Galaxy Note 8 screen earns DisplayMate's first-ever A+ grade

There is a lot to like about the Galaxy Note 8, but one part of it has already won an award of sorts. DisplayMate, producers of what's recognized as the best suite of tools for display diagnostics and calibration, has given the Note 8's display their first ever A+ rating, calling it "the most innovative and high-performance smartphone display that we have ever lab tested."

That is some very high praise from a company that knows everything there is to know about displays. We're used to hearing that Samsung makes some of the best, if not the best displays available, and it's not surprising that the Note 8 carries the company's latest advancements when it comes to making them. What we weren't prepared for was hearing so many things the Note 8's screen does better than anything we have seen before. The Note 8 matches or sets performance records for a list of features.

  • Largest Native Color Gamut with a score of 112% for the DCI-P3 color space and 141% for the sRGB / Rec.709 color space
  • Highest Peak Display Brightness at 1,240 nits
  • Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light with a score of 270
  • Highest Screen Resolution: 3K (2960x1440, 521 ppi)
  • Highest Contrast Ratio: Infinite
  • Lowest Screen Reflectance of just 4.6%
  • Smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle at 29%

Overall, the Note 8 scored "very good" or "excellent" in every testing category except for the Brightness Variation with Average Picture Level section, which OLED displays are unable to accurately process using the current technology.

DisplayMate didn't only have praise for the hardware that is being used for the Note 8 display. Several software features were recognized as being outstanding, such as the Mobile HDR processing, user selectable color management and adjustable white point and color balance.

DisplayMate goes in-depth with every aspect of the Note 8's display, and it's worth reading for anyone interested in display technology in general or fans of the Note 8 who want every intricate detail. Describing the results of DisplayMate's testing for the layman is much easier:

You have never seen a phone with a display this good. Ever.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Despite all the reported goodness, it's still pretty useless to me without dual-sim and large internal memory. Sadly Europe won't be seeing either the 128 or 256Gb dual-sim variants.
  • Cant swap out the internal memory when its full. I much prefer the ability to use an SD card.
  • SD cards are unreliable, slow, and cannot be used to store quite a bit of data and apps on Android phones (Especially Samsung) though.
  • I haven't found that at all.
  • um...what? granted, i don't store apps on my memory card, but... i do have 3,700 pics+videos i took over the last 4 months, and my 9,000 song mp3 collection on my SD card...and everything reads/writes just fine! (i never even think about where it's stored, i.e. no slowness).
  • You do realize it's NOT a good idea to keep your photos/videos inside your phone. You should get into the habit of coping/transferring them to your PC on a daily/weekly basis.
  • You need to buy better SD cards. I've been using the same 64GB card for almost three years. It's fast enough for 4k video encoding, all my music and videos are stored on it and it was only $23.
  • When you compare SD card reliability with internal storage there really is no comparison. I've never had an SD card go bad on me, but I've seen plenty of stories from people that have.
  • That's why the Cloud exist.
  • I didn't say anything about losing data. I just said they go bad more often than internal storage. I used a cloud service to backup my photos. I'm not worried about losing data.
  • Only SD card that's ever failed on me was due to dropping the phone, but yes, it can happen. I'm still a big fan of SD cards, I've got 7 or 8 of them currently in use with different devices. Phones, tablets, and cameras.
  • I'm personally fine with them for non critical use cases.
  • I love how morons down vote you for saying true things. Facts must be offensive.
  • This isn't 2001
  • SD Cards don't need to be M.2 SSD Drives. They only need to be what they are, data dumps for data that doesn't rely on fast I/O speed. Additionally, the speed of the SD Card is almost always capped by the controller, not the card itself. Modern SD Cards are almost as fast as some 5400 RPM Laptop Hard Drives, and there aren't any real performance complaints with them... For SSD you only need fast read speed, and fast enough write speed. Most write more than fast enough to record 4K video to the card, and read even faster. What you're bringing up is a complete non-factor. I don't agree with the unreliable part, unless you do stupid **** like put magnets by your SD Card or something... I have cards that have been in devices for YEARS, and they still work flawlessly. This is like the "worrying" about "writes" destroying PC SSDs. By the time an SD Card goes bad, assuming you aren't running an app that's stress testing it for days, you're more likely to have a new phone, anyways... Most Android phones have ****** SD Card controllers. The cheapest, slowest controller that the OEM can get their hands on, simply to check in that box. That's likely why you have found some of them "slow." That has nothing to do with the SD Card itself. Put that same card in a PC with an SD Card slot, and 9/10x it will perform 2-5x faster than it does in the phone.
