Galaxy Note 3 display leak shows reduced bezel, 5.68-inch size

Also looks like a Galaxy Note

As we approach Galaxy Note 3 launch day, a new leak has given us our closest look yet at the phone — or at least part of it.

ETradeSupply managed to track down what it says is the display assembly from the upcoming handset, which they say has a 5.68-inch diagonal measurement — in line with earlier rumors. Besides the obvious similarities to both the Galaxy S4 and Note 2, the site spotted slimmed-down horizontal bezels — just 2.2mm, it says — suggesting that the Note 3 might not be much bigger than its predecessor.

The leak also appears to confirms the traditional Samsung three-button layout, along with the use of a brushed metal-like texture on the front of the darker model.

Stick with us in the run up to Samsung Unpacked 2013 Ep. 2, which kicks off next Wednesday, Sept. 4.

Source: ETradeSupply

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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