Droid Awakens Watch Face

Plenty of us have been waiting anxiously for the release of the new Star Wars movie. As the date grows closer, we've seen all kinds of awesome merch hit the stores. One of the more popular characters is the new rolling droid BB-8, and now you can have him hang out with you on your smartwatch. Or at least a droid that looks like him, available on Android Wear as The Droid Awakens Watch Face.

Let's check it out.

The Droid Awakens screenshot

The Droid Awakens Watch Face is a simple one. There aren't any options, or settings to explore here. As with many of the watch faces from artist Virginia Poltrack it's beautifully designed, and animated to be just as adorable on your smartwatch screen as it appears to be on the big screen.

As far as information displayed you get a few things. At the top of the screen is a digital readout of the time in 12 hour format, lacking the AM/PM designation. The left of your screen displays the day of the month, and the right side has the power indicator for your smartwatch battery. It isn't much information, but it does get you the bare essentials.

Droid Awakens animations

Let's be honest though, you don't want this watch face for the information it's displaying. You want it for the adorable little rolling droid, and its awesome animations. BB-8 has several animations that it will launch into if you tap on the screen. The most common is it's head cocking to the side and a speech bubble with binary code popping up. If you keep tapping though you can see its head levitate, cock to either side, and send up little hearts for you.

This is definitely one of our favorite current watch faces, and one you should be checking. It's also absolutely free in the Google Play Store right now. Between it's fantastic and adorable animations, and it's simple and clean style it's a great minimalist watch face. Besides, who doesn't want to hang out with this droid on their smartwatch?