Google Nest Mini stops by the FCC, confirms wall-mount and 3.5mm jack

Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • The new updated Nest Mini, previously known as Home Mini, just made a stop by the FCC.
  • It is expected to launch at Google's hardware event that will most likely take place on October 15.
  • The sketch in the FCC listing confirms the addition of a wall-mount and 3.5mm jack to the Nest Mini.

While we can't escape the deluge of Pixel 4 leaks lately, that's not the only product Google is set to launch in October. Previously, we reported that there would be a new Home Mini speaker, this time carrying the Nest branding as Google works on rebranding its Home products.

Now, we're getting further confirmation that the new Nest Mini is on the way after it recently made a stop by the FCC. The listing includes the model number H2C which is similar to the model numbers used by previous Google Home products. For example, the original Home Mini used the H0A model number and the Google Home used H0ME.

We also get a look at the bottom of the "Google Interactive media streaming device" as the FCC likes to call it, and it is strikingly similar to the original Home Mini. That's no surprise after earlier reports revealed the design would not see any major changes.

However, the sketch does unveil two of the biggest design changes coming to the new Nest Mini — the first being a wall mount, which is little more than a screw hole added to the bottom of the device. The second is a port located near the power button, that we can assume must be the 3.5mm aux port we've heard will be added.

That's great news for fans of using external audio systems with the compact smart speaker, and it will finally bring Google's compact smart speaker up to speed with the Echo Dot, which has featured a 3.5mm port since the beginning.

Beyond the slight hardware changes, the earlier report also made mention of improved sound quality for the new Nest Mini, some sort of proximity awareness, and retaining a low-entry price point. Now, all we have to do is wait for the official unveiling of the new speaker which is expected to be on October 15 if this leak has any truth to it.

Jason England