Get a whole new view of the world with ISS onLive using Chromecast

Science and technology have come a long way from the world we were born into. For many of us space has always been a huge part of scientific progress. The International Space Station is a marvel of advancement, and now you can see the world the way that it does. ISS onLive is a live feed of the ISS's orbit around the Earth. This app which, has fantastic Chromecast support lets you see what the ISS sees in realtime, along with giving you a map of it's trajectory.

The main screen for ISS onLive is split horizontally. On top is the map with the trajectory of the Space Station. The bottom of the screen is the video feed that allows you to see the Earth like the ISS does. Three icons in the upper right hand corner will let you set an alarm for the next time the ISS passes over your location, along with rating the app, or opening it in the Google Play Store.

ISS onLive options

Opening up the options in the upper left corner, gives you some choices as to what you see — and how you see it. You can open the map up to see the whole thing, eliminating the video feed. You can also switch between a high-definition feed of the map and video, or a lower resolution feed of the same thing. The big difference between the two is the clarity of video, but both of them tend to lose signal on and off.

The settings have quite a few things you might want to check out. You can choose to keep your screen on without it timing out, only showing video if you are connected to wi-fi, showing night and day regions layer on the map.

ISS onLive video feed

If it's really the video being shot from the ISS that you're concerned about, then you're in luck. By double tapping the video from the main page will expand it to fill your screen. While it looks kind of cool on the screen of your phone, it can be absolutely breath taking when it's casted up onto your television screen.

Anybody who has been a fan of space, or who wants to get some real perspective should definitely take a few minutes to check out ISS on Live. Even better, this app is absolutely free which means there isn't any real drawback to checking it out. Enjoy the view, it's fantastic and something everybody should see for themselves.

Jen Karner

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