  • If they're fast enough to you, great. But they're objectively slower than internal. If they're stable enough for you, great. But they're objectively FAR less stable than internal. If they're secure enough for you, great. But they're objectively far less secure than internal storage. Good enough for you? Sure! The same as or better than internal? In no way ever.
  • The micro SD cards I have purchased have never died or corrupted my data, so in my case I wouldn't say they're unreliable. I only buy SanDisk or Samsung branded SD cards though.
  • Way to rub this awesome phone in my face even more. I can't afford one, but yeah, sure, great. I'm just picking AC. I still love you.
  • In before the DisplayMate is paid by Samsung to get those results comments. :P But seriously, this is awesome.
  • It doesn't matter Samsung's flagship's have the best displays on the market. Period!!
  • Ever notice whenever someone ends a sentence with "period", everything before that is usually false or a super oversimplification?
  • Ever notice when someone ends an assertion with "In no way ever", what they're saying is usually false or a super oversimplification?
  • No, never noticed that. Is it true?
  • Oh wait, I get it. You're trolling to defend the ignorant thing said by attacking the people who aren't trolling. Got it!
  • but they are.
  • If only Samsung could put this on a flat-screen display.
  • I will be next month. I am betting it is the same one Samsung is developing for the new iPhone.
  • I doubt samsung is giving them the samoled panel, all reports mention oled diaplay, my guess is sammy is holding on to samoled to be competitive and will supply apple with a pretty good oled dusplay which will still be better than anything apple could produce. Im waiting to see however and will be comparing between iphpne oled display results and some of sammys prior s devices. My guess it will be comp to s5 s6 screen maybe... we shall all find out here soon enough
  • likely Apple wouldn't buy a flat SAMOLED+ panel anyway - they'd want to be able to procure panels from multiple OEM's including LG for volume requests (plus it does Apple well to get vendors competing over price) - Samsung isn't likely to let go of it's premium sauce tech for a competitor anyway - so I'm guess in older OLED panel type that can be mass produced - which shouldn't be hard to come by as Apple typically uses lower resolution panels for their phone (1080p vs 2k or 3k)
  • I think Apple would definitely want the latest and greatest AMOLED tech. To think otherwise is sort of silly. They already use the latest and greatest LCD tech. Also, resolution has little to no bearing on the display tech. The "super" part of it just means the touch layer is integrated into the display and is not separate. I'm not saying that's a small thing, but that appears to be the ONLY thing that warrants the extra word. I would be surprised if LG does not have a similar panel. Didn't Apple invest a ton of money into an OLED maker recently? Was it LG? Why is everyone talking like Samsung is the default supplier for them?
  • I'm not 100% sure - but I think the "+" distinction was about the touch layer (as that was the year we got much clearer panels due to touch integration) - could be wrong and maybe that was the Super Distinction. LG and Sharp have both separately failed Apple in terms of delivery of OLED panels in the past, both due to output and quality reasons - I'm thinking thats why everyone just assumes they're going with Sammy - but I agree, that's a silly reason and far from the truth. You wouldn't want to produce a 3k panel to run 1080p all the time, too much of your fabrication process is about the pixel grid - and if you don't need 4x the pixels, I'm not sure why you'd want a higher end panel - particularly when all OLED vendors have a nice range of 1080p products - seems like a no brainer to keep your costs down. Now if Apple's finally going to go modern-day and go 2k on panels, they could still save a ton of bread and go for a S7/S8 era display panel, end up at 98% above and beyond the pack - then do like they always do and work in software stuff to "make the magic"
  • 1) LG makes the displays for the Apple Watch. So their is a history of them working fine together on displays.
    2) Apple needs a display that can do DCI-P3 accurately. That means they need a fairly new generation OLED panel.
    3) S7/S8 era panels are still considered pretty high-end, S8 especially. They would almost surely meet the tech requirements, but I doubt they're actually that much cheaper just because the devices they're in are a bit older (especially the S8, since it's still the latest and greatest).
    4) Samsung produces and ships the S8 with a 3K panel but then defaults it to run at "FHD+", which would be 1080p equivalent.
    5) Apple will not want to take any steps back, so they need a panel that can meet and exceed their current class-leading LCD displays in areas like color accuracy and brightness. They can't go older than 2 generations of OLED tech. Maybe not even older than one generation.
