Google: No Verizon Nexus One, buy the Incredible instead

Sorry, folks, but I'm gonna have to say I told you so here. (See podcast Episode 9.) Google apparently put an end to the Verizon Nexus One, slipping it into an official Nexus One blog post "update on partnerships." (Strangely, the post is dated April 21, but it just pinged RSS feeds today. Update: They've fixed the date.) The line you need to be worried about:

In the US, if you’ve been waiting for the Nexus One for Verizon Wireless’ network, head over to to pre-order the Droid Incredible by HTC, a powerful new Android phone and a cousin of the Nexus One that is similarly feature-packed. It will be available in stores on April 29th.

The official Nexus One order page also says as much. From what I've been told, Verizon rejected the Nexus One at least once -- and the trackball was said to be a major culprit. Guess that makes that decision a little easier, but sorry to those who were holding out for the N1. [Google] Thanks, Nick

Phil Nickinson
  • I want that N1 Trackball and all!!! I hate sense which you now can't disable, and I don't like the looks of the Droid Inc. Any chance they are just hyping the Inc before it drops? I'd be really upset after waiting this long.
  • Couple of questions on this development; 1) Is the N1 a dual CDMA/GSM phone? This thing was supposed to have been released any day now. So there must have been production units ready to go, waiting for VZW approval, no?
    2) Could'nt VZW have allowed the phone on their network sans subsidized pricing? Just like ATT and Tmobile? Not the biggest deal in the world, since my Inc. will be with me in a few days (hope), but I dont recall ever seing a device so close to release that was completely kiboshed.
  • The current N1 is only GSM, thus it couldn't be used on verizon's CDMA network. The one that traveled through the FCC must have been for sprint; at least that's my guess.
  • It was probably for either - I'm pretty sure Google wouldn't have put that "Verizon Coming Spring 2010" without some assurance from Verizon themselves that it was ok to market the phone on their network at some point. Its bound to happen to you though - where you promise something you can't deliver. Lets start speculating on Sprint N1 release dates already!
  • And if the friggin blackberry tour can get approved I find it hard to believe that the N1 got rejected for its trackball.
  • This is the big issue with CDMA, the carriers can block whatever devices they do not want on their network. Whatever happened to your claims of an open-network, Verizon Wireless?
  • "Whatever happened to your claims of an open-network, Verizon Wireless?" Exactly!
  • While I'm quite sure I wasn't going to get the N1 as I'm holding out for a slider this is nonSense. One reason I'm certainly not buying the Incredible is due to Sense.
  • So you're saying you want to be Senseless? That makes no Sense.
  • Well Sense he likes Android, he has some Sense.
  • pretty disappointing, was excited to see VZW get something like this...
  • Look, why would VZW want to carry a device that is #1 inferior to the Incredible in many ways, #2 they can't sell in their stores or offer support to their customers, and #3 has some flaws in the hardware? You have to understand the way this device is sold, and how well its done (sales) isn't exactly making VZW bend over backwards to carry it. Icon
  • Inferior in so many ways? It's got a slightly improved camera and Sense UI. Lol What about two mics for noise cancellation? Or faster updates? We all have different needs, but IMO that was a stupid comment.
  • not to mention a better screen that can actually do multi-touch right, and more memory...
  • "Or faster updates?" How do you know the N1 is going to get faster updates? Wait until 2.2 comes out and then use that as a selling point. Until then, it's a moot point. As for the noise cancellation, EVERY review has stated that the Droid Inc. has better reception and earpiece quality than the N1. Add a better camera, an optical joystick, Sense, etc. and YES the Droid Inc. is the better of the two. It's not a matter of opinion. It's just better, and still inferior to the EVO 4G.
  • Do you actually think google will issue updates to other phones before they do to there own flagship phone ? If so I have a bridge for sale cheap LOL !
  • Good. When you're in a loud area that means the person you're talking to can hear all the noise going on in the background crystal clear! I already gave points to the Incredible for the better camera. I have no problems with trackballs, so for me, either is fine. Sense is a personal preference. I honestly hate the look of Sense and would much rather my phone without it, so it can work both ways. People who want Sense have the Incredible, and people who don't have the Nexus One. And there is no etc. That's it. Other than the design and these things you mentioned, both phones are exactly the same. So yeah, design aside, you trade off two mics with noise cancellation for a slightly improved camera, and the stock look with faster updates for Sense. And yes, the Nexus One will be the first to get updates. Like someone already said, why would Google let other devices have a newer version of Android than their own flagship device? That would be stupid.
  • Inferior ??? LOL yeah we will see , I have none of the issues you mention with my N1 the phone is fast , screen is awesome and multi touch is smooth as glass , not to mention the N1 is far better built using metal not the cheap plastic construction of the incredible , I have held The incredible and the N1 feels much more solid in the hand . The jury is still out on the incredible , I am sure it will have a host of its own problems soon to follow after its release . Also keep in mind the incredible because of the sense ui will be stuck on android 2.1 for a while , the N1 will get every and all updates 1st , it will always lead the android pack thanks to it bring the Google flagship !
