Google Pay extends Spring Challenge so you can grab that pesky fox stamp

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Update, Apr 22 (2:45 pm ET): Spring Challenge has been extended

What you need to know

  • Google Pay is offering $30 cashback rewards for using the new app.
  • Users will gather stamps by performing various tasks within the new Google Pay app.
  • The challenge is available to Google Pay users in the United States.

When the new Google Pay launched late last year, Google was really hyping up its social features and one-stop-shop design for all your payment needs. Now that the app's old version has been stripped of most features, Google is introducing ways to make the new app more appealing, and that brings us to the new Spring Challenge.

Beginning April 12, the Google Pay Spring Challenge will offer cashback rewards for completing various actions within the new app. When performing tasks like completing transactions, sending payments, and even answering fun quizzes, users will collect cute animal stamps within the app. Once five stamps are collected, users will receive a $30 credit in their Google Pay balance.

Not only do users have a chance to earn cashback, the Spring Challenge is social by nature, allowing people to share and trade the collectible stamps with friends....As people explore all the great features included in Google Pay, the challenges and collectible stamps serve as a reminder that payments and money management don't have to be boring.

The actions include random quizzes that will periodically appear in the app, sending payments to friends, redeeming merchant offers, using tap and pay at retailers, activating account insights, and gifting stamps to friends. Many of these actions are essentially normal functions within the new Google Pay app, but the company hopes that this will encourage users to really explore the app. The stamps include a grizzly bear, alligator, elk, robin, and fox.

Source: Google

This isn't the first time Google has rewarded users of the new app. In December, Google rang in the new year with a $21 reward for shopping at Target. Additionally, Google still offers $5 rewards when users refer a friend who makes a qualified payment, an action that's also eligible for a sticker in the Spring Challenge.

If you haven't yet hopped onto the new Pay experience, we can walk you through how to download and set up the new Google Pay, which is available in select countries on even the best cheap Android phones. The Spring Challenge will run until April 22 and is only available in the United States.

Update, Apr 22 (2:45 pm ET) ― Google Pay Spring Challenge has been extended to May 3

Google Pay's Spring Challenge was supposed to run until today, April 22, but the challenge is being extended to May 3 to give users more time to grab more stamps and collect the $30 reward. And for anyone that's having trouble collecting the fox stamp, Google highlights some ways that users can get it before time runs out:

  • Redeeming a merchant offer (including current offers like $20 cashback with Lululemon and 10% cashback with Lyft)
  • Sharing a stamp with a fellow Google Pay user, which earns users a stamp in return
  • Inviting friends to join Google Pay

Happy hunting!

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