Celebrate the release of Nougat with these Nexus wallpapers!

If you're rocking Nougat right now, I'm happy for you. This is the benefit of buying a Nexus. For the rest of us, we'll be waiting a little while for Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and the rest to get updates to our phones. Okay, some of us will be waiting a lotta while, but in the meantime, we've got a little piece of Nougat you can taste on your own device: a rocking new wallpaper, pulled from the Google Now Launcher that pushed with Nougat on the Nexus 6P and 5X.

Dusk is upon us

It's pink. It's glorious. It's dusky. And even though it's not the most exciting wallpaper, it's a wallpaper with a subtle grace and simplicity to add some class to your home screen.

Download: Dusk

The code must flow...

I'm not entirely sure if this is sand or a coarse rock wall, but the lights and shadows at work here are breathtaking. I'd use two icon packs with this wall, one with the shadows and one with that beautiful golden rock.

Download: Sandy

Sand and the sea

This thin strip of sand along the deep, dark blue of the ocean is mesmerizing. It reminds me of trying to walk a delicate knife edge... Whether keeping balance or just remembering how thin the target you're reaching for is, this wallpaper has you covered.

Download: Islet

Watch out for the rocks

As we navigate our lives, and the Android world, there's always rocks we have to steer away from, and while lighthouses sometimes help, we all must be vigilant as we try to traverse our own oceans.

Download: Rocky

Make a wave

Waves are enigmatic things. Taming them is impossible. Riding them takes the experience and the faith to let it carry you away. Wave represent tension, conflict, and yet they are quite peaceful to watch, and especially to hear.

Download: Wave

Ara Wagoner

Ara Wagoner was a staff writer at Android Central. She themes phones and pokes YouTube Music with a stick. When she's not writing about cases, Chromebooks, or customization, she's wandering around Walt Disney World. If you see her without headphones, RUN. You can follow her on Twitter at @arawagco.

  • !! New Nexus stuff! Ara have you tried out the new Nexus Launcher with it's wallpaper picker?
  • No, I'm digging into all of that this weekend.
  • It's pretty awesome, takes a bit to set up since you have to install it via adb in order to get wallpapers and whatnot to work, but it's pretty slick. I was actually surprised how smooth it is.
  • Aquila what "new" Nexus launcher do you speak of? Is this different than the original Nexus Launcher leak we read about a couple of weeks ago? If so do you have a download link? Thanks in advance...
  • Probably the same one you're referencing, I'm not aware of any more recent leaks of that app.
  • Ah, I misunderstood your question. I thought you meant there was a new picker in the GNL that launched with Nougat. No, I'm not messing with the leaked Nexus Launcher until we see it on a Nexus device this fall (or I am provided a preview by someone).
  • I thought the Nexus Launcher was coming with Nougat not the Google Now Launcher?
  • It sounds like it's going to be released as part of the first maintenance release.
  • Does Android usually only come out with five wallpapers? I remember there being more on other versions.
  • As a Nexus owner, I gotta say, Nexus wallpapers are ugly. Seriously ugly. Posted via the Android Central App
  • To each their own.
  • My favorite was the one that came on the Nexus 5.
  • Are you talking about that one with the mountain and the purple sky? Because I loved that one!
  • I actually love the satellite imagery like these. That and the Oneplus 3 stock wallpapers. The Nexus 5 walls were "Meh" at best IMO.
  • I like the Wave one.
  • I think the images are cool-looking, but I don't like to use photographs as my wallpaper. I prefer geometric designs or minimalist artwork. I liked the default Marshmallow ones a lot.
  • I think they look fine I guess but they're not my cup of tea. I'd never use them. The ringtones are the same way. They're ok but clearly not something the team focuses on at all.
  • Yeah. Nexus wallpapers are terrible.
  • That's why I make my own to suit my personal tastes. I've never been a big fan of stock wallpapers.
  • What weather widget is that in the header image ?? Posted via the Android Central App
  • 1Weather. My go-to weather widget.
  • Good piece Ara. I've been doing this pretty much since GNL came out. My old Nexus 5 ruined me.
  • Wouldn't mind the actual update than the wallpapers lol. Still no ota
  • Yeah, no factory images for any device that has a cellular radio unless you're in a beta program.
  • I think that picture is not a rock at all, Miss Ara; I believe it is wood.
    Sand could be correct though, so that's interesting. I vote wood.
  • I thought wood too and the edges were bark.Could be sand though looking more closely.
  • Thank you Ara!!
  • This looks like last year's.
  • Yes all of these are from last year had them all since I got my Nexus 6p at launch. The new wallpapers from the actual new nexus release (sailfish and marlin) was leaked a few weeks ago those are actually new and I have to say much nicer than these year old ones. Source: download-some-of-the-new-wallpapers-from-the-unreleased-2016-nexus-phones search for that on google
  • What luncher is that?
  • In the hero image? That's Nova Launcher.
  • These aren't new these are from the nexus 2015 launch new wallpapers from the 2016 nexus phones has leaked previously Google is your friend and can lead you to links.
  • Awesome wallpapers! Used these as my home screen, lock screen, and keyboard wallpapers!
  • Thanks for these!