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Google announces Google Shopper, a visual/voice Amazon-type app

Google just announced a new Android application: Google Shopper. It basically combines Google Googles and voice search to deliver a neat little shopping tool in a Googlefied way. You can choose whether to scan barcodes or simply snap a photo through the app and it'll display the results. Yep, it's kind of like ShopSavvy, kind of like the Amazon app, and really, kind of like a lot of things that already exist in the Market. To quote Google:

Shopper lets you find product information quickly by using your phone's camera. It can recognize cover art of books, CDs, DVDs, and video games, along with most barcodes. You can also speak the name of the product you're looking for. Use Shopper to make smart decisions about what to buy, what price to pay, and where to buy it.

Go get it in the Android Market and tell us what you think! And hit the jump if you want to see how Google Shopper works on video.

  • OK, so this works on 1.5, but Google Goggles doesn't? How ODD.
    EDIT: it looks like a spoke to soon. Its not downloading on my Hero.
    EDIT #2: It looks like nothing is downloading for me on the market... I'll patiently wait.
  • It downloaded. No issues now.
  • It works on my Eris
  • Runs great on my Droid. I noticed an interesting side effect with this - I went into the settings and turned off the "beep" that plays when it finds the item you're scanning. Then I opened ShopSavvy after that and discovered that it disabled the beep for that too. At first I thought that maybe it just muted the notifications sounds, but they're still at the same level they were before. Strange.
  • Wow your worried about a beep nice one bro lol. Works fine on my eris.
  • He didn't sound worried to me, just pointing out an odd quirk. What's the problem with that?
  • works on my Sprint to find something to
  • I can't even find the application on my Sprint Hero...
  • In the market, it is just called "Shopper".
  • Man, Google is always busy at something.
  • A couple of observations after just trying it out on a copy of Braveheart on blu-ray versus Shopsavvy: 1. Does this make Goggles irrelevant now?
    2. Both apps correctly identified the product. However Shopper only found it at walmart and directed me to the website to buy it.
    3. Shopsavvy not only found 35 different locations online, it also found 33 local places selling it, and provides driving directions to those places from my current location. It'll also show all the locations on a map. It also provided user reviews of the product. This was just a quick test on one product, but so far Shopsavvy wins hands down on actually researching competitive prices and then giving you options to find it nearby. Shoppers advantage is it can scan just the box cover, doesn't even need the barcode symbol. However Shopper can't scan QR codes whereas Shopsavvy can.