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The Google+ Photo Sphere community is a work of art

Get immersed in Photo Spheres

We love Photo Spheres. They're fairly easy to take, and with the right subject and a little careful planning they can be spectacular. And now that even more phones can take them — thanks to OEM solutions and the Google Camera app — there are even more people taking and sharing them.

A great place to check them all out is the Google + Photo Sphere community. You'll find pictures from amateur and pro photographers, and spend hours looking at the images. As a bonus, there's a great Tips & Tricks section to get you on the way to being a contributor.

So grab your new phone, or your old phone with a new app, and hit the Photo Sphere community up. If you like to take pictures, we promise you'll be glad you did.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • It took awhile for everyone to "come around" with this feature but I'm glad the major oems (and newly Google released camera app) are all on board. Still laugh that they all have a different name for Photo Spheres. Posted via G2 + Nova
  • G+ links fail when initiated via the AC App Posted via Android Central App
  • amazing community joined it last week some stunning scenery shots, although personally I need to master the stitching of the shots before I submit any. Posted via my Badass Note 3 on the Android Central App
  • Joined this awhile back. Definitely deserves some recognition. I love it. Posted from my Moto X
  • I haven't tried photo spheres. I really need to give it a shot. They look like fun. ಠ益ಠ
  • Bit of a daft question, but after installing the Google camera app and taking a photosphere it opens as a regular photo in the gallery. I use the sense gallery app on HTC one. Am I missing something? Posted via Android Central App
  • Try using the Google gallery app.
  • Could everybody everywhere take a photosphere of all the "plazas, parks, etc" everywhere in the world and then place them on a map.
  • A good place to view and share photospheres is the Google Views webpage:
    Which addresses TheDu9du's request.
  • I can't get the Google+ photo sphere community link to work within the app, it just opens up a YouTube popup and gives me an error with the network Posted via Android Central App on my LG Nexus 5 (Sprint)
  • You can produce some really beautiful results but they just take way to long to do for them to catch on. Novelty value only Posted via Android Central App
  • @Jerry Hildebrand Thanks for this great article about my community that I created when the first photosphere feature was added to our camera
  • old phone cannot have 4.4 without custom ROM to install google camera
  • I wish we could share these on instagram