Google Pay now works with the Android 11 Public Beta

Google Pay Power Button Shortcut
Google Pay Power Button Shortcut (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Android 11's first Public Beta didn't work with contactless payments on Google Pay at launch.
  • Google has now fixed the issue on its side.
  • You'll need to open the Google Pay app and tap "Check Software" to re-enable contactless payments.

Aside from all the bugginess on Android 11's first Public Beta in general, one notable issue was that it failed to support contactless payments on Google Pay. It wasn't a momentous deal breaker for early adopters as bugs like this are to be expected. Thankfully this particular one has been cleared up and you can now use contactless payments on an Android 11 Beta phone once more (via Android Police).

To use Google Pay on Android 11, all you need to do is to open the Google Pay app and tap the "check software" button. After a brief check, Pay will now let you know that contactless payments are now available once more.

Android 11 has a couple of other bugs. There's some weirdness with video playback, and you may find that entering text in some apps is buggy. Sometimes even entering a fullscreen app or game means you'll have to lock the phone to get your navigation bar back.

But again, it's a beta, and bugs are the price of early admission.

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