Poll: Will the Quest Pro price cut get you to buy one?

Meta Quest Pro headset with Quest Touch Pro controllers
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

VR is becoming increasingly popular in gaming, particularly with devices like the Quest 2 and the new PSVR 2. The devices aren't cheap, though, especially considering last year's price hike for the Quest 2 and the fact that you have to own a PS5 for the PSVR 2. Then there's the Quest Pro, which came in like a wrecking ball at a whopping $1500.

However, something must have clicked with Meta as the company just announced price cuts for its Quest 2 and Quest Pro devices that go into effect on March 5. This brings the 256GB Quest 2 down to just $430, while the still-expensive Quest Pro now costs $999. That's a $500 cut!

Given the popularity of the Quest line and Meta's VR platform, we're curious whether or not the latest price cut entices you to buy the more premium Quest Pro.

The Quest Pro only launched six months ago, while Meta raised the prices of its Quest 2 last summer, making the cuts quite unexpected (but welcome). Meta didn't say anything about Quest headset sales, but even with the popular Quest 2, Meta's VR division has been losing tons of money, so the cuts could be a way to entice more people to buy its headsets.

Despite the popularity of the Quest 2, the hardware is starting to become a little dated now that next-generation VR headsets are already emerging. And while the Quest Pro isn't really meant as a consumer product, Android Central's Nick Sutrich describes it to me simply as a "Quest 2 with better hardware." In fact, he has replaced his Quest 2 with the Pro, and he can no longer go back.

Of course, you can always wait for the Quest 3, which is expected to launch later this year. The headset will likely sit somewhere between the Quest 2 and Quest Pro both in specs and cost, and we already have new details about its design and plans for launch titles, so if you don't want to splurge for the absolute best VR experience with the Quest Pro, it might be worth holding off.

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