday. These new features include Live Text, and new Shared with You section, enhancements to the Memories to bring a cinematic experience to images. They're not unlike some of the features already found in Google Photos.

The update should be rolling out to iOS devices now, so iPhone users can be on the lookout. Some photo editing features on Android require a Google One subscription, which is likely to be the case on iOS as well.

In the meantime, we can walk you through how to find and use the new Google Photos editing features so you can really make your images pop.

Save your memories

Google Photos 2020 App Icon

Google Photos

Just as good on iOS

Google Photos is perhaps the best way to keep all your photos and videos saved to the cloud so that you won't have to worry about losing any of your memories. It even comes with advanced editing features to help images and videos pop and is a great way for iOS users to back up their images for extra peace of mind.

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