  • You've held the Incredible. BS. It's not even out yet. You'd have to be reviewer, or one of the few who already received it by accident. Nice try, little kid. Move along.
  • Little kid ?? Not , 43 and I met up with a Verizon rep in a Verizon store that my brother in law manages in NY , he had the phone and I got to see it and hold it , believe me , dont I could care less, you will see what I say to be true when you get your hands on one . Its a nice phone but it does not feel anywhere ner as nice in the hand as the N1 and I dont care for the sense ui at sll . It is plastic and to me this cheapens the phone .
  • I just got a a million nerds all cried out at once and abruptly stopped...
  • LMAO! Hilarious man...
  • holy wow!
  • I guess all the times of looking for a change on the nexus one phone page in regards to Verizon finally did change. They went from giving you a link to the Droid to now telling you to buy the Droid Incredible. Way to sell that Nexus One Google!
  • I find everything about Google's marketing of their phone puzzling. And I'm betting that the carriers are starting to think so too.
  • Honestly, this is bad news for Verizon. If Verizon promoted & promised to carry a phone on their network, Verizon should honor it. This just makes Verizon look rather two faced & looking out for it's own self interest & not consumer choice. Disappointing that Verizon couldn't have made a limited run of Nexus One's available. However, considering some of the flaws of the Nexus One, I can understand the business decision being made here. The Droid Incredible is a better phone & is more like the Nexus 2.0. For Verizon, instead of inheriting the Nexus One flaws & issues, it was easier to bring a new better made phone to their network. I do see a bit of backlash for Verizon. Many people were waiting for the Nexus One. I think this cost them some customers or at least some respect from their customers in the short term.
  • Dude,
    Where did VZW promote this phone??? Google apparently promoted the phone to be available on VZW's network before it was approved. VZW is tight-fisted yes, but Google shouldn't have done that till they were sure it was going to be approved.
  • Having worked in product management I really seriously doubt they would have put "coming soon to Verizon" without some sort of blessing from Verizon themselves at some point.
  • Negative.
    Not once did Verizon publically acknowledge that the N1 was coming to their network. Not once. Google however, being Google, did. That's all I'm saying. If VZW did, please enlighten me.
  • Google used (and is still using) a licensed trademark of Verizon in conjunction with the advertisement of the Nexus One for Verizon wireless.
    They would not do this without permission, and if they did, we all would know about it and it would have been taken down long ago. Verizon's complacency is more than enough to prove their involvement, unless someone has facts and proof otherwise.'s_razor
  • Ever heard of the phrase "Cart before the Horse"? This is what Google did. Also, please linke me where VZW even acknowledges the CDMA N1 existed, much less one for their network....
  • You don't seem to understand. Google can not use Verizon's logo without getting permission for it's specific use. Verizon approved the use to advertise it would be available on their network this spring.
    You're suggesting that Google just put that on their website, and it stayed there for months without anyone from Verizon seeing it, or they did see it, knew it was false information, and did not care.
  • I can bet this has something to do with the tours trackball VZW probably doesn't want that headache. Then the screen issues looks like more of a headache than its worth still sad though wish it came over
  • Not surprising. There's no sense in supporting two closely linked phones, especially since one of them has some hardware problems (N1: multitouch, trackball, and 3G reception). Enough of this Incredible vs NexusOne stuff Phil! How about you tell us how the Droid fares against the Incredible? We Droid owners need some comfort now that our little friend is about to be eclipsed.
  • The Droid Incredible is already shipping btw AC. I got a notice last night that my pre-order has been scheduled for delivery with FedEx. It's currently in Newark, NJ, a stones throw from Brooklyn, NY. Scheduled delivery date is April 28th, a day early, but I wouldn't be surprised to see it arrive on Tuesday the 27th since it's already so close.
  • Wow...
    This is pretty shocking... I don't think I've ever heard of a carrier give up on carrying a particular phone when it was so close to being release I wonder if Sprint will carry it instead?
  • is anyone really all that suprised about this? i mean, it does feel like the worst april fools joke ever, but it just doesnt make "sense" for verizon to carry the incredible and the nexus one together at the same time. perhaps, the nexus 2 will make its way to verizon in the future.
  • Definitely disappointing. I'm curious why all the blogs are just reporting this today, and the update is dated, Wednesday, April 21. Did Google backdate the update, or were we all asleep at the wheel last week?
  • not mad.
  • Phil, Stop making stuff up!
    You nor anyone you know have no idea why or if it was rejected.
  • that sucks for the people that hate sense and want stock android! :( it's a good thing i'm on Tmobile!!!!! :)
  • I would buy a Verizon Nexus One if they replaced the trackball with the optical joystick like on the Incredible. I like the styling and wider screen, but trackball a no go for me. Maybe an upgraded Nexus 2 in the future?
