Samurai Slaughter House is now available on Oculus Quest 2 with a free demo

Samurai Slaughter House Screenshot
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What you need to know

  • Samurai Slaughter House has exited closed beta and is now available for Quest 2 on SideQuest.
  • The game offers players the chance to fill the shoes of a samurai and explore a Metroidvania-esque open world filled with yokai monsters and enemies.
  • The game is on sale for 35% off for a limited time and players can try it first via a free demo.

Quest 2 gamers wanting to embark on an epic quest can now try out Samurai Slaughter House for free thanks to a free demo that just launched on SideQuest. Virtual samurai warriors can explore the giant castle and accompanying mountainside areas, battle enemies, collect yokai monsters to help ensure victory, and meet plenty of NPCs along the way.

The game features Metroidvania-style gameplay where players can visit more of the world as they unlock abilities or find items to aid in their quest. The game's stunning Kurosawa-inspired black and white visuals immediately give it a look all its own among the swath of similarly-styled VR games on the market, and it pulls off this complex look thanks to a new Oculus technology called Application Space Warp.

You can find Samurai Slaughter House by visiting the SideQuest listing from your computer or smartphone, but make sure you know how to sideload games with SideQuest first. It's expected that Samurai Slaughter House will make an appearance on the official Quest store sometime soon, and any purchase made through the link on SideQuest will entitle you to receive a key for the PCVR/SteamVR version, as well as receiving a Quest store key at the time of the final launch.

If you want to try out the demo, click the pink "Download App (" button on the SideQuest listing and keep scrolling until you see those sweet red "free" buttons to download the demo. The demo weighs in at under 1GB, so no worries if you have a 64GB or 128GB Quest 2. Samurai Slaughter House is 35% off for a limited time to celebrate the SideQuest release, making it just $20. The developer says the game is updated weekly, and a purchase will give you access to the regularly-updated builds.

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