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Google cloud printing going mobile in the next few days

Like most things at Google, cloud printing started off as a beta back in April 2010 but Google is now launching it across mobile devices. Google cloud printing for mobile documents and GMail mobile apps is now a go. One way to check for it as Google noted is:

Just open a document in Google Docs or an email in Gmail in your mobile browser and choose “Print” from the dropdown menu in the top right corner. You can also print certain kinds of email attachments (such as .pdf or .doc) by clicking the “Print” link that appears next to them.

Starting today and tomorrow English speaking users in the U.S. should start to see the options available to them. You'll have to set up your printer in order for it to work, but Google provides the documentation needed for that. Sadly, only Windows is supported forr the connection portion at the moment but Mac OS X and Linux support is coming soon. [Google Mobile Blog]

  • Wow Amazing Google does it Again! Going to take full advantage of this Feature!
  • I have defined a printer and printed a test page, and I have printed an email from the WEB browser version of Gmail. Very Cool. It will be cool when this is integrated into the Gmail App itself. And when this API is made available to other applications its a whole new world. And you don't have to leave Chrome running on the home PC. But any pop-up caused by the printer (out of paper, etc) will happen on the PC and you will be given no clue that the print job failed. Still Very Very Cool. Print from Anywhere.
  • Beyond cool! Tried it with my phone and it worked great. Still can't get it to work from a PC though (other than a test page). Can't even see the option to cloud print from the PC.
  • I haven't tried it yet, but this is awesome.
  • Very cool stuff
  • Is anybody else noticing the gingerbread notification bar on the nexus one?
  • It's ok that it doesn't support Mac OS. It's not a necessary feature until apple invents it. When they decide to invent it, then everyone else will just be copying them. :)
  • Honestly though, I'm quite enjoying my near paper-free world. This is a cool feature, but not one that I'll use much.
  • Too bad it's not available from the Gmail app yet. Looking forward to this being fully developed.
  • Cool, glad I didn't pay for the print sharing app. I almost did but couldn't get myself to pay for something like this.
  • This is a long way from the Print Share Pro. PSP will print almost anything. And on wifi, you don't need to install yet another hole in your network gateway. This thing is very limited.
    Plus it establishes a connection from your windows machine to Google that is persistent.
  • Just printed a .PDF from my GDOCS mobile app while I was having lunch at T-Bell. Got back to the office and viola, there's a page on my printer! AWESOME!
  • Where is the print option for pdf? I only see it for .doc
  • This is why I love Google/Android because of their fast feature updates...they just stole some thunder from hp/palm.
  • couldn't get it to work :( successfully found my printer and it said "created job" but no dice. will be cool once i get it working
  • just for the record. Google Cloud Printing went live.
  • Ah, yeah, we know. Thats what all the posts above were about.
  • Great tool. With that said, I can print emails, but I am unable to print from Google Docs. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • I love it :-)
  • I'd like to see this available for any app on the Android platform, not just the Gmail app.
  • I love the idea of being able to print directly from my phone. I hate having to boot up my computer just to print stuff.
  • Yeah, this sounds cool, but I use FileLinx by DroidLinx. It transfers files as well as prints images, doc, docx, pdf, ppt,wps,htm,txt, etc, from my Android to my PC printer. It uses WiFi or 3G, it doesn't care and switches automatically. I can be anywhere and transfer or print files between my PC and my phone. You have to buy the App on The Market for $6.00, and download the PC part from their site. The PC software is free and you can get as many downloads of it as you want and put it on more than one PC. I have it at home and work. No Cloud Server needed. No extra fees. Its direct and secure. They seem to be constantly refining the app. I already got two free upgrades (printing initially was just image and pdf now it has most formats). I do not like the idea of Google monitoring my docs. That's just me.