Google Pixel 4 Dominos boxSource: Dominos

What you need to know

  • Google and Dominos came together to deliver Pixel 4 smartphones and pizzas on Cyber Monday.
  • The limited-time offer was available to residents of Miami Beach, FL for eight hours through the website.
  • The promo included the Cyber Monday $200 discount, a special edition case, and a free 12-inch pizza.

Back in October, Google and Dominos teamed up to deliver Pixel 4 smartphones with a Dominos pizza. At the time, the pizza and Pixel combo was only a special promotion for influencers and retail salespeople. However, on Cyber Monday, Google expanded the promo to one lucky city. For eight hours, Google allowed residents of Miami Beach, FL to get a Pixel 4 delivered from Dominos.

As you can see in the above unboxing video, the Dominos pizza box comes with a special design on top, highlighting some of the Pixel 4's signature features — such as Motion Sense and Assistant. The phone itself is listed as a "premium topping and is housed in a built-in compartment at the top of the box. A second box includes all of the accessories such as the 18W charger, USB-C cable, Quick Switch Adapter, SIM tool, and a "special edition" Pixel 4 case.

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During the short-lived promotion, orders were handled through the website, and it allowed you to choose from either a 128GB unlocked Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. To sweeten the deal even further, Google was selling them at the Black Friday and Cyber Monday prices which included a $200 discount. Plus, you got a choice of a free medium 12-inch pizza.

Here's hoping the promotion was a success, because what could be better than getting your brand new Pixel 4 delivered to your door in less than an hour with a hot fresh pizza? We'd love to see Google expand this to more cities, especially at the same time that $200 discount is available.

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