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Gogo adds Amazon Payments to get your Android devices online on planes

If you want to get online with your Android smartphone or tablet on an airplane, you're going to have to use Gogo to do so. And now you'll be able to pay with Amazon Payments. The company this morning announced the additional method, which will be handy for those who have been entering their credit card info each time you hit 10,000 feet. 

"By enabling Amazon Payments, we are offering the hundreds of millions of Amazon customers an easy way to pay for Internet access on Gogo," said Ash ElDifrawi, Gogo's chief commercial officer. "We know that Amazon buyers are highly satisfied with their payment experience on Amazon.  This relationship gives Gogo customers a familiar choice that they already know and trust."

Look for the Amazon Payment logo when you log on at

Source: Gogo

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  • Now if they can just charge LESS for the internet access that would be even better.
  • +obligatory 4-digit number Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button
  • Or at the very least make it complimentary for people in first/business class.
  • First class doesn't need free Internet. Posted via Android Central App
  • Agreed. Honestly if Mc Donalds and Starbucks can give free wifi to thier customer who are buying a five dollar cup of coffee then you would think that people who spend $200+ on a plane ticket could get free Internet too. But they don't even give out peanuts anymore so I'm not surprised.
  • Considering Frontier airlines has started charging for freaking carry-on bags, I wouldn't hold my breath on getting anything free. Oh, and they char $2 for a can of soda.
  • The cost of wi-fi on the ground is cheaper than on a plane. Plus, you don't want 200 people hogging bandwidth mid-flight. The cost has two purposes, the first is too make a profit, the second to keep people from over doing it. Frankly, I'm worried that soon everyone will be making phone calls via wifi on a plane. Is anyone looking forward to sitting near that person?
  • I don't mind the threat of VOIP. But in no small part because I'm the person who won't hesitate to rat out the guy who tries to sneakily listen to his headphones during takeoff, so I will make obnoxious comments to the jerk VOIPing next to me and get up to go to the bathroom every three minutes just to tick him off.
  • You seriously have to pay for in flight wifi? WTH?
  • Yes, GoGo cost and depending on the device attempting to connect the cost changes. I hit the page with a tablet and a phone and the tablet costed more, so I connected with my phone and tethered BUUHAHA. I mean I am not unsympathetic to business and I know airlines aren't making much money, but first we are now charged extra for checked in bags which forces ppl to use more carry-on's and cabin check-ins (bypass the checked bags), plus the snacks have really gone down the crapper and if you want any decent snack you are paying $8 for a biscuit sandwhich, and internet, of which I am grateful we have that now but at between ~6-10 bucks for an hour is crazy. (holy run-on sentence!)
  • $2 would be reasonable and likely wouldn't clog up bandwidth. It's like going to a movie theatre and paying $5 for popcorn. I WILL NEVER buy anything at a movie theatre. Charge $2 and I will. Has no one ever tested the theory of charging less to make more?! Posted via my thumb(s) and the Submit button
  • You must be married. Us single folks have to or we come off as cheap. Damn hot women and thier tight dresses :)
  • Yeah - it's $14 a flight (one-way) on Delta, which is about $2.33/hr for a 6 hour coast2coast flight.
  • I know, right? I mean, my god, we're traveling hundreds of miles an hour, 5 miles up from the surface of the earth and we have to PAY to use a service that gives us near-instant access to essentially all the world's knowledge? Jeez...
  • Does that mean amazon gift card are a viable option for paying for gogo. At least those giftcards can be had at a discounted price.
  • Flying sucks, and now theres a steep charge to plug into something that would make it suck less. I pay 30/month for fast, secure internet... A MONTH! Mr. Garrison needs to bring the "IT" to the market already; that way I'd be able to mentally prepare myself for a reaming, nobody would fondle my manhood, I'd have plenty of leg room, and I'd still have unlimited data.