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Going to ask Sprint about Froyo? Here's what they'll tell you

Sprint's been more vocal than others about working on Froyo updates for its phones, whether it's a blog post, or taking to Twitter. But if you're thinking about bugging someone on the phone or in a store, you're not likely to get anywhere. Above is a memo that went out yesterday regarding the Samsung Epic 4G and Transform, and the Sanyo Zio. Clearly, there's no date scheduled for Froyo to ship, so don't ask.

You will, however, hear that Sprint "works closely with our manufacturing partners" in getting updates out the door and "as quickly as possible" and all the usual bullet points. No surprise there, other than the Zio's possibly going to get Froyo. We were on the fence about the Transform, but it's listed, too, so there you go.

Sprint's said it, and we'll say it again, too -- it'll be ready when it's ready.

  • Well.... at least their doing something... and not giving ...zon
  • Well at least I now see this is not just a carrier thing, I am with AT&T (Samsung Captivate). Samsung you just play out right down to the point S U C K! I will NEVER buy another Samsung phone again nor will I let anyone else I know. To me this just simply shows Samsung's true nature.
  • Well, duh. Samung's only been telling the world how much they want o increase their sales by the millions in the near future here. I'm just glad that the Epic is easy to root and instal custom roms on :) Samsung did that right at the very least. I guess I'm not really waiting for Froyo anymore.
  • I won't buy another Samsung product, not even a monitor. It cost me $35 to return the Captivate to AT&T, they refused to acknowledge there was even a problem with the gps. Now, SIX months later, no update to the OS and I hear the Captivate still can't get a reliable gps lock. Samsung is so proud of how many Galaxy S devices they have sold. How about being proud of how good your support is for your products?
  • this whole samsung thing is starting to really tweak me....BAD!
  • I think the carriers lose control of the phone with the update, you can manage startup apps and memory much better, you can get rid of there stuff. Its the carrier holding up the update
  • Bugging Sprint is not terribly helpful when the problem is clearly Samsung. Sprint is more than willing and able to keep phones updated, and they proved it with the Evo. It is interesting that Sprint worked to get the HTC Shift- a phone that competes directly for the same market as the Samsung Epic. And then priced it a lot lower (of course the Epic is a lot bigger and faster too)! One has to wonder if Sprint is already fed up with Samsung.
  • I would think they are. With numerous customers upset with the lack, of features they had to do something. They have to give those customers a chance to get what they've been missing.
  • The Epic is not faster. Its processor is clocked at a higher speed (1GHz) but the Shift runs a next-gen processor (800MHz) which actually performs tasks faster. It does have a bigger and better screen though. That's about all it has going for itself
  • The GPU on the Epic is still far better than the Evo Shift as its running an AMD Adreno 205 chip rather the PowerVR SGX 540 which is still twice as fast in graphics. The 205 is about double the performance of the Adreno 200 found on the original Evo but still no where near the SGX 540. Also the shift does not have a front facing camera.
  • Source? I see Galaxy S phones getting a lot higher benchmarks than the Shift 4G.
  • I am pretty sure the delay for the transform is the sprint id. If I remember correctly sprint stated they were going to add sprint id to the epic also. I think they said that when they announced the 3 id phones. Or maybe i just made it up. It all could have been a dream.
    not a dream woohoo!!!
    By woohoo I mean that sucks. One more thing to slow down the update process.
  • We're never gettin froyo. Ive already accepted it.thanks alot samsung for so greatly supporting your own products....thanks for being truthful to ur customers too........
  • Why Did u choose the Epic over the EVO anyway? Was it the physical keyboard because nothing else is better on the phone at all. It has a smaller screen it's larger and sense. You should have gotten the EVO and it would be on by now. We are on our way to gingerbread really soon.
  • I got the Epic for the screen, and because the EVO was out of stock so I couldn't see if it is close enough to the Samsung to call it even. I'm not talking size here, I'm referring to quality. I don't regret it, although I don't know what I may or may not be missing with the EVO either.
  • I did heavy research into comparing the Epic vs. the Evo and I'm still happy about my purchase 3 months into it. They both have various various advantages and in my "simplified" matrix where I compared 17 points between the two phones, the Evo won 8, and the Epic won 9 categories. Although it turned out that Bluetooth 3.0 was not on the Epic, so its actually 8 to 8 but I think the 8 that does stand out is quite amazing making it a much better phone overall. Still hate Samsung for being a slow arse in releasing 2.2....