  • All reports I have read is that Samsung is the sole display maker for the new iPhone (whatever it is). There have been numerous reports around that Samsung has ramped up production of their displays to supply apples build chain. No one else could produce the screen they wanted.
  • Ah yes. My memory is not great lol. Still, it does not appear that any other manufacturer has been ruled out entirely, just that Samsung was the only company that could meet the demand for this generation.
  • That's what I said. THIS IPHONE will have Samsung screens. Which is actually awesome. I am not an android hater etc. I do use iPhone as my daily driver, even though I have various android phones. My wife and I will be getting the new iPhone (whatever it is). I am excited about finally having a Sammy screen in my iPhone!
  • You can stop working
  • I just tried out a Display model of the Note 8 at T-Mobile. If you're worried about the flat display or lack thereof, I'd recommend you do the same. The curves are far less pronounced than the S7+, and honestly I wouldn't even notice them personally.
  • Noticed the same in my hands on. Almost seems more subtle than so.
  • Nice, now we can see the lag and stuttering even better.
  • All this lag and stuttering that some complain about... Yet the phone sells like crazy lol. Am I missing something?
  • No. Average consumers put up with far more performance issues than people that comment on AC articles.
  • Bingo, they don't know better or don't want to meet with it. They all think it's the iPhone or the Galaxy for choices. Most have no idea there are other options that might be better.
  • And to be fair - the Samsung hater crowd memory seems to go back to the TW1.0 days all the way through the Samsung experience first product and then immediately stop - as clearly no progress has been made since the Galaxy Note 5 :)
  • I just had to FDR my S8+ because of performance and battery life issues. This is par for the course for Samsung devices. Let's not pretend that Samsung is the performance king. :)
  • Battery issues? Performance? Not over here.
  • That's great for you. Doesn't mean I didn't have the issues. :) So far (only a few days after the FDR) everything is great.
  • No. It just means blanket statements do not apply. Every phone I've had has preformed differently depending on the user. Nature of expectations VS man made machines in mass quantities I guess. :)
  • This is not to minimize your experience but I've had ZERO issues with my S8+. Either you had a defective device or human error. Samsung IS the performance KINGS. No Need to Pretend.
  • Ha. I guess you've never used a Pixel? Or an iPhone for that matter. I'm not trying to make the point that any phone is perfect, but the Pixel and iPhone are both generally much smoother than the S8+. The fact that FDR resolved the issues means it is not a "defective device". And, if by human error you mean "used it the way I wanted" then sure, I can go with that. I used it the way I wanted and that caused performance and battery life issues. I see I have awoken the Samsung Knights. :)
  • I loved my pixel and loved my 3t. The fastest and smoothest phones I've ever owned, besides the nexus 6p. But after getting a good deal on my s8 I've actually been surprised. Great battery life. No stuttering like I had on an s7 edge I got on sale. They have really made some great improvements. Is it as smooth as my pixel or 3t? Never. But it's not like it's unusable. In fact for all the features it has its actually holding strong. The great camera, water resistance and Samsung pay make up for the difference. Don't get me wrong, Samsung is known for lag, which is reason why I sold that junk of an s7. But haven't had any issues with my s8, in fact I got one for my wife and she's loving it. I understand people being burned in the past but people take electronics too serious. Just use what you like. If you enjoy it, great, if not move on.
  • Definitely agree. I don't even really mind doing the FDR every so often. It only takes a couple hours tops to get everything set back up.
  • Samsung knights always loose me when they deny there aren't inherent problems with Samsung's OS implementation. If nothing else, the overlap in apps that accomplish the same things - irritating as all get out. Pixel-Puff's (sorry, trying new names) always loose me when they talk about "smoothness" mattering to me more than basis functionality - I use my phone for work almost extensively, that Google can't manage a basic email client to use HTML tags in an email signature is beyond me...but the problem still remains. The fact that PIP has just shown up - Google's years behind in what I consider to be "basic feature" support So there you have it - Samsung over doing it and running into issues with fluidity and battery life. Google running into the most basic of productivity and functionality problems...proves: There is no perfect phone for everyone.
  • I agree with a lot. Just use the phone that works for you. So far battery life on my Samsung s8 has been great. It's better on my 3t though but I needed something with a better camera and water resistance, plus I love Samsung pay. Looking forward to the v30 though. I don't stick to just one manufacturer. There are many choices out there and it's fun to mix it up.
  • lol Pixel puffs is good
  • Pixel is definitely not perfect. But when talking about JUST performance....comparing Pixel with's not close. I use them both daily. :)
  • Have only played with Pixel but do have an iPhone 7 that experiences lag now and then. Phones in general aren't immune to the occasional stutter.
