After first being released on the PC and later on iOS devices, the acclaimed god game Godus has finally arrived for Android on the Google Play Store. The free-to-play game comes from developer 22cans, founded by well known designer Peter Molyneux, who pretty much invented the god game genre with classic PC titles like Dungeon Keeper, Populus and others.

Godus lets players shape and mold the physical world of a fictional kingdom, while also pleasing its Followers. 22cans says:

The Android release of Godus incorporates all the exciting elements featured in the latest version of the game for iOS. Now, players will be able to advance their growing civilization into the brand new Frontier Age, where they can look forward to exploring a vast land with all-new challenges, unique surroundings and fresh mysteries to uncover. Coinciding with the game's debut on Android, players will be able to enjoy innovative social network integration that names their in-game population after their real-life Facebook friends. Additionally, friends can explore each other's worlds for the first time, as well as being able to compete and compare their progress in weekly events that see their Followers embark on exclusive voyages in the pursuit of rare prizes. Godus' intuitive controls have also taken a step forward with the new ability to rotate the world and look behind cliffs and mountains.

Will you use your powers for good or evil in Godus?