Google Home can now order you pizza (and do other, lesser things)

Hot on the heels of its latest feature expansion, which brought Netflix and Google Photos integration, Google Home can now order you pizza.

OK, that's not all it can do. VentureBeat reports that more than 30 organizations, both big and small, have today launched new actions for Google Home. In addition to sending pies directly to your door via Domino's Pizza, you could ask WebMD exactly how much pizza you should be eating, and use And Chill to recommend the perfect Netflix movie for the night.

Here's a sampling of the new Google Home services we're seeing today.

Google Home services

The list is only going to keep growing as more developers adopt Actions on Google, which lets them develop tools and bots for Google Home.

If you're a Google Home owner, let us know which new actions you're using down in the comments!

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • These smart things are just gonna make us lazier. And they want us to pay a premium for it.
    Not a fan
  • The same could be said for literally any technology.
  • - love the part where the guy falls out of his seat... (around 1:04)
  • OK grandma.
  • " could ask WebMD exactly how much pizza you should be eating..." All of it, obviously.
  • Can you tell it which coupons to use?
  • I like that Dominos is utilizing technology. Seems more so than some of the other larger pizza chains. You can order pizza via a tweet, from android wear, now this. Awesome.
  • too bad pizza chains serve disgusting pizza
  • Yeah, anything other than Dominos or Poppa John's and I'd be a lot more interested.
  • Regardless of the product, I'm like the fact they are at least trying. Hopefully some of the others will follow suit. I'd be really surprised if a smaller/local shop bothered with any of this to be honest.
  • Thing is, chains cut into "mom/pop" style shops' profits so if the chains are out there moving forward with technology it'll drive some of the other shops to adopt or even come up with new ideas that make them stand out.
  • Chain store pizzas are horrible. Yuck
  • It's good that more companies are coming onboard to Google Home.
  • They have a loooooonnnnnngggg way to go before even beginning to make a dent in Alexa.
  • Aside from ordering from Amazon, how so?
  • I have both. You're wrong.
  • What's the latest on G Suite integration??
  • That would hit the G spot when that happens!
  • How about set reminders? I want that feature the most!
  • I think the problem is. Where would it remind you?
  • Your phone, your calendar, tablet, computer....