Galaxy Nexus 'volume bug' on EDGE networks captured on video

We've received several tips about a possible bug on the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus (check our review) which results in the phone schizophrenically switching between volume modes, or randomly muting itself. During the course of our review we didn't notice this at all, but today we received a tip suggesting it could have something to do with the EDGE (2G) radio. As such, we set our Nexus to 2G-only mode, and sure enough, when switching between EDGE and 3G or EDGE and Wifi, we found that our unit fell victim to the glitch, too.

Right now we're guessing that something about the way the EDGE radio works is interfering with the volume rocker, causing the down volume key to be triggered repeatedly. There've also been suggestions that only 900MHz EDGE networks are affected, but we haven't been able to confirm this.

In any case, we've got the whole thing captured on video. Hit the jump if you want to take a look.

Thanks to Andrew and everyone who sent this in!

YouTube link for mobile viewing

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • I'm in the US and even if it has this issue I'm buying the phone probably on the day it comes out. If not, the day after. That's how much some people just want a Nexus. Droid X user
  • If it really only happens on 900mhz, then it won't happen in the US. T-mobile uses 1900mhz (850mhz when roaming) and AT&T uses 850mhz.
  • I'm buying it also!!!!! :P
  • same here, already got a friend at verizon holding one for me
  • I heard Google was looking for more lab rats to test ICS on the Galaxy Nexus so they can find more bugs like this. Sorry, I don't want to spend my hard earned money just to become a GGP (Google Guinea Pig).
  • Then I guess you won't be buying any phones from any manufacturer then. Apple is using their users of the iPhone 4S as guinea pigs to test out SiRi (yes, it's only beta not full product) plus the phone is using a new sim card which is failing on all wireless carriers, Blackberry will be releasing QNX for their Blackberry phones, WP7 just released mango, etc...looks like you're SOL and may as well stick with a dumb phone...oh wait...even those get new software updates. I hear Costco has a great deal on a case of Campbell's soup cans and shoe strings.
  • I'd buy this phone (if it was on Sprint) even if it didn't have volume control. I'm fine with google just telling me what the right volume is and auto adjusting! In all seriousness, I hope this phone drops on Sprint soon
  • I'm awaiting delivery coming Saturday. Ordered this beast from Three UK already and I'm not going to complain. All these problems will be probably fix by the time I put my hands on this phone...
  • Three has no EDGE network anyway, so this bug should never affect you.
  • According to this post on XDA, its a hardware problem and thus not fixable by a software patch.
  • Same thing happens on the (My old) EVO and (my current) EVO 3D. I have to restart the phone for the volume to go back up. I don't know what the bug is on the EVO since it's CDMA. Doesn't happen often but it does happen. I'm guessing it goes deeper than what you guys think? I think it's down to the android software.
  • G-nex= big failure
    mental note to goggle stick to HTC for your nexus line of phones
    Eff you Samsung I've always hated your phones the only thing you got good is your samoled screens... HTC or MOTO for the nexus only from now on
  • How is it a big failure? because it has a problem whenever its on 2g? i havent even seen 2G in my notification bar since i bought my captivate. and if its just in the eu i doubt many people will see it if most of them are in 3G. you want failure see iPhone 4S
  • Wow! finally some agree's with me been saying this for ever since the first samsung nexus phone. I had a samsung phone way back in the 1.6 days which they refused to upgrade, so that of course started with putting a bad taste in my mouth about Samsung upgrading their Android phones. Second the phone was made out of complete plastic which made it feel cheap and when Google choose them for the next nexus phone I was pissed, thought "well maybe the next one will be HTC or someone else MOTO, LG, Sony, etc." NO they had to choose Samsung again which is a travesty. Please Google if anyone from Mountain View is reading this Please Please NO MORE SAMSUNG! One more thing give us the micro SD Card storage back that is one of Android biggest differences from the Iphone "expandable storage." And my last rant about this phone and its going to hurt but this phone is going to fail, and I mean fail badly. Sometimes Google needs to start thinking about quality then someone throwing a big check at them, because they want to build the next nexus phone and gain extra extra press from it. Google, start thing about quality because Samsung is not it. Just my 2 cents..
  • Pardon my ignorance, but how often am I switching to a 2G signal? Can someone please explain how this situation would come up as I am not manually planning on switching my phone to anything lower than 3G?
  • When you're on WiFi, the phone switches to "2G only" mode to conserve battery (no need to have WiFi and 3G on at once). Also, sometimes you just don't have good 3G coverage and you're stuck on EDGE.
  • If phone automatically goes into 2G only mode when using wifi, disable mobile-data before turning on wifi.
    Use a mobile-data widget like you would use the wifi widget.... simple.
  • The radio is still on to receive calls and texts.
  • I have a very similar problem on my Fascinate! No problem when i'm on wifi, but on 3G/Edge it will sometimes repeatedly register [back] or [menu] button clicks. I can even feel the haptic feedback of a button press, followed by the corresponding action like going back in the browser, closing out an app or the task manager popping up with the 6 most recent apps. It got so bad I had to pull the old OG Droid out of mothballs.
    I had a feeling this was a samsung issue but I havent seen it anywhere else in forums and luckily, my sisters Fascinate doesnt have the same problem.
  • Even before it launches in the US knowing it'll have a possibility of a bug problem, people still don't care? LOL I'll stick to my bugless beast (no pun intended Alfonso) that is the Razr. I can wait a couple of months for Ice Cream Sandwich after the G-Nex,4.0 Guinea Pigs, workout all the kinks.
  • As has been stated, it won't effect US users because there are no 900mhz EDGE carriers here.
  • Seems any Samsung Nexus device has a bug like this. Nexus S with its low signal search button craziness and this with the EDGE volume BS.....interesting.
  • Hmm i hope the Verizon LTE version doesnt have this problem. Im torn between the HTC Rezound and Galaxy Nexus....I'm available for an upgrade at the end of December.
  • Honestly i will get this phone no matter what