  • The epic has a better screen, better specs. overall a better phone.
  • Let's go evo 2.
  • This is really a Samsung issue, not the carrier. So, my simple answer to Samsung is forget me as a customer in the future for ANYTHING (TV, Tablet, DVR, Phone, etc.) I will look elsewhere. You do not CARE about, or for, your customers. All you care for is what can you sell someone next. Sorry, you can't take care of what you are selling. Everything now has some sort of firmware or software, you won't update!!!! You forgot me, I'll remember what you did the next time I purchase any electronic gadget.
  • You couldn't have said it better. I used to think Samsung was the shiz but after all the crap they've pulled with their phone updates I will not buy another Samsung product.
  • what sucks is that Samsung makes really good hardware. The camcorder on the Epic are much better than the EVO. If it weren't for that, I'd be EVO all the way. But come on Sammy, just release the damn update!
  • what sucks is that Samsung makes really good hardware. The camcorder on the Epic are much better than the EVO. If it weren't for that, I'd be EVO all the way. But come on Sammy, just release the damn update!
  • Good news is they finally at least addressed Froyo and it sounds like good news for Transform and Zio owners as they will be getting Froyo too. It is to bad all we will hear are these vanilla answers from Sprint but it's not surprising. As for the Epic, Froyo is available and it runs great if you're willing to give it a go. I have been using it for a few months now. It's clear that Sprint has no time table set to release it. With Froyo taking so long I am betting Froyo will be the only OS update for the Epic, which is sad because it is plenty capable to run Gingerbread. The good news is Froyo gives the few things the Epic really needs like Flash and App2SD card.
  • I still think the Epic might get Gingerbread. Sure it might not be until the Fall, but I think it might get it.
  • Can't wait to see what new phones are up after a year of the Epic. Great phone but the last Samsung I will ever own.
  • According to my sprint guy the Optimus 2x will be coming to sprint.
  • Ok, I'll bite but what position was this "Sprint guy" in that he would have such knowledge? If this Sprint guy was customer service or retail, I'd say it's just wishful thinking on their part.
  • He runs a wireless at work loocation. He is not a super inside knowledge guy, but the few little nuggets of info he gets are usually pretty solid. Example: He informed me about the Shift several months ago by name.
    He is not really dropping super secret info. We were just having a conversation about phones that might be out when I am up for an upgrade in a few months.
  • I'm also really disappointed in $am$ung. I don't care what PR spin they released recently about not charging their carriers for updates, $am$ung isn't going to release anything unless it's profitable for them. P.s. This is my last $am$ung product for anything. I'm also telling everyone who will listen to never buy $am$ung. Poor product support and non existent updates just means that they forget about you once they get your money. Thank you $am$ung for driving me to this point.
  • Samsung gave Froyo to all the carriers in early December. Since then, the carriers have been trying to shove their bloatware into it, and trying to get their mobile hotspot apps to work without crashing. So we can blame Sammy for the wait up until December, but the last two months have been the fault of the carriers.
  • Where did you get this information from? If it's just your assumption, I'll give you mine! Samsung sends RC's to carriers to test, with the bloatware already installed ... Look at the leaks for the captivate and Epic, they have bloatware. The carriers test the builds and sometimes leak them to see how they do for a real world test. If the test fails, Samsung is notified of the issues and the carriers wait for a new RC from Samsung. Samsung, only caring about selling new hardware, sits on their butt hoping that new hardware is released quickly so they can just drop support on the older hardware. As for people saying it's the bloatware or touchwiz holding up the release ... I call BS!! The bloatware is just software that runs on Android. If the Andorid build is good, the bloatware should run without a hitch. There's no way that a different version of bloat has to be written for every piece of hardware/android OS combo. In addition, saying Touchwiz causing the delay is BS!! Samsung already know how to integrate touchwiz into Froyo, being that they've done it multiple times. A small tweak here and there to get it to run on a different version of hardware shouldn't be difficult. If it's so difficult for them to do this, they should just hand their hat and only sell hardware with vanilla Android, period!
  • Does anyone really care about Froyo anymore? If you are reading this forum you probably already have it through a custom ROM. The only thing I really care about at this point is will my next phone have Gingerbread on it.
  • Can you voice dial over bluetooth? I still care about this 2.2 update getting released. THEN we can b!tch about Gingerbread...
  • I'm glad I went with an Evo than an Epic. While I am jealous of the physical keyboard, I am content knowing HTC is updating its phones...