  • Exactly.
  • Sure, if I dumb down my display to the equivalent of a Pixel phone, my Samsung will use less RAM, longer battery life, smoother, etc.. It's the trade off for having a larger phone that obviously requires greater processing demands when used at maximum performance.
  • It comes "dumbed down" out of the box. :)
  • lol not even Samsung believes that.
  • @Deke218 that's good that you have zero issues. My S8 works pretty well...after I took a few apps off, cleaned it up and changed a few settings to make it perform a bit better. That said, coming from an HTC 10 (which performed basic functions like answering a phone call and sending text messages, with no lag), I'm a bit disappointed my new S8 exhibits lag for basic things like using the calendar, answering a phone call and sending a text message. Samsung really needs to learn how to optimize their software.
  • I have owned the GN2, GN3, GN4, GN5, and the GS8+ and will probably end up getting the GN8. I can tell you that Samsung makes some fantastic Hardware... But their UI response time leaves a lot to be desired when compared to the competition. One of the very first things I do when getting a Galaxy Phone is slapping Nova on that thing. Yes, their UI has improved as of late but not good enough. I've also had to deal with battery issues (Note 4 after Lollipop update) and the like. If it wasn't for the excellent sheer performance of the device, it's wonderful, useful functionality, the display and GPU, and that S-Pen, I wouldn't even bother. LG, to be honest, is slowly catching my eye. They may not be "there" this year, but next year, they may just have Sammy beat.
  • I guess I am just one more of those idiots that is just too dumb to know any better. Never had performance problems from my S2, Note 3, S4, Note 4, S5, S8+. Can't believe I switched from iPhone to Android, how dumb of me.
  • Personally at this stage I'm willing to live with it because it's not as bad or as frequent as it used to be in Samsungs of old, and the rest of the features of the phone make it worthwhile for me personally. I certainly understand folks who are not willing to live with it. I also find that it affects some people more than others. I have no idea why. Installed software most likely.
  • 4 years employed at Verizon, I have no reason to believe Samsung lags anymore than any other phone. I've seen phones from all manufacturers get nasty slow, including iPhone.
  • Spending 4 years at Verizon does not make you an expert on phone performance. I walk into a Verizon store every year and test the latest Galaxy against various phones (Pixel, HTC One M8, M7). I test launching the phone app and various other apps on both phones at the same time. The Galaxy seems to never win. Despite that, I bought the S8, because it was pretty, but now it's pretty awful in the lag department. I'll likely get something else by October.
  • Spending 4 years at verizon should almost automatically negate any opinion you have. How much bonus do you get for selling samsung phones over the others..
  • Honestly, this should be expected. Samsung flagships have always earned DisplayMate's top marks ever since the S5. Though I think we can safely call that display a 3K display. Because it's nearly 3000 pixels across horizontally.
  • Skeptical until details are reviewed. They said this about the S8 earlier this year as well and that was incorrect. I do believe Samsung has an amazing display (the S8 was amazing too), just need to go through the details to ensure they didn't jump the gun again.
  • Seems that the Note 8 beat the iPhone 7 on white point, but the iPhone is still more accurate on both sRGB and DCI-P3 color gamuts. Note 8 gets brighter on auto brightness, not as bright on manual. So now we have the Note 8 as the best OLED display on a phone and still have the iPhone 7 as the best ever LCD on a phone. The Note 8 will get you better brightness, better display efficiency (for that screen on time), a better contrast ratio and more accurate whites for all that Nougat and Oreo white nonsense that Google added. Last year's iPhone will get you slightly more accurate colors (not that any of us can tell the difference between these two).
  • When I put the two side by side with a Netflix show, it's night and day. The S8+ makes the otherwise beautiful iPhone 7 Plus display look very bad. That's the bottom line. Of course the iPhone is way quicker, etc.
  • It's very likely that your preferences are not lined up with what's most accurate. Which display mode do you use on the S8?
  • The LCD display on the HTC U11 is better than the LCD display on the iPhone.
  • They could also test something other than samsung and iphone displays.. But ya know, money..
  • They do.
  • no.. they really don't. Show me all their huawei, xiaomi, nokia, htc, lg, motorola, and oneplus tests. Oh thats right, they don't exist because they only really go over samsung displays. Because samsung pays them a lot of money to say they're the best. They occasionally throw in another popular device, such as the current iphone just to try and save face.
