Genshin Impact Update 3.1: Characters, desert region, and everything you need to know

Genshin Impact Update 3.1 key art
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Another big update for Genshin Impact is on the way. Despite the game's recent large expansion, this is another impressively-sized update, with plenty for players to pour over, from new characters to a new event and places to explore.

Genshin Impact is one of the best PS5 games available, as well as being great for anyone who likes to play great Android RPGs, thanks to the cross-save compatibility across PlayStation, PC, and mobile devices. Here's everything you need to know about Genshin Impact Update 3.1. 

Genshin Impact 3.1: Sumeru expands with the desert

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Genshin Impact Update 3.1 is expanding the recently-introduced region of Sumeru, which was added in Genshin Impact Update 3.0. Across the vast desert, players can expect a variety of new challenges to undertake and treasure to gather. Players will also get to continue Sumeru's Archon Quest, which is continued in this update as the Fatui Harbingers, Il Dottore, and Scaramouche show up. You can take a look at the trailer for Genshin Impact Update 3.1 below:

In the desert, players will find the Mausoleum of King Deshret, which houses underground secrets. The rewards for exploring this vast tomb are great, but so is the threat posed by the defenses, including robotic foes led by the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network. Meanwhile, the rainforest area will feature a new boss called the Aeonblight Drake.

The desert also hides Aaru Village, which is described as being the largest settlement that can be found in the wastes. Aaru Village is a source of knowledge for those that go looking, as it is home to a number of scholars exiled from other lands.

Across the desert, players will find a variety of new creatures finding ways to survive the harsh environment, including the Desert Fox, Quicksand Unagi, Red Vulture, Scarab, Scorpion, and Sumpter Beast.

Genshin Impact 3.1: Weinlesefest brings new fun for the season

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All the way back in Mondstadt, players can participate in the Weinlesefest, an annual event celebrating all things brewing and wine testing as people in the region seek the approval of the Anemo Archon for their wines. This special occasion is bringing in four unique mini-games for players to try out, including one where players have to manage shops. 

Naturally, by taking part in the special event, players will be able to earn Festive Fever, which can be redeemed for rewards that include a variety of refinement materials and the four-star weapon, Missive Windspear.

Outside of consuming a region's alcohol, there's the Wind Chaser and Star-Seeker's Sojourn events, which provide players the opportunity for some special rewards if they can manage wind currents and help a young girl search for Future Stars, respectively.

The daily login event returns, so attentive players who log in regularly can claim a few bonuses, including up to 10 Intertwined Fates. 

Anyone playing will also want to make sure to check their messages, as there's a bevy of rewards that'll be available, including 1,600 Primogems, 4 Fragile Resins, and two unique gadgets, Cloud Retainer's Damasked Device and Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper.

Genshin Impact 3.1: Technical improvements and enhanced features

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The developers at miHoYo have created a new feature in the form of dynamic terrain deformation. This means that when players and the various creatures of the desert move across the sands, it will gather and sink in a more realistic fashion, instead of just showing simple footprints. 

The improvements haven't stopped there. While Genshin Impact already supported the PS5 DualSense haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, this feature is being improved further with new vibrations that are triggered when players use Elemental Bursts. There's also "another surprise," though the developers haven't provided any hints as to what this could be.

Genshin Impact 3.1: Three new characters to collect

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Genshin Impact's character list is continuing to grow. At least one new character is usually added in an update. While three characters were added in Genshin Impact Update 3.0, we're getting another three with the launch of Genshin Impact Update 3.1. Here's everyone joining the party:

  • Candace: Candace is one of the descendants of King Deshret, and she works to protect Aaru Village. As a Hydro Polearm user, she can also use her shield to absorb incoming damage, while her status as a desert dweller is reflected in how she reduces the stamina consumption of your party.
  • Cyno: As an Electro Polearm user, Cyno works to disperse justice and is well-versed in scholarly matters. As he deals damage, he's also immune to Electro damage. He's also found of awful jokes and is a fan of Genius Invokation, a card game that is coming in Update 3.3.
  • Nilou: A five-star dancer, Nilou's swordsmanship and Hydro power is elevated by her dance skills. The abilities allow her to deal damage or buff her allies if your party is only composed of Dendro and Hydro characters, encouraging some experimentation.

Cyno and Candace will be available as Event Wishes in the first half of Genshin Impact Update 3.1, alongside a rerun for Venti. Nilou will be available in second half of the update, and she's paired with a rerun for Albedo.

Genshin Impact 3.1: Release date

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Usually, new updates for Genshin Impact are released like clockwork every 42 days. With the massive expansion of Genshin Impact Update 3.0 having launched on Aug. 24, 2022, if the developers were keeping to the usual 42-day schedule, then we'd be seeing Update 3.1 in early October.

Instead, we're actually seeing a fairly big exception to the rule, and so Genshin Impact Update 3.1 is arriving a little bit early on Sep. 28, 2022. 

Server maintenance for introducing new updates usually starts at 6:00 a.m. China Standard Time (6:00 p.m. ET / 3:00 p.m. PT) and will result in a few hours of downtime. Players are usually compensated at a rate of 60 Primogems for every hour that the servers are down, barring some unforeseen issues arising and causing additional maintenance, in which case there will be additional compensation.


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