  • Ill believe it when I see it
  • Blaming samsung is ignorant. All the different galaxy s phones are basically the same. My vibrant just got the update, so samsungs part is done. The only thing left is the carriers bloatware, which samsung has nothing to do with.
  • 60 million phones....HAHAHAHAHA!!
  • root your phone don't wait simply enough. im spam funny
  • I will say it again NO MORE SAMSUCK FOR ME not tvs not dvd/blu ray nada.
  • Shoot... I'm way past Froyo... I want to know when my HTC Evo will get Gingerbread :-)
  • My Froyo works just fine on my Epic....oh that's right, I am running Viper trinity custom ROM. Save yourselves folks lol
  • How's that voice dialing over bluetooth going?
  • Again, to everyone that says "root"... I've rooted my Fascinate. Now what? How do I get App2SD? How do I get Flash? There IS NO WORKING BUILD OR LEAK OF 2.2 for the Fascinate. And how about your Mother or your uncle or the guy across the street? Do they know how to use Odin or ADB? Samsung is Fail. Period.
  • This has nothing to do with samsung, I personally got tired of sprints nitpicking and judgmental testers that I updated to the ext4 froyo for the Epic and it runs faster than any other android (except for the nexus s) so if your tired of waiting do yourself an update straight from the Epic forums
  • Good for you. Sprint has every right to nitpick and demand their testers be judgementa. If they don't, and the 2.2 release bricks phones, or introduces new bugs and instabilities, they're the ones who have to deal with the support nightmare. Better to take the time to get it right the first time and not piss off a wider swath of customers whose phone no longer works correctly after the update.
  • Is anyone else sick and tired of Android Central's condescending attitude on this subject? "Sprint's said it, and we'll say it again, too -- it'll be ready when it's ready" You'd think a website devoted to to Android would be more sympathetic to an issue that clearly is a big deal for its customers. I have heard enough of the average consumer doesn't care about 2.1 versus 2.2. I am an average consumer, and I care. I have run into numerous apps that don't work on 2.1, and would REALLY like to have the update. Being an average consumer I am not at all comfortable with rooting and installing custom ROMs. Unfortunately, that is just beyond my capabilities. Come on Android Central, remember who you're here for.
  • I'm with you on frustration with the AC stance on this. Thanks for posting. The guys are so deep into the developer scene, they can't relate to average users. Seems like a story here that android reporters would pursue. Why has the official version taken so long since we've seen a leaked Froyo? Is the problem with Samsung or Sprint? "It takes what it takes," so if "as soon as possible" is April, or next year, that's fine with AC I guess. In the post-CES podcast, the editors were saying how grateful they are that they can spend full time messing with Android. I have a non-android full time job and two toddlers. So it's hard for me to find the time to wipe my phone and hope I can get it back working. I've been researching, and the info provided in the forums is amazing. I figure I can't depend on SamSprint, so I better get used to flashing ROMs if I plan to ever have Gingerbread on my Epic.
  • "Sprint's said it, and we'll say it again, too -- it'll be ready when it's ready" Only android central post garbage like this. this is not the first time they try to imply its the customer's fault to ask for a timely update. While all the other android sites all at the real victim's side (The Galaxy owners). We have all the rights to be fking piss off when samsung false advertise to get us to buy their phones. We brought it because they said the Froyo update would release last year. Its not the first time Phil Nickinson post this type of garbage. He has done the same b4 when he post regarding the Froyo states.
  • Along the lines of this, how many Android updates has Samsung released lately for various devices that have caused problems? Aside from the more vocal people who troll forums, the AVERAGE Android user isn't obsessed about when their phone is going to be updated to 2.2 or 2.3. They're more concerned about whether the device is usable...Can they make calls? Do their apps work? Are they able to browse the Internet?
  • Exactly, we are now at the point where there are a number of apps that don't work ("Do Their apps work?" was one of your criteria) on 2.1. By your own definition this is a problem for the AVERAGE android user.
  • Yeah, I agree with skmayer. I'm totally getting that vibe as well. I've rooted and flashed my phone to Froyo, but that doesn't mean others who don't know how don't deserve the update. My parents and sister also have Captivates and are still waiting for their updates, but they want OTA so as not to void their warranties. I really don't like AC's current attitude.
  • My local sprint Store (emeryville ca.) has an epic with froyo on display. The guy said that the new batch of epic's they just got in all came with froyo preinstalled. He said the problem is getting eclair epics updated to froyo.