  • I dont know why so many people hate a trackball ?? I love having it and it comes in real handy in some games and apps , to me it just has a nicer feel then a trackpad that does not move , I have use both and can say when I use it I prefer to have th trackball over a pad , its also easier ( to me ) to move the cursor around when editing text , it does not bother me one bit its there even when not in use ? its a non issue and I have many other areas that bother me compared to a trackball
  • Looks like I will be sticking with T-Mobile. First of all, their reception in the Greater Los Angeles area is as good or better than Verizon. Secondly, their rate plans are 20-30% cheaper than Verizon and finally, they don't play the same shenanigans that Verizon and AT&T does with their phones. I like the fact I can use ANY GSM phone on the T-Mobile Network (including my iPhone). Anyhow, with my T-Mobile Nexus One, I get the 1Ghz snapdragon goodness, and I don't have to wait for the carriers to update the phone, as I get the latest updates directly from Google. Come June (Google I/O), I will probably get updated to Froyo (Android 2.2), while my friends on Verizon and AT&T complain about how they don't even have 2.1 yet, and who knows when (or if) they will get updated to 2.2??
  • I'm on VZW and I have 2.1. And as far as other not-phone-specific Android updates, you can do nothing but guess and hope that you will be first. Motorola has already stated that they will continue to support their phones with updates, and Google will most likely at some point fix this fragmentation issue which makes your "I'm better because I think I'll get the updates first" argument a moot point.
  • I don't understand what all the fuss is about really. I bought my Droid in December and when the N1 came out I checked it out, but am much happier with my Droid. The N1 is not a superior enough phone to be getting this obsessed over. The Droid is every bit as good as the N1 is, and the Incredible looks to be better then both. And none of them look better than the Evo. As for this whole, getting updates 1st thing... The Droid was the first to get 2.0 when it was released, the N1 got 2.1 when it was released, and as far as I'm aware there havent been any other Android updates. So when there is one, and you do get it first, then talk it up all you want. But for right now, it's all in your head.
  • Not surprising. Verizon likes to keep their good phones to a minimum.
    Why have too much of a good thing?
    Oh wait? Why not? Verizon, your lack of interests in good phones confuses me more everyday. I do agree though, the trackball is very outdated. Even the optical joystick is pointless.
  • I am still holding out for the CDMA N1
  • I am still holding out for the CDMA N1
  • I wonder what this means for the CDMA version for Sprint....hopefully its not canceled also.
  • I had a feeling this was going to happen. Still, it's a little disappointing being that lots of us had been waiting since January for this to show up. I guess Google saw the writing on the wall and figured that the Incredible would take care of those who were waiting for the N1. I wonder how many of us would have honestly chosen the N1 over the Incredible anyway...
  • If the Nexus One truely was not coming to VZW, why would Google still have a link on their website? I wouldn't be surprised if Sprint has asked Google to delay the CDMA release of the Nexus One until after the EVO is launched, to prevent competition. So they asked VZW to approve the phone even though they wouldn't sell it yet, which is why VZW said no. Once the CDMA phone (which is likely already in production) is released, it won't necessarily be listed on Google's site as a Sprint phone, but rather a CDMA phone that you could take to Sprint or VZW to program as they share the same network. Just random speculation on my part, but it explains the link to Incredible pre-orders. EDIT: Of course this now means that the inabilty to turn off the Sense UI will become an issue for some as they can't just buy the Nexus instead.
  • Why couldn't someone just get the Sprint version of the N1 when it comes out, if that's still planned, and just activate it on the VZW network?
  • Because someone will have to flash it over to verizon.. Which isnt a high demand as unlocking a GSM phone.. I think VZW just hates taking phones that been exclusive to a GSM network. Vzw still didnt pick up the iphone and i dont think even have plans to... rumor been out since 08 with the 3G
  • Engadget got confirmation from Google. No N1 on Verizon. "We won't be selling a Nexus One with Verizon, and this is a reflection of the amazing innovation happening across the open Android ecosystem. Verizon Wireless customers who want an Android phone with the power of the Nexus One can get the Droid Incredible by HTC."
  • I have a feeling they don't want it competing for sales of the Incredible. Which is fine with me because per my fed ex tracking # my incredible will arrive 4/28! phones are a "to each his own" thing and although the N1 is a impressive device, the HTC is for me. Can't wait ti get my hands on it!
  • UM They are both made by HTC and they are sister phones
  • Well id be ok with the DI if i can flash stock android to it.....Im just going to wait for the iphone......i mean next DROID
  • i really wish phones were sold outside of carriers hands. i hate them dictating everything...
  • Hehe, I feel like I've gone back in time. Cheer up my downhearted fellow Verizon customers! You'll get your Nexus in late 2011 and it'll make the N1 look like the iPhone 2G. :) (That'll be several months after getting the iPhone and losing unlimited data plans though. Try to start buying phones off-contract.)