Google just made it even easier to get recommendations on Google TV

Google TV Laverne Cox Watchlist
Google TV Laverne Cox Watchlist (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Google is introducing a new way to get recommendations on Google TV.
  • Popular entertainers, artists, and cultural icons will share their top movie and TV picks in Google's new Watch With Me series.
  • The new series kicks off with Emmy-nominated actress Laverne Cox.

The Google TV platform integrates with nearly all major streaming services out there, making it easy to find interesting movies and TV shows. Google is now making it even easier to get recommendations on its smart TV platform.

The search giant has teamed up with entertainers, artists, and cultural icons on a new series called Watch With Me, where they will share their top picks and also give viewers a "behind-the-scenes look at the TV shows and movies that inspired them."

The first episode features Emmy-nominated actress and LGBTQ+ advocate Laverne Cox. Although she spends most of her time in front of the camera, she says she's a fan of being in the audience too.

I still watch television and film as a way to learn, to escape, to be moved, to laugh, to cry.

Google TV users will be able to "dive into" Laverne's watchlist on the For You tab. It is expected to roll out in the U.S. over the next few days. The list of Google TV devices is currently very small. Aside from the Chromecast with Google TV, the platform is limited to the best smart TVs from Sony. TCL will begin shipping its first smart TVs running the Google TV platform later this quarter. The new Google TV platform is likely to replace Android TV completely by 2022.

Chromecast With Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV

The Chromecast with Google TV is a fantastic streaming device with an excellent interface, a great remote, and fast performance. There's also support for 4K HDR streaming, along with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos.

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