Google Maps updated with 'critical bug fix'

We're not sure exactly what's involved in the 'critical bug' that's just been fixed in Google Maps for Android, but if you're a Maps user (and we're guessing most of you are), you'd best head to that apps list and get updating. The new Google Maps version 6.5.1 offers just a single bullet point in its change list -- "includes a critical bug fix." It seems whatever the issue is, it affects both tablets and phones alike, as we're seeing the update on our Honeycomb devices too.

Head to "My Apps" list in the Google Play Store to grab the new version of Maps. And be sure to shout out in the comments if you've noticed anything different in this new version.

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • 5.6.1 or 6.5.1? in my galaxy note is 6.5.0
  • I'm sure they must mean 6.5.1. I did have my phone reboot in the middle of navigating about 2 days ago (thankfully I was on a long stretch of interstate and not trying to navigate a city since my phone takes like 3 or 4 minutes to boot up). Maybe it fixes whatever caused that
  • Maps on my Optimus V was certainly having issues before -- kept putting me in the wrong state!
    This update seems to have fixed that, but I'm getting a "Searching for GPS" message when it tries to navigate.
  • Anyone have an issue with navigation always pointing north instead of the top of the screen facing the direction your driving? Very hard to tell if its a left or a right
  • Click or touch the compass on the top left corner... Lol i had the same issue, i was like whhhhhyyyy did u google mapps change! Whyyyyyy i dont like this, lol but then i pressed the compass by mistake and fixed...
  • Press the red / white arrow (red triangle on top of white triangle) symbol located in the upper left side. It will switch for "always north" to "up = where I am headed" view.
  • awesome. this has been driving me crazy as well. thanks for the tip.
  • thanks for the tip guys!
  • Ever since the last update Google maps caused many reboot while in navigation mode and during navigation my battery would decrease fast with the screen off and plugged into power. Hopefully this fixes those issues.
  • Mine rebooted as well. I thought it was caused by my recent change in undervolting settings. Everything else worked fine minus that reboot, but since it happened, I changed my voltage settings thinking it was my fault. Bummer.
  • So I just went to update it, and it shows in my Installed App List as having an update available, but when I go to open the page for Maps, it just has two options up top: Open - Uninstall This isn't the first and only time I've seen this. It's as if I can't update an app within 2-3 hours of it's update being sent to the market. Anyone else get this? HTC Thunderbolt - Cyanogenmod 7.2
  • Definitely run into this before, and am annoyed by it! Didn't happen to me in this particular instance, but it's happened many times in the past. /Kevin
  • Yes, that happens to me on a stock 4.0.2 version of the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. If you click back, go into the app again - maybe 2-3 times of this, the update will normally show up. If that certain "un-updatable" app is in a group of 2 or more apps waiting to be updates, when you press "update all", it will update that app without issue.
  • My solution which resolved it immediately was to go into Settings -> Applications -> All -> Google Play Store And clear data. Then I opened up the market, accepted the terms blah-blah-blah, and sure enough hey I can update Maps now. Guess I'll have to do that each and every time an update won't let me grab it. My guess is it's a cache issue with the market not doing a full refresh on the app's page, showing only Open and Uninstall. Pretty poor design and I hope in the future Google fixes this.
  • That or push it to your device from the website.
  • Nice to get an update, but Google Maps still crashes everytime when I start to type in the letters "dr". Reported it multiple times over the past year, but still no fix.
  • This is a bad answer I'm sure, but "It works for me" :) Try clearing out your search history.
  • My Nexus would consistently fail to download the update. I rebooted my phone last night and this morning I noticed that Maps was running and using more battery then normal. After I force stopped it, the update could then download. Not a good sign along with the title of "critical update". When something like the above happens on a server ... it may be a hacked application. Be nice if Google would explain "critical".
  • While using nav on my nexus the navigation would force close once I would start typing the address often..Having me go in and out of the app sometimes 10 times for it to start working right,..I hope this fixs that.
  • I'm (T-Mobile G2x, 2.3.3 stock, Philippines) still chugging on Maps version 6.5.0. (i.e. Where's the update?) And my cousin's LG Univa (Optimus Hub E510, 2.3.4 stock) is chugging on Maps version 5.8.0. What gives, Google? :/ (P.S: I think it's for stability of the app. Or something about privacy.)
  • The Zoom Out = Crash bug on Honeycomb seems fixed. If you scrolled a map, then zoomed out, you could cause it to crash out very easily on some Honeycomb tablets (never on my phone). I had been reporting these crashes 5 of 8 times a day from my Acer A500.
  • Transit directions are fubar. It shows the current time as 6 hours in the future. Show earlier or later times and it's still several hours off.
  • I really hope this clears up the reboots I was having was using it. I'm in the middle of travel and the phone just shuts down and restarts itself. W T S H?? I thought it was a rogue app or something. At any rate, every time it would do this on the MT4G, that lil HTC notification of something gone wrong icon would show up. I hit that TELL HTC (or however it reads) option each and every time. And if this does not clear it up, I'll send them messages until...