Is the Galaxy Note 10 still worth buying?

Galaxy Note 10+ in multiple colors
Galaxy Note 10+ in multiple colors (Image credit: Android Central)

Out of all the phones released in 2019, one that stands out is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Samsung's Note phones are often some of the most exciting every single year, and this time around was no different.

The Note 10 is loaded with just about every feature and spec you could ask for, and recently, someone is our AC forums was met with tons of congratulations for picking one up.

Just wanted to say hi, and that I'll be here for a while. Came from the note 9 forums. This weekend I went shopping for my birthday, and decided to stop by Best buy just to see what deals they had on the note 10+. I ended up leaving with one .


Welcome to the club 👍and happy birthday 🎂 You will love some of the new features like enhanced s pen used like a magic wand to take photos. Super fast charging 25w New camera modes like live video and photo focus and night Mode.

shoaib shah

Congrats and welcome to the infamous Note 10+ forum :) I've had my blue one since August and absolutely love it. I have it paired with a Galaxy Active 2 watch and a Samsung Tab S6 tablet :)


Welcome to the cool part of Android Central. :P


All of that got us to thinking about whether or not the Note 10 is still worth getting now that it's been a few months since it's been released. The Galaxy S11 series is right around the corner, meaning it won't be long before newer Samsung hardware is available for purchase.

What do you think? Is the Galaxy Note 10 still worth buying?

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