Get your own 360-degree Android camera attachment for just $80!

360-degree cameras are still a bit of a niche product, with the best cameras still priced at a couple hundred dollars. Sure, that's a cool product to have, it might not be something you're willing to drop a few hundred dollars on just for the novelty. And yet…


If you want to check out a 360-degree camera sooner than later, Android Central Digital Offers has the deal for you! For just $80, you can get a 360-degree camera that simply plugs into your Android smartphone and lets you snap complete roundabout photos in up to 8MP resolution. You also have the option to shoot 2048 x 1024 video at 30fps. There's also a built in micro SD card slot that can support a card up to 128GB (not included), so you don't need to use up your phone internal storage.

Photos are shot in .jpg and video are recorded as .mp4, which makes it real easy to share it all with your friends and family on social media. The camera attachment has a USB-C connector, but we've graciously included a microUSB adapter if needed.

Regularly, this 360-degree camera would be sold for $149.99, but you'll save 46% with this deal. Get yours and record the world around you like never before!

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