Get your first month for $0.99 with 5GB and a free SIM at Boost Mobile

Boost Website on LG G8
Boost Website on LG G8 (Image credit: Samuel Contreras / Android Central)

Boost Mobile wants customers to try out its service and it's willing to give you a chance to try it out with almost no risk. Available to new customers only, those who want to give Boost Mobile a try can get a free SIM card with free shipping and a 5GB for s steep discount. The first month costs just $0.99 and $25 per month after that. This plan also has unlimited talk and texting so if you don't need a ton of data, this is a great place to start.

If you find that 5GB of data isn't quite enough, you can pick another Boost Mobile plan to suit your needs including a 10GB and 35GB option. If you don't need that much, a 2GB plan is also available. This plan also allows you to use your data on other devices with your phone's mobile hotspot feature.

While Boost Mobile is owned by Dish Wireless, it primarily used T-Mobile's network for its plans. This also includes T-Mobile's 5G network which is the largest in the country by a large stretch.

Thanks to its highly compatible network, you can pick one of the best Android phones including the best budget Android phones to use with Boost Mobile. You may also be able to use your current phone if it's compatible with T-Mobile and unlocked. This even includes brand new devices like the Galaxy S22 Plus if you want one of the very best Android phones.

Get your first month with 5GB of data for just $0.99

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