Google One rolls out new 99-cent movie rental offer for members

Google One app
Google One app (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has rolled out a new promotion for Google One members, offering a 99-cent movie rental on Google Play.
  • The benefit can be redeemed only once per Google One plan.
  • You will need to redeem the promotional code from Google One on or before December 31, 2019.

If you are a Google One member, you can now get a 99-cent movie rental on Google Play for any movie with a limit of one redemption per Google One plan. While the latest Google One promotion is certainly not the most exciting yet, those of you who are interested in claiming the offer will have to do so before September 30, 2019.

As noted by 9to5Google, the movie rental offer is available with all Google One storage plans, including the base $19.99 annual plan that comes with 100GB storage. A much more exciting Google One promotion was introduced in March this year, when Google started sending out emails with a promo code for a free Google Home Mini to valued 2TB Google One members.

To redeem the latest offer, you will first need to open the Google One Android app or head over to the Google One website. When you tap on the Google Play movie rental offer, you will be shown the terms and conditions of the offer before you can redeem it. As mentioned earlier, the offer ends on September 30, 2019 and is valid for only 1 movie rental at 99 cents on Google Play. Once you receive the promotional code, you will have to make sure that you redeem it by December 31, 2019.

A Google One membership not just gets you cloud storage but also comes with several other benefits. You get to enjoy extra benefits from other Google products such as credits for use on Google Play, discounts on hotel pricing, and direct access to premium customer support. It is also possible to invite up to five family members to your Google One plan. While you will need to shell out $19.99/year for the base 100GB plan, the 2TB plan is priced at $99.99/year.

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Babu Mohan
News Writer
  • I was really hoping all movie rentals were 99 cents from now on with Google One. They should really work on their perks if they are going to be like Amazon Prime.
  • Are they trying to be like Amazon Prime though? I feel like the memberships don't cover much of the same ground.
  • No but the idea of having a premium subscription account that gets you perks across all Google products and services is the idea.
  • I didn't know they offered annual Google One plans. I've got their 2TB plan, but I'm paying $9.99/mo (so $120/yr?). A quick visit to my G1 dashboard, and I don't see any options for annual plans...
  • In the app, it lists each storage option with a button for monthly and another for annually (like 2TB at 99.99/year, or $9.99/month). In the app, click Storage, and under your upgrade, click "More Options". I did just notice when looking again that if you aren't changing your storage, there is a link directly under current plan that says "Save with an annual plan". So maybe you just missed it since it'll be listed differently?
  • I'll have to look in the app, as my original comment was on the website. Thanks for the tip! Always up for saving a few bucks ;)