  • I'm betting that the quality of Samsung's updates are so poor no carriers will let it pass QA. That would explain why, aside from yesterdays update, it has been a universal delay across all current devices.
  • I'm guessing you're right and that's the reason Samsung has been doing the update using Kies.
  • I wonder if the rfs file system is causing issues since it sucks in comparison to ext4 which the nexus s has. Wonder if they are trying to get ext 4 on out phones along with froyo. Doesn't gingerbread require ext4 anyway?
  • Not it doesn't require Ext4. Ext4 was used on some of the partitions on the Nexus S, but it wasn't and still isn't a requirement.
  • I've contacted @sprintcare, Sprint Support, and have had two opportunities to speak with Sprint Executive Services regarding the Epic. @sprintcare continues to state that they cannot provide timing details at this time. One response I received from Sprint Support was all the bullet points listed in the screen shot. I've reminded them how T-mobile and U.S. Cellular have been able to provide timing details, but Sprint is clearly concerned with providing a date and then missing it. I'm determined to try to find out where things stand with the testing and what specific problems there might be. is running a story stating that the Galaxy S and Tablet will get 2.3 in Q2 2011. Amazing how there are so many rumors and no factual information.
  • Good luck. Never going to get concrete information until, or if, they are ready to actually start rolling out the updates.
  • tell ya what Samsung
    i'll buy another Samsung product when I buy it
    and that'll be ...
    guess when...
    can you guess???
  • Considering how well the leaked version of Froyo runs on the Epic, I'm not entirely convinced this is Samsung's fault past the date the build was first completed.
  • DK28 is buggy and it has been confirmed by the Dev community. In addition, it has been known to brick phones. So even if there were no known bugs, Sprint can't afford to release an update that might brick half it's phones during the update. The update process would need to fixed by Samsung. And since Samsung is doing coding, it's all boils down to Samsung and we've seen over and over again, they are the worst at updates and sometimes just lie... Look at the Behold II.
  • They are trying to put Sprint ID on the Epic. I Think we should all call Sprint and Spam them into not adding Sprint ID to the Epic. DK28 has been solid to me there is no way they need this much time to smooth out the rough edges. Its the Sprint id holding things up! I don't want Sprint ID!!!
  • One thing everyone here needs to realize is that we are a very small minority here. These updates are only a big deal to us users that participate in forums and sites like this and XDA, and that is a very small percentage of total users. 90% of Android users have no idea what Froyo is or that there is an update in the works until their phone tells them they need to update. As long as the masses are happy, Samsung and Sprint are happy.
  • Which is why I was really surprised by T-Mobiles move yesterday to make people use kies for the update. Vibrant users said the previous updates were OTA. So how many regular joes would have any idea the update was even available? That's not even mentioning the hurdles people were going through yesterday to try to get kies to work. You would think with as much time as they spent on it they would want everyone to at least be notified that there is an update available.
  • then they shouldn't have made an android 2.2 update
    a key part of their galaxy S USA launch announcement should they... you think I would have bought this phone in July if he had said
    "maybe it will get android 2.2 SOMETIME IN 2011 or whenever
    we damn well feel like it?" why are you apologizing for them?
    they pay you?
  • I don't understand how the intercept gets 2.2, but the epic doesn't.
  • Your answer : Sprint ID
  • Why are they acting like Froyo is this huge technical undertaking that takes years to perfect?? its like their finding a cure for some disease or something.
  • This is my first and last phone I will purchase from Samsung. I got this phone with the promise of updates. That was supposed to happen in October. I hate being lied to. Not gonna happen to me again.
  • I have good news about the lack of an update for your phone! You can demand and get a service credit from Sprint! (I got $5 off my $40/month bill, others reported $10-$20 off). I've documented it on my blog:
    I've posted it on the Sprint Forums (Which they removed after a few days)
    I want to make sure everyone knows, don't let Sprint push you around, demand a service credit, and do it every month past when they said the update would be available! Tell everyone! (And if you happen to use this info to save a few bucks, please share my blog link with others so they might do the same!!
  • I finally made created account.. I've been lurking over this site for awhile now and I joined (not just to complain about froyo) but also that this is a great site. Jesus christ, it's really Infuriating to see such a great company like Samsung steep so low.. They act like they are moving from 1.1 all the way to froyo in one big leap.
  • The update is out there samsung made it, the control hungry carriers are stopping it.