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What you need to know

  • Genshin Impact's latest update, Version 2.1, has been revealed and will launch on September 1.
  • The new update will finish the Inazuma story and introduce three new playable characters and two new islands.
  • Players will also be able to fish in the latest update, as well as attend Liyue's Moonchase Festival.

Genshin Impact developers MiHoYo have announced when the latest update to Genshin Impact launches: Version 2.1, called "Floating World Under the Moonlight," will launch on September 1. It'll conclude the Inazuma Archon storyline, introduce two new islands, three new playable characters (and one bonus character for console gamers), and will also roll out fishing.

The new update will show the conclusion of the Inazuma storyline that was started with the most recent update. The Traveler will be able to travel to Watatsumi Island, one of the Inazuman Islands and the home of the resistance movement against Archon Baal. They can also visit Seirai Island, which is supposedly hidden by a constant storm. There will also be several new boss enemies introduced on these islands.

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Three new playable characters were announced in this update, all of them with some connection to the Inazuman storyline: The Raiden Shogun, a five-star Electro polearm user; Sangonomiya Kokomi, a five-star Hydro catalyst user; and Kujou Sara, an Electro bow user. Another new playable character who'll be available with this update for PlayStation gamers is Aloy, the archer from Horizon Zero Dawn. Her inclusion in Genshin was announced last month, but players will finally be able to access her from Level 20 or higher. She's a five-star hero who will have a four-star bow, Predator, and Cryo powers, and while she's PlayStation-exclusive for this update, she'll be available to all users in the next version.

Players will be able to go fishing as well, and the fish they catch can either be used in food or traded. You can also raise decorative fish in the Serenitea realm. There will also be a new Moonchase Festival in Liyue, which features the return of Keqing and Xiangling, as well as the Moonlight Seeker treasure hunt, which promises rewards for players who participate.

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The hit crossover RPG Genshin Impact is now on Version 2.1, meaning it's got more content than ever to offer players. Players will soon be able to finish the Inazuma story and also fish all over the world.