Smash Drums 'Let's Party Hard' update adds new multiplayer features and songs

Smash Drums Party Hard Update
(Image credit: PotamWorks SAS)

What you need to know

  • Smash Drums is getting a free update on Thursday, June 30.
  • The Let's Party Hard update adds support to invite Meta friends or anyone by sending a link from the Quest mobile app.
  • Five new songs will be added for free with the update.

Smash Drums, the virtual reality rhythm game that launched for Oculus Quest and Quest 2 headsets last year, is getting better multiplayer features and more songs in a new update coming later this week on June 30.

The "Let's Party Hard" update will bring more integrated Meta multiplayer features to the game to make it easier to play with friends or anyone, such as being able to invite people from the Meta friends list to multiplayer lobbies. The update will have party support, so those in a party but in other apps will be able to quickly join a Smash Drums lobby.

Players will also be able to allow anyone to join a multiplayer game by sending them a link from the Meta Quest mobile app on Android and iOS. Up to eight players can accept the invite link, which will instantly launch Smash Drums once turning on the Meta Quest 2 headset. The game will even prompt player to rejoin the session if the connection is lost or the battery is dead.

Another multiplayer feature in the update is Challenges, which are asynchronous mini tournaments. Players can set up a Challenge through the Scoreboards app by picking a song, whether it is public or invite-only, and a deadline. Those who accept the challenge will be taken to the song to complete and ranked once finished.]\

The Let's Party Hard update also adds five new songs for free with a total of 46 songs in the game. The five new songs are: 

  • Celldweller - One Good Reason
  • Fight The Fade - Composure
  • Richy Nix - False Pride
  • Scandroid - Pheonix
  • Snow Bones - Seems so Vivid

This is the third free update for Smash Drums following the Volcano update last month. Developer PotamWorks is planning more for the VR rhythm game coming this year such as static drum kit support and more songs.

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