Smash Drums Volcano update brings new songs and more next week

Smash Drums
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What you need to know

  • Smash Drums is a virtual reality rhythm game for Oculus Quest and Meta Quest 2 headsets.
  • The game's Volcano update will add five new songs, the volcano environment, and a practice mode.
  • The free update will be available on Thursday, May 12.

Virtual reality rhythm game Smash Drums will be receiving a free update next week on May 12 that adds new songs to its catalog, a new environment to play against, and a new mode for beginners or those that want to brush up their drumming skills.

The Volcano update will add five new songs for free, bringing the total catalog to 41 songs. The new songs for the Oculus Quest 2 title will feature up-and-coming rock artists such as Richy Nix, LeBrock, and Seething Akira with some bands already in the game returning with new songs. Check out the full list of songs from the update below.

  • Jessie Villa - Drama
  • LeBrock - Interstellar
  • Richy Nix - Voices
  • Seething Akira - The Fallen
  • Young Medicine - Not Human

The update is adding a new Volcano environment which will react to the songs, such as increasingly raising lava and fire spitting out with notes being played. Players will also now be able to choose which environment to play on.

Finally, the Volcano update brings a practice mode to the game. The requested feature from players will allow them to practice songs and navigate to specific sections of songs. The mode even provides multiple playback options, detailed analytics of the session, and a combo chart that will grade aspects like timing and strength.

Smash Drums studio PotamWorks revealed a roadmap for the game last month, detailing what is expected to come to the game this year. Some of the planned content includes more songs, DLC packs featuring "famous bands," more customization for multiplayer, and a static drum kit mode that will launch in beta later this year.

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