  • Tin foil logic
  • ^^
  • Yeah well, still looking for all those other smartphone tests.. Which don't exist. Remember, the s8 had the best display. Then a bunch of them turned red. and have text ghosting across them. Not to mention the distorted, high glare edges. Can't be best with all those issues.
  • Funniest thing is that the glare and distortion is by design. Few reviewers have what it takes to say those things out loud though.
  • Most of those companies don't manufacture displays, it would be pointless to test multiple phones that buy the same display from another company.
  • Not pointless. The OEM is the one that decides on calibration.
  • EXCUSES.. Not a single one of those brands uses the same displays.
  • There are not 7 different display panel manufacturers that I'm aware of. Please provide a list.
  • but @L0n3N1nja they are testing Apple devices which use displays provided by Samsung or LG. Seems to me, they could test other phones which use other company's displays too.
  • I went to DisplayMate's website after reading your comment and you might a point. They do indeed mostly test Apple, Samsung and Microsoft devices. The last item they listed for an HTC was for the HTC One M7. Wow...
  • Jerry, What are you learning toward? Stick with your current daily? Which is? Or jump to this new Note 8, and it's impressive display? Thanks!! JOHN
  • Yea second this, are you still using your keyone, I know you love that thing 👍
  • Samsung doesn't make a phone that I'll log into with my real Google account. Nice hardware, but I don;t like their privacy policies and the information they gather, or how little they seem to care about known security exploits.
  • What exactly about their privacy policy don't you like?
  • Samsung gives themselves permission to share/sell user data.
  • Doesn't Google do the same thing?
  • No, Google doesn't give themselves permission and they do not share any user data without express authorization to do so. Google also does not sell user data, their business model is based on them having access to it and provide services based on the data, but never giving away or selling the data.
  • This, and they collect everything Google does and then some if you're using one of their phones. This is just how I feel, and understand that most people feel differently. Don't let my judgement override your own.
  • Exactly and I noticed some of the Samsung knights gave you the thumbs down. Smh
  • Stupid is as stupid does? Guess you can't please everyone, not even when telling them they're free to for their own opinions.
  • I thought the display was the same as with gs8/+.
  • Exactly my thoughts. How and why is this different?
  • Did you look at the linked article? It explains in detail the differences.
  • A shame about the gimped internal storage and batgery capacity. That display, along with a 400mAh battery and 128 or 256GB internal storage would have made it a world-beater.
  • The 2017 Samsung EVO SD cards are best in class and will handle 4K video just fine, and quickly. In Canada the 128GB EVO SD and wireless charger are the two extras that will ship once your Note 8 is purchased. No, Samsung does not have any 256GB SD cards in store or available right now. The 64GB internal memory Note 8 is the only variant available for preorder in Canada. Yes, I absolutely have one coming. Picked up a DeX docking station, a 360 camera & Otter Box are on their way too. It will be my last phone until 5G networks arrive in about five years.
  • Those samsung cards are good, if you like having all your data disappear one morning when you wake up. Sandisk Extreme would be a better bet. But if you're using a samsung sd in a samsung phone, you've already given up on life anyways.
  • Blind hatred from a fan boy. Samsung makes some of the best memory and storage in the entire tech industry, that is a fact.
  • ok, sandisk just happens to make better.
  • Nonsense. Specs prove it, and ten year warranty. MB-MC256GA/AMMicroSDXC EVO Plus Memory Card w/ Adapter 256GB (2017 Model) Up to 100MB/s Read and 90MB/s Write speed with Class 10 and U3 compatibility. Includes Full-Size SD Adapter.  Excellent Performance for 4K UHD Video and broad compatibility across multiple applications. Anything I want to keep I throw in the cloud. I'll load up my micro SD with iTunes... Lol, years ago I uploaded my cd's, then bought digital music, now a monthly subscription and can download everything ever recorded of interest... Bluetooth to my vehicle... happiness. The iPhone 4S was the only iPhone I ever owned.. Samsung since...
  • Except the title of this article is wrong. The S8 also received an A+: Just because the Note 8 received an A+, and that is the highest grade ever awarded, doesn't mean it was the first phone to be award that grade.
  • its all just marketing lies anyways. so who cares at all.
  • You do, apparently
  • Just gotta make sure the people get their facts.
  • That line came directly from DisplayMate, so I defer to them on this one.
  • It is the same display as the s8 & s8+. This is getting over hyped.
  • IDK. I'd need to see part numbers. Seems unlikely that they are identical for a few reasons: 1) Screen size is physically different, which means that they couldn't possibly be the same panel
    2) Note 8 gets ~20% brighter, which is not a difference that can be easily explained away by testing tolerances.
    3) See #1
  • Kevin OQuinn - I would have to agree with you. We know it's not the SAME panel for physical reasons, and 20% is way outside tolerance variations. I feel they most likely refined their display technology, though I'm concerned about the longevity of an organic element being pushed that bright.
  • Actually no it's not - it's a new iteration/fabrication - it's better in almost every way - which is to be expected as the fabrication pipeline matures.
  • It clearly isn't the same exact display as the S8/S8+, as they have somewhat different screen sizes.
  • Very nice. Played with it at BestBuy and it seems to have a great display. But my wife's S8+ is also pretty great and I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference, at least casually.
  • Too bad it's curved, which is the reason why I won't even bother looking at it in the carrier store. Deal breaker for me :-(
  • So, is DisplayMate more credible than DXO Mark? I know the S8 screens were pretty and I liked the one on my S7 Edge.
    Just wondering because DisplayMate's previous winner was the S8, of which another source stated "When we look at its color gamut and the colors in the sRGB color space, we can conclude that every color misses its target point and the screen is thus oversaturated (a common theme on AMOLED displays). The white point is pretty much off target, which you can see in the graph on the right side below. The margin of the displayed primary and secondary colors isn’t that good, with a Delta E error of 5.98 being too high, which is something we see all the time in this screen mode"
  • Lmao...I was about to ask this same question! Why can we put so much faith in displaymate but it was a big issue with dxomark?
  • DXO is far more credible than display mate. When they crowned the S8 they left out that it lost to the S7 and iPhone 7 in more categories than it won in.
  • That's in Adaptive Display mome which is oversaturated by default.
    The S8 has 4 display modes 3 of which are very color accurate according to 3 standards: sRGB, Adobe RGB and DCI-P3.
    Do a little research before you talk. I see no reason to not trust DisplayMate's analysis. Compare Samsung's display side by side with other displays and ít's obvious with the naked eye who is better.
    DisplayMate's analysis is only a confirmation of what we can see with our naked eyes, that Samsung's mobile displays are currently the best on the market.
  • orion4tech - Adaptive Display mode is the default which everybody uses. I'm fully aware of the other modes, which just about nobody uses. Not saying Samsung screens are not good... they are, but no screen is perfect and not everyone is a fan of cartoon looks. My question was an honest question.
  • Now that's rich, nobody uses other display modes now. Can you show proof for that?
    I guess nobody adjusts their screen brightness or the volume of the speakers they just use the default ones.
    You try to insinuate that displaymate are not trustworthy because they appreciate Samsung's display even though acording to your quote these display are oversaturated etc. while also failing to mention that the quote is about one of S8's 4 color options. Better yet you now try to act like that's the only option that matters, like users of Samsung's phones are stuck with it or something.
    Your quotation was a dishonest one, stop being a fanboy.
  • orion4tech - I got my usage information mostly from work. I've been the go-to guy for mobile devices for years in a company with 13,000 employees, and wrote our corporate documentation on cell phone connectivity and tethering. The Samsung phones that I come across that are in one of the non-default modes in real world use have been next to zero. The only exception is a photographer I team up with who sometimes uses Adobe RGB mode. I could not find actual statistical data, so if you do, please share. Regardless of which way the data goes, it will definitely prove you are better at searches ;) The quote I referenced is from, which is a Samsung fan website. And really, that's what led me to post the question in the first place. I like to check things out, and I asked about DisplayMate because I had little experience with them. I was more familiar with DxOMark, but I still take their "Best Ever" ratings from a "wait and see" perspective. I did not see a problem with questioning DisplayMate, and I'm sorry if that offended you my friend. As far as being a fanboy, I've got a couple iPhones, an S7 Edge, a U11, and pulled out my old LG last night just to play with it. So, I don't think that label really fits. Lots of people come to me for recommendations, and I'll recommend whatever fits them or their usage best, regardless of brand.
  • I support 1500, I bet 3 people total even know that their phone has different display modes. And that's being generous.
  • All that screen power to drain that tiny battery!
  • Unfortunately, not having the SD card has yet again, prevented me from pursuing the Note 8. Ah well
  • What are you talking about? Name a phone that uses SD cards for memory expansion, not micro SD.... lol
  • It does have sdcard slot in the sim tray
  • The undersized battery is still deal-breaking.
  • Wait what there's been a battery drain test review already .......not note 8 battery will be just fine for most