Meta Quest Plus' new 'catalog' of games comes with a $25 store credit incentive

Grabbing a Meta Quest 3 controller that has AMVR grips attached
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What you need to know

  • Starting March 1, the Meta Quest+ subscription will add a "games catalog" of over a dozen set games.
  • You'll also continue to get two new games per month: specifically Contractors and Shadow Point in March. 
  • From March through May, if you subscribe to an annual Quest+ plan, you'll get $25 in store credit — even if you're a current monthly subscriber. 

Meta Quest Plus, the $7.99/month subscription that gets you two pre-selected games for your Meta Quest 3 or Quest 2, is becoming more like a fusion of Xbox Game Pass and PS Plus — and Meta is willing to give you $25 in Quest Store credit to get you on board.

Starting in March, you'll get a "games catalog" of VR titles you can access anytime. This is the starting lineup of games, many of which are among the best Quest games of the past few years: 

  • The Climb
  • Demeo
  • Espire 1: VR Operative
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Hand Physics Lab
  • Jurassic World Aftermath Collection
  • Moss
  • Onward: Mercenary Mode
  • Red Matter
  • A Township Tale
  • Sports Scramble
  • Until You Fall
  • Walkabout Mini Golf

"Titles will rotate in and out of the program to keep things fresh," the Meta blog post promises. It also notes that you'll continue to get two curated picks every month that you keep so long as you're subscribed. February's titles are I Expect You to Die and Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate, while March's titles include the excellent shooter Contractors and 2019 story-driven puzzler Shadow Point. 

In this way, you get the set game catalog of Game Pass and the limited-time free games of PS Plus, the best of both worlds — though, of course, Game Pass' library offers hundreds of games instead of a dozen. You can actually stream Xbox Game Pass games on the Quest 3 now, though they're not proper VR experiences.

New Meta Quest+ subscribers will want to wait until Friday, March 1. At that point, if you subscribe to an annual plan ($59.99 upfront), you'll get $25 in store credit on top of the 24 free games and random game catalog titles you get with Quest+. Even if you're already a monthly subscriber, you can upgrade to annual to get the same store credit.

You'll have until May 31 to get this deal. If you're considering buying a new Quest 3, though, keep in mind that 512GB Quest 3 buyers get six months of Quest+ for free out of the box. You'll have to weigh whether this is enough incentive to upgrade from 128GB storage to 512GB

If you're interested in some "free" Quest cash, you can sign up for Meta Quest+ at this link.

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