Google creates new free replacement program for damaged Nexus 5 phones

If you accidentally damaged your Nexus 5 smartphone, you can get it replaced for free thanks to Google's new Nexus 5 replacement program, which is similar to what rivals HTC and Motorola are offering. The program went live without any announcement or much fanfare, though devoted Nexus 5 owners have confirmed on a Google+ posting in the Nexus 5 community page.

The program may be region-specific as some users are noting that it may not be available in their country, so your mileage may vary. For now, if you've got a damaged handset, you can call Google and see if you can get a free one-time replacement.

For the fulfillment of the replacement, Google may ship you a refurbished unit. The nice thing is they won't ask for your damaged handset until the replacement arrives so you won't be without a phone in the interim.

Have you had any luck with this new replacement program? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Google+ post via DroidLife

Chuong H Nguyen