Google Maps gets Walking Navigation

Google Maps for Android

Google Maps for Android just got itself a nice little update, blending the navigation feature with walking directions to create -- you guessed it -- "Walking Navigation." Now you'll get the same three-dimensional view with walking directions as you would in a car, only a little more pedestrian-friendly.

Separately, there's an update for the Street View on Google Maps app that adds "smart navigation," meaning you can tap and drag to make your way through city streets. Check out video of that after the break.

And finally, the Google Maps search bar has been refreshed, filtering results, showing prices with dollar signs and adding cross streets. Nice. [Google]

YouTube link for mobile viewing

  • why would someone use this
  • Well if your on a trip in a new city an want to find a place to eat close by and want to walk this will be really handy. Another one is if you have no car out of town this will help you find places walking. I like to play with google maps also so I'm glad they put this out.
  • effin A, been waiting on this a while... not really for its intended purpose but i love playing with google maps
  • Pretty Awesome. Remember, you have to download a separate app called "Street View on Google Maps" from the Market to get the full functionality,
  • Ah, missed that bit. Thanks. I was wondering where that little yellow dude in the streetview went. Streetview has worked or a long time on Google Maps, but that pegman was missing. Seems odd they broke that out into a separate download.
  • great point, add this to the post.
  • I have tried in vain to install Street View on Google Maps without any success. Does anyone has the same problem ?
  • I think it is only for Android 2.2
  • Worked fine with Nexus One. But then again, it IS their flagship phone :-P
  • I am using the Froyo-installed N1 right now, with CyanogenMod 6.0.0 ROM. The reason I can install seems to be the package wasn't signed right :(
  • No signing problem that I could detect on my N1 Froyo.
  • I did a quick search and it seems more than a couple have the signing error, either with Google Maps 4.5.0 or Street View. I'm looking for a solution now.
  • Anyone having problems installing "Street View" from the market probably has the older version on their phone. Look under your applications->manage. If you do, you'll need to either delete/rename the older .apk file with adb or root explorer (will full NAND unlock). Then you can install the newest version with the drag-drop man for street view. Otherwise is say things like "Package not signed" or the install will keep failing.
  • Awesome!
  • I just tried the Street View drag and drop and WOW is it fast, even on a stock original Droid. Way to go Google!
  • the craziest thing about it is when you sync it with the compass and you can look at a 360 degree view of the street in real time, thats AWESOME!
  • You can see 360 anytime, no need to link with compass. Just flick streetview with fingers. I find it a lot easier to move a finger than to swing my whole body/phone around. Compass mode is cute, but sort of useless.
  • It's nice, but I agree that it should have MPH layer when navigating. It'd also be nice if the traffic was more visible (may be better in this version as I haven't had a chance to check yet). And what about weather radar? There have been PLENTY of times I could have used a radar overlay on cross country trips. Still...Best map app I've seen so far on the droid!
  • What I'd really like to see is the ability to combine routing methods. For instance, if I could plan a route that incorporated bike routing AND public transportation. That would be slick.
  • You could probably do that on the net, and save to my-maps.
    Those appear on your maps menu in the phone. Its less than perfect, but I often plan drive's that way in segments when on vacation.
  • This new feature terrifies me, but it's amazing! I love it!
  • I Had heard that there was a lawsuit by a woman who was hiking in the hills using google nav/maps and it had lead her to a highway. She kept following the google map trail on the highway until she got hit by a car. she is suing because the computer told her to go that way. Where is your common sense lady?
  • This looks really nice and all, but I still don't have Navigation here in Sweden. They could fix that before they start implementing new stuff.
  • The video shows 3D buildings in the normal Maps view. I don't have any layers that I can see that would toggle them. Is this something that only shows up for certain locations that Google has collected information from?
  • I've found Street View in Marketplace for download to stock 2.1 on my rooted Hero.
  • careful. if you're stupid like that woman, you might run into a post or get run over by a car following walking directions. >_>