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Update: It's official -- a tweet from Google Developers confirms that registration opens at  7AM PDT on Mar. 13. Make a note of it, and good luck to everyone hoping to score a ticket!

Original story: Here's an interesting tidbit for anyone hoping to land a ticket to Google I/O this year. The registration date for the three-day dev conference seems to have shown up briefly on the official I/O site, before being swiftly pulled. If the info that showed up is to be believed, registration will open at 7AM PDT on Wednesday, Mar. 13 -- two months ahead of the event itself.

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Last year's registration sold out in record time, so if the info above is accurate, would-be attendees will need to be hitting that registration site at 7AM sharp on Mar. 13.

You'll probably want to wait for the official confirmation before penciling the date into your diary, however. We'll keep you updated with any news as it emerges.

Source: +Chris Pick; via 9to5Google

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