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What you need to know

  • Gmail Go, a lighter version of the Gmail app designed for Android Go devices, is now available to download for all Android phones.
  • While the app has a near-identical UI to the regular Gmail app, it is optimized for devices with less RAM.
  • Unlike the regular Gmail app, however, it doesn't offer Google Meet integration.

Nearly three years back, Google introduced the first "Go" versions of some of its most popular apps, optimized for Android Go devices featuring low RAM and storage. As spotted by the folks at 9to5Google, Google's Gmail Go app is now available for all Android users on the Play Store.

According to the app description on the Play Store, the Gmail Go app is "lighter and just as fast" as the regular Gmail app. While screenshots of the app haven't been added to the Play Store listing yet, the app has a similar UI to the regular app. You get support for multiple accounts, spam protection, and the same smart inbox.

Gmail Gmail Go ComparisonSource: 9to5Google

There are, however, some key differences too. The app icon has a red "Go" badge at the bottom, while Google Meet hasn't been integrated into the app yet. Whether or not the app will get a bottom bar with Meet integration in the future, is something that remains to be seen. Since the app has been designed specifically for low-end devices, the UI doesn't have any layering. You get a white outline for the search field and an elongated Compose button. As noted by 9to5Google, the app's frame rate has also been capped, which results in noticeable lag when scrolling.

With Gmail Go now available to download for all Android phones, Assistant Go and YouTube Go remain the only "Go" apps that are still exclusive to Android Go phones.

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