Google explains the wizardry that is Google Maps 5

We're all loving the new version of Google Maps and its vector based graphics, and Google has spent the time to explain exactly what makes them better.  There some great detail about vector graphics, and how using them improves things like drawing roads or place labels as well as enabling the things like 3D tilt view, and explanation of how things used to work with the tiled graphics (360 billion tiles were needed to cover the earth!), and most importantly, explanation of how offline caching works -- places you frequent will have a lot of detail, while places you don't venture to as often won't  have as much, all done using about 100 times less data. 

I know a lot of us were expecting an offline version of Google Maps, and it looks like that isn't here just yet.  But Google did say they are continuing to work on the algorithms used to display the data, and we'll see even more improvements over time.  Check it out at the source link.  [Google Mobile Blog]

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • I personally like that it's online; stinks when you have no connection, but when you do you're guaranteed that you're looking at the latest maps.
  • Which aren't always "up to date" anyway. There are a few sections of highways/ramps in the twin cities that have been redone *years* ago which have yet to be updated on the maps...
  • who is this Googel you speak of?? haha.
  • Haha I just panned through the article to see if this was a misspelling or if it was written by some dude named Googel.
  • how do you tilt it on the desktop computer?
  • You don't, its not available for desktop yet only Android.
  • Win for Google Maps on Droid X.
  • When in car dock mode and I hit "My Location". Is this using the new google maps with vector graphics? I don't think so. But I do see an Icon I can use within "My Location" that does. Does anyone know the difference?
  • Of course it's using the new Google maps with vector graphics if that's what you have installed... It just has a special interface for you to use because it's supposed to act like a Garmin (or whatever you like) GPS when the My Location button is clicked in the Car Dock app.
  • no Desire love??? boooooooooooooooo
  • why am i not seeing any of the cool 3D buildings???? what am i doing wrong?
  • - Not all cities have them yet (check the Help in google maps, then there's a link to which cities are supported) - even in supported cities (like here in Tokyo), not all the buildings are 3D yet, just a few here and there, at least out in the suburbs where I am - it's not 3D until it works with my Sharp Lynx 3D's 3D screen ;)
  • i see them now! i thought that i had to use "terrain" or "sattelite" modes to see them, but actually, its neither! lol! my bad!
  • Its alright, its better to feel stupid then to look stupid.
  • Too bad they didn't spend some time fixing the annoying voice in the navigation portion.
  • Ok, so....even tho there is an update for Google Earth as well, why doesn't it work? I keep getting an install error.
  • Somebody fill me in,because I definitely don't have this on my Captivate!!
    Or,I'm just that stupid!!
  • These 3D images has really added charm to Google maps. I do make use of them.
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