Google may release its own headphones with Assistant built-in

While a lot of headphones have the ability to activate Google Assistant, what this really does is activated Assistant on the phone. While that's all well and good, being able to process commands on the headphones would also be useful. According to 9to5Google, some Assistant headphones may be on their way.

9to5Google decompiled the APK file of the most recent version of the Google app. In it, they found references to the ability for the user to hear and reply to notifications, how to app will handle the Assistant button on the headphones being toggled, and the ability for the headphones to receive firmware updates.

Given that the next Pixel phones won't include a 3.5mm headphone jack, it's safe to assume the headphones would connect wirelessly via Bluetooth. Other than the inclusion of Assistant, there's not much that would separate Google's headphones from more established devices like the Bose QC-35's or the Sony MDR-1000X.

Would you buy a pair of headphones if it included Google Assistant! Let us know down below?

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Tom Westrick
  • Isn't that special. Remove the headphone jack, presto. Oh well, I can only do Google so I have to live with it
  • I mean, it's not like you'd be able to use any other Bluetooth headphones
  • Given his problem is with the new pixel apparently not having a 3.5mm jack, being able to use other Bluetooth headphones will probably bring little comfort...
  • I'm going to use a adapter , so whatever.
    I do not do Bluetooth. For me software will override lack of jack. As you were.
  • Just like everyone bought USB C adapters for their micro USB cables, I don't see how adding a few adapters to the ends of you wired headphones is such a big deal. Unless you need to charge your phone at the same time but I'm sure the next generation of phones will have 2 USB C ports or a split cable will come out to fix that problem.
  • This still does not make sense to me. I had a car dock on the Galaxy s3 that charged the phone and played music thru the same micro USB plug on the phone. If USB-C is so good, why aren't there any adaptors for this? Edit; I take that back, found some online. Ok. No big deal then. So why does everyone keep saying you can't charge and play music at the same time? You can buy an adapter on Amazon for $9. This should not be an issue or concern anymore.
  • And progress marches forward until we are completely wireless and have batteries that will last forever :)
  • Probably not interested. Pretty picky when it comes to my headphones, and at home I have a Google Home and my Pixel is never far from me. It's a nice idea, and I'd pay more to have Assistant built in to say my Sony 1000X's, but I wouldn't buy a new pair for Assistant.
  • Totally called that! When you reported no headphone jack, I knew it was an economic move. Not to save room and make out thinner.
  • Why? Other than being a really good way to kill the tiny beauties, what real benefit is their to processing assistant queries on the headphones rather than the phone?
  • I'm wondering why Amazon or somebody doesn't build an Alexa pair of Bluetooth earbuds.
  • Would be cool if these relied on your phone just as a data connection and could stream your music just as easily over wifi without any phone in the mix at all.
  • Then again, maybe casting to my headphones is a level of complication the world doesn't need.
  • I don't think I'd want headphones that require a wifi connection to work.
  • + a lot. No is forcing anyone to buy them, I guess is the bottom line. Not my cup of tea.
  • This does seem a little silly. The headphones aren't going to have the AI built in. The phone doesn't even have it built in, it uses backend processing to service most requests. That would mean the headphones would need connectivity independent of the phone. Doesn't seem like it adds much, other than cost.
  • Yeah, I would probably get them.
  • I'm all in the Google ecosystem, so if these do release I will get them for sure .
  • That's one mistake I will not be making. Google will most certainly release a subpar product like they always seem to do.
  • Do not fall into the trap, doesn't matter if it's Google or Apple. Keep a open mind.
  • Remember the good ol' days when headphones just played what was piped into them....... I like tech, but for me, when the buds go in the ears, its escape from the real world time. The last thing I want to do on the train is start belting out 'ok google' commands with my hands and phone in my pockets. No thanks. I'll use a calorie or two and manually execute my request
  • Yes
  • Lol love this comment. I always manually type in my request to Google. Half the time it doesn't listen to me with ought yelling at it anyway lol..
  • Seems a little silly to me. I have a Home and my phone is never far away either
  • I wonder how much bloat this adds to the Google app. Functionality in an app used by billions but only useful to a tiny fraction of people in a fraction of countries. The Google Home app would be a better fit.
  • I already have too many items in my house answering ok google
  • I like the idea. This is like a 2.5 version of Android Wear. As long as they sound good I am in. Make them like the Bose in ears and it would be perfect. Do not make them look like beats. Ugh.
  • typo: "how to app will handle"
    also in the last paragraph, you have the question mark and exclamation point backwards.