Galaxy Tab video preview shows up in Korea

Sick of seeing videos of Samsung's Galaxy Tab yet? Neither are we. A new video preview of the Android device that will be introduced on Sept 2 has popped up in Korea. The clip is nearly 3 minutes long and provides some great looks at the 7-inch device. In the video, the user shows off the size versus an iPad, uses Swype with the notepad app, watches video, reads a newspaper article and looks at Google Maps. 

It looks like a great device, especially if the price point is significantly lower than Apple's tablet. More questions loom however, such as:

  • Are there other connectors besides the apparent proprietary one shown in the videos?
  • Will there be a Wi-Fi only version?

These and other questions will be answered in Berlin on Sept. 2nd (we hope), and we'll be there to bring it all to you. Enjoy the video after the break in the meantime. [Engadget]

Sean Brunett