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Galaxy Tab video preview shows up in Korea

Sick of seeing videos of Samsung's Galaxy Tab yet? Neither are we. A new video preview of the Android device that will be introduced on Sept 2 has popped up in Korea. The clip is nearly 3 minutes long and provides some great looks at the 7-inch device. In the video, the user shows off the size versus an iPad, uses Swype with the notepad app, watches video, reads a newspaper article and looks at Google Maps. 

It looks like a great device, especially if the price point is significantly lower than Apple's tablet. More questions loom however, such as:

  • Are there other connectors besides the apparent proprietary one shown in the videos?
  • Will there be a Wi-Fi only version?

These and other questions will be answered in Berlin on Sept. 2nd (we hope), and we'll be there to bring it all to you. Enjoy the video after the break in the meantime. [Engadget]

  • Are you guys going to Berlin cuz that'd be epic :D
  • Yep. Full disclosure: Samsung's paying the way for some press to go, and that includes us. We're sending Dieter, because I'm grounded for a little while for the arrival of a new baby. :)
  • Congrats on the Little One Phil!
  • Very cool. You guys are tops for Android news and reviews, so that's very well deserved! GET IT!
  • A wifi only and removable microSD card on top of the 2.2 would make this a must buy for me. I was kinda let down by the "KMart" tablet. So I hope this one has a nice price point. Hey Phil, have you heard anything about a keyboard attachment at all?
  • I would guess that it would launch with 2.2. The little bit of web browsing that is done has flash all over it. Plus that looked like streaming media and not a video.
  • Galaxy Tab = proprietary connector = stupid = have no interest in the device.
  • = why even comment= who cares about how you have to connect it?= doing =s are stupid.
  • reply = not very witty = I will explain Why care? Why would anyone want to have to have yet another type of cable or another type of charger?? It means you can't plug into ANYTHING unless you remember to drag the cable around with you everywhere. For any type of portable device, that is a drag. At a time when many portable devices are FINALLY starting to settle on using standard microUSB for charging/communication, it doesn't make sense to be different. It is like designing a car that would require you to carry around an adapter tube so you can fill it will gas.
  • What crxssi said. If you are going proprietary then you may as well go with the iFad. They did this so accessories have to go through Samsung, that's all there is to it. Thanks but I've had enough of this BS behavior with Apple. Give it another few months and you will have plenty of android choices on the market...if people don't like this vote with your wallet...god knows I am.
  • The Adam ink is going to be the best tablet out there, and its gonna be out by December!
    Check their site, the thing is gorgeous
  • Really looking forward to this... though browsing does look choppier than on the ipad. ..
  • Hey Korea...haven't you heard of HD Video or Sound? Wait, aren't you kind of an authority on least a little bit? Now that I've got that off my chest. This looks cool, however since I have a phone that is 4+inches already, having an aPad (haha like that?) that is only 3 more inches bigger isn't that much of a draw for me. Maybe if it was say...9 or 10 inches that would be optimal and enough for me to want to buy one. I like the Samsung form factor, and if I wasn't an HTC sackrider I would have opted for the Epic over the EVO. I don't care much for Moto because all their machines look and feel kind of cheap, and LG...well do I even need to say? They may be quite functional but beyond functionality it's a cosmetic thing. Ah oh...***opinion alert*** please do not hate on my opinion. If it differs, then that's fine so be it. Are there any other companies (decent ones) that are coming out with a reputable Android tablet/pad that are of the 9-10in form factor?
  • The Adam ink is going to be the best tablet out there, and its gonna be out by December! Check their site, the thing is gorgeous
    In has:
    10.1inch screen
    Back touch pad
    180' swivel camera
    A double screen. A kindle like screen and LCD in one
    Nvida gpu
  • Yes that machine does look very sleek, and would motivate me to pick one up but...ok stupid question...what OS will be on it? It does not specify...maybe multiple choices?
  • If it doesn't have any expansion and its interface is proprietary, then why would I want this over the equally proprietary iPad. USB and SD card slot or GTFO.
  • So a complete knock-off of the iPad is better how? Is it simply better because it's not Apple? At least the R&D and engineering jobs stay in the USA with Apple. GO South Korea!!