According to Reuters:

Jim Simpson, vice president of business development and chief strategist for Boeing Network and Space Systems, told Reuters the big technology firms were keen to expand Internet access around the world to help them grow.

The real key to being able to do these type of things is ultra high-throughput capabilities, where we're looking at providing gigabytes, terrabytes, pedabytes of capability.

Though Boeing declined to share specific details regarding the discussions, the Reuters report mentions that a deal is likely to be finalized by the end of the year. High-bandwidth communications satellites may just be the next step for Google, which bought satellite firm Skybox Imagery last year for $500 million to "help improve internet access and disaster relief."

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The search giant has also invested $1 billion in Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX, although Boeing's Simpson stated that the investment was for equity and not investment toward a satellite. Then there's Project Loon, through which Google is aiming to provide Internet access via helium balloons circling the Earth.

Source: Reuters

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