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Is the Galaxy Note 10 still worth buying?

Galaxy Note 10+ in multiple colors
Galaxy Note 10+ in multiple colors (Image credit: Android Central)

Out of all the phones released in 2019, one that stands out is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 (opens in new tab). Samsung's Note phones are often some of the most exciting every single year, and this time around was no different.

The Note 10 is loaded with just about every feature and spec you could ask for, and recently, someone is our AC forums was met with tons of congratulations for picking one up.

Just wanted to say hi, and that I'll be here for a while. Came from the note 9 forums. This weekend I went shopping for my birthday, and decided to stop by Best buy just to see what deals they had on the note 10+. I ended up leaving with one .


Welcome to the club 👍and happy birthday 🎂 You will love some of the new features like enhanced s pen used like a magic wand to take photos. Super fast charging 25w New camera modes like live video and photo focus and night Mode.

shoaib shah

Congrats and welcome to the infamous Note 10+ forum :) I've had my blue one since August and absolutely love it. I have it paired with a Galaxy Active 2 watch and a Samsung Tab S6 tablet :)


Welcome to the cool part of Android Central. :P


All of that got us to thinking about whether or not the Note 10 is still worth getting now that it's been a few months since it's been released. The Galaxy S11 series is right around the corner, meaning it won't be long before newer Samsung hardware is available for purchase.

What do you think? Is the Galaxy Note 10 still worth buying?

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  • I've had my Aura Glow since day one. And days later I bought the white one, and recently I bought the red one. I really love this phone
  • Wow !!!😀. Which part of Venus are you from ?🙂.
  • I'll keep my Note 9, TYVM. It works perfectly, takes great pictures, I have no problems with it other than the quirks every phone seems to have occasionally...I cannot justify well over $1000 every year just because it's the 'newest and greatest'. I have better things to spend that money on when what I'm using isn't broken.
  • Wise choice, aside from the basic spec increases, the note 9 was a better device in my opinion.
  • Still? It never was.
  • This is the first time i have skipped the release of a new note. I still have my note9, and it still works great. I'm not knocking the 10, despite not liking every change, to me the note 9 still checks all the boxes, and i felt no need to give up a great phone for one w less features for the sake of having the newest. I used to buy the new notes on release day because there was some sort of improvement, and i just had to have it, this year though there just wasn't enough to make me want to get rid of my 9. My opinion, yours may vary.
  • Note 10's... fine devices. However, the Note 9 is a killer of a phone, LED notifications, 3.5mm Jack which I use a lot, clean crisp display, super fast, does everything I want it to do without blinking. Most of all, got it free, courtesy of Verizon on an extended warranty upgrade to my Note 8 ... what's not to like? Another year plus of OS updates. Then, I will decide how to move on, dual sim or not. The Note 9 is the best phone I've ever used!
  • I kept my Note 9 and now that the "New Hotness Luster" has pretty much faded (as far as the Note 10 is concerned), no, it's not worth upgrading off of a Note 9 to a Note 10[+]. If you're on a Note 8, that's still a hard sell, but anything older you're definitely going to actually feel like you got a lot of value from that price tag. I'm not even sure if the next Galaxy S or Note will feel worth it to me. I think the only thing that would feel worth it, at this point, was if I went back to the iPhone and changed ecosystems again. That always feels worth it because the phone feels less duplicative, and switching to iOS (or Android) always demands you buy a new device (unless you're using a device you already owned). Plus, I own my phone outright, so I feel like I have to be a bit more responsible than the people who are just going along with the phone lease dupes (not a contract, but kind of is). When you actually pay $1,000 out of pocket for a phone, what is "worth the upgrade" changes quite a bit from when you just give the carrier your mint 1 year old phone for another one that is a fairly tiny upgrade in the grand scheme of things. I actually think Samsung pushed their hardware game a bit too aggressively too early. Apple was far more conservative, so their phones are feeling a lot more "worth the upgrade" now than Samsung's, because things like QHD Screens and bigger batteries have been fairly common place in Note phones for several years, now. I think they tried too hard competing with Apple, when all they needed to do was compete with the other Android OEMs. This leaves them with very little outside of software features that they have to throttle back from backporting to their older phones to sell the newer ones... And those features are rarely worth that great, because of how great iOS' app/developer ecosystem is, and the fact that Android developers are improving, at least somewhat, at delivering better apps, as well. Plus, more services are opening up to desktop users (i.e. Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.), which - for many people - is shoving the smartphone back into accessory status at home.
  • I hope this headline was a joke. STILL??? This phone only came out a little over 3 months ago! Technology's not moving THAT fast!!!
  • I would